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There went my brain!

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So, I was thirsty. I went to the fridge, pulled out the Brita water pitcher, and began to pour water... into a plate.

Yes, I have pregnancy brain.

And you?
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ha, I've been forgetting my purse and opening cabinets without remembering why.
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Me: Baby, have you seen my phone?
DH: It's in your hand.

It's not an isolated incident.
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Not that long ago I accidently left the stopper in the sink and the sink on ... and forgot about it ... until water was pouring through the ceiling downstairs! I flooded six rooms of our house and did thousands of dollars of damage

My husband never said one sharp word to me about it. A week later, when I got my he admitted that the reason he never got upset was that he knew I was pregnant: it was the only explaination he could come up with for how I could do something like that
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I had a paitent come in for knee pain. she talked on andon about how her knee hurt, and i asked her questions about her knee over and over. Then, I examined her ankle. On the other leg. We laughed.also not an isolated incident
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A couple of weeks ago, the day after I got my BFP, I came into the living room and sat down on the couch. I remembered that I had left the book I was reading on that couch. I looked on either side of me. No book. Didn't feel like I was sitting on it. Turned to look at the back of the couch. No book. Went to stand up so I could look on the chair behind the couch. When I went to push myself up, I realized I was holding the book in my hand.

But wait...it gets worse!

I had been *reading* the book while wondering where it was. I would read a paragraph, then start trying to figure out where that stupid book could be. I would decide, no, forget it for now, and I'd go back to reading. This repeated several times until I just couldn't stand not knowing where the book was anymore.

I swear, it's a good thing this baby's attached to me!
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OMGosh you mamas rock!!!
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What brain- that went way long time ago- it gets worse with each pregncy.

Oh wait forgot what I was going to write

If the baby and my head weren't attached, I would be in big trouble. Funny, DD isn't attached much anymore but I never seem to misplace her or dh.
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poof, mine's gone too!
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Bout leaving the water on..

My friend flooded the house with each of her first three pregnancys. It was how we knew she was pregnant with the third...she overflowed the washer!

I haven't been too bad, just keep forgetting what I want to say...

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I remembered the laugh from my last pregnancy. Went to Home Depot, shopped around, was walking back to my car and couldn't find the keys...

Not only had I locked them in the car, I had left them in the ignition and the car was running!

The Home Depot clerk was nice enough not to laugh at me until after he had unlocked my car and was watching me drive away...
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Jumping in from the Jan. board-- I have lost 3 sets of keys this pregnancy, and they all had the coil ring that I leave on my wrist. I couldn't find the third pair, and didn't think about it-- figured I had left it in the glove box. We drove over 200 miles and stopped at a jack in the Box for breakfast-- DH found the keys in the trunk lock!!!! Since this was the third set, it only had our alarm fob (the last one, since I had lost the first) and the car key. I think i may have done the same thing with the other sets of keys I have lst. Only they had ALL my keys on them!
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Since I have been pregnant, I have been eating dry roasted peanuts..you know the ones that come in a jar. Well. I have been known to put them under the sink, the refrigerator, the freezer, and last night I put them in the bathroom. My husband just goes after me and puts it away, then he laughs.
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Well, I was having a good laugh reading about all of you ladies, and then I forgot my lunch appt today with an old and dear friend. Oops. Good to know I can blame this on "pregnancy-brain."
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