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AHHHH! Measuring 6 weeks ahead!!

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Yup I have a huge uterus. I'm about 25 weeks and measuring 31. And after not really gaining anything till the 19th week I have since gained a hearty 10 pounds. Midwife said we will continue to keep an eye on things in the next month maybe just having a big growth spurt . She said this could be a bigger baby than my other 2. Z was 7#9oz G was 6#5 oz.
I will be testing the limits of natural birth
Baby measured right on for dates last month at the u/s...I know my dates are correct...whoa!
Any one else this big???
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I'm measuring right on but with dd I measured a few weeks ahead (like 3?) and everyone, drs, the u/s tech at 39 weeks when they thought she went breech, the nurses in labour and delivery kept ohhhh ing and awwww ing about how BIG she was going to be and how she was measured like 8lbs 10oz at 39 weeks and how she was going to be a 9lb er blah blah blah
My daughter weighed 7lbs, 13 oz, and has the most delicate and small bone structure that its laughable. The physician who attended her birth was actually embarrassed to tell me how light she was after her birth because everyone had made such a FUSS about how big she'd be, and the totally wasn't.
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It could just be the baby's position making your fundal height so much ahead right now (I assume you have already ruled out twins since you've had a recent ultrasound!). I was measuring 2 weeks ahead with Noah, but suddenly jumped to 4 weeks ahead around 34 weeks. Had an ultrasound because I was freaked out about polyhydramnios - everything was completely fine, he was breech (and had a big head!) so he was pushing the top of my uterus up higher.
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I'm from Dec EDD, but saw this title on the main due date lists. I measured 8 weeks ahead at one point during my last pregnancy. I was growing exponentially for a while and then around 33 weeks everything just kind of slowed up. My "huge" baby ended up being 6 oz bigger than her brother (7lbs, 2oz). So... I wouldn't go worrying about it too soon!

Like the PP's said there are lots of reasons for fundal height being off. I was so confused last time that this pregnancy, I just don't have anyone measure my fundal height.
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Thanks guys! Spark I have heard of measuring ahead but not 6-8 weeks. Lets hope I do what you did and slow down a little later!
Baby is head down right now,
I am so not a person to panic but whoa the heartburn!! I feel like how can the body keep up with 14+ more weeks! I so love being pregnant though, I told my husband last night, I'll never get sick of having baby move. So neat!
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I measured 4 or 5 cm "big" last time. That was 4 weeks ago; I'll be interested to see what I measure at next week's appt. With my first I measured 2-3 ahead about the whole time. I'm short and poke wayyyy out straight in front, plus I'm ~20 pounds over ideal weight to start with. I feel from my eating like baby is definitely starting to have growth spurts. Some weeks I'm utterly ravenous and others it's just normal. To date I've gained about 15 pounds.

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I measured 5 weeks ahead at my last appt. and had put on 9 pounds in the 4 weeks. We decided to have an ultrasound to know if it was one or two babies. It was just one! My dates look right and apparently it was just a growth spurt which I think is now evening itself out since this week I am not eating everything within arms reach. I would try not to focus on it to much--I know easier said than done.
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I'm in week 25 and measuring a little under but have gained around 25# already. I was at a normal wt to start with. I was worrying about the weight gain because I've been carrying small . I have settled down because I guess my body is storing up the fat for breastfeeding. And from my 20wk u/s "they" say my baby weighed a 1# already.
Compared to a lot of other mamas I see in person around my edd I am carrying little and some people I meet don't know I'm pregnant until something comes up like "why are you rubbing your belly, did you eat breakfast?" "....um yes, and my baby is kicking me hard"
Anyway, my mother said she carried all four of her kids small even though we had good birth weights-I was 8 lb. 8 oz. She didn't gain much weight with us (less than 10#) because of listening to & being harassed by her doctor.
So my point is, I guess from what everyone is saying & my experience you never can tell how the measuring, weight gain, your size, genetics is all related to the baby...kinda makes it a fun surprise that it's not an exact science, huh?
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