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Day Schedules

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I have been trying to do the flylady thing for a while, well barely lately, I've been so sick. But I get the week schedule thing, Mon.-change sheets Tue.ect... But does anyone have an hourly schedule? HAs anyone tried? Has it worked for you? I try to get my list of things done for the particular day, but with the kids time always gets away from me and we have been getting to bed way too late for way too long. So I'm thinking about a strict bedtime and well mornings we just go with the flow with 2 under 2 and soon with 3, 2 and under. And also a time table for the whole day. Any suggestions? I need help
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I have a 10 year old and 3 under 3. I am really trying to the flylady. I try to write on my calendar what I plan to do. I'm baby fly I guess. I'm just working up to getting a daily routine. I can slowly see things getting a bit better. It's taking me a while, but I think I'll get there.
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