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ANybody know about subchorionic hemorrhage ?

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My aunt just called, my cousin who is like 15 weeks pg had some bleeding and was dx with subchorionic hemorrhage, which I thought was an early pregnancy thing, not a 2nd trimester thing. I did some searches and all the info is not telling me anything, her OB was not on call, the info they got is very vague, aunt is freaking, cousin is freaking. Can anybody link me some valid stuff - I will post on m/w board too. Thanks!
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I had a subchorionic hemorrhage initially diagnosed at 8 weeks (which is early compared to your cousin.) I was bleeding and spotting...both brown blood, pink tinged blood and bright red blood. I had an ultrasound done the day after it started and they told me what was going on. Basically it's a bruise in the uterus that is under the initial layer of tissue. Picture a sac of blood under your skin. They "think" that they happen from implantation although there is no solid proof of this. Sometimes depending on exactly where in the uterus they are can be more dangerous than others. For instance, if it was under where the placenta is attached there could be a big problem.
I was advised to not have sex or masturbate, walk only moderately, and in general "take it easy" for about two weeks.
I did and my symptoms cleared up within two days. Then at 12 weeks I had some more bright red blood (although I think it was because I had sex) and it only lasted a day. I never called about that one cause I wasn't cramping so I figured I shouldn't worry about it too much. I've had nothing else go wrong since then and I'm now 33 weeks.
I would tell you not to worry but you and I both know that that's not realistic. On one of the other boards I occasionally read there was a woman who was about 8 weeks who posted that she had just been diagnosed with a subchorionic hemorrhage and I basically wrote the same email to her. Unfortunately she did miscarry about a week later.
I'm interested to know if you do find out anything else and how your cousin is doing. Is she definitely 15 weeks or is it just an estimate? I knew exactly what day I ovulated so it's been helpful for peace of mind for me.
Hope all goes well.
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I had a subchorionic hemorrhage also. I bled (and bled and bled!) a whole bunch at 11.5 weeks and ended up in the ER. After the big gush, I spotted for a couple of days and then it stopped. I was told to take it easy for a couple of weeks, and the hemorrhage was completely gone by my 20 week ultrasound. I'm at 32 weeks now and everything looks good.
It seems to me (and this is only anecdotal) that the later in pregnancy the hemorrhage shows up (spotting or bleeding) that the more likely the pregnancy is to continue. I hope things go well, it can be so so scary!
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I've had these in both my pregnancies - starting around 7 weeks with the first and 11-12 weeks for the second. Neither caused any problem (other than stress) both caused both light spotting and bright gushes of blood at various times. The later occuring one was actually worse - spotting and bleeding lasted for 3 weeks and was definitely worse with exercise. One ultrasound technician described it as a positive sign - showing that the uterus was developing a strong healthy blood supply. So in my very limited experience it really was fine, aside from the worry. Once they were able to find the bleed spots the midwives never felt concern about the baby's health.

Hope all turns out well.
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