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I just **realized**...

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I was putting ds down for a nap, holding him close, rocking him back and forth, smelling his smelly garlic breath sweep across my face...
yeah, so I was sitting there quietly looking at the birth tub set up in my bedroom and contemplating my labor with him, wondering how different it was going to be this time...

And all of the sudden it hit me... I'm going to have a baby, and soon. I remember in the beginning of my pregnancy how excited I was, especially to have the priviledge of giving birth again. Birth is such a rite of passage for me... it embodies everything being a woman means to me, the sacred feminine.

Crazy how it just hit me like that (not that I haven't been conscious of it the whole way through this pg.)

Anyone else have an epiphany like this???
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I just can't seem to "get" that my baby isn't going to be my only baby anymore. I haven't rocked her to sleep in ages, but she wanted me to for a nap this week...I so loved that. Esp with her arm draped around my huge belly.

I should have moved her out of my bed already, but just can't bring myself to do it (that and I've been falling asleep first lately).

It hits me out of the blue like that too though...I'm going to have another one, and soon.

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The other night at dinner I was talking about having a baby to love and look after, then realised that I am going to be a mother. Having a baby- okay, but being a mother???

It seems obvious...but it was one of those kinds of moments.
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Yes, I've had a couple of those moments too, especially the "I'm going to be a mother?!?" moments like you said, Mel. It's weird. Even though her arrival is imminent, it STILL seems really abstract a lot of the time. Like another human being - living with us! How crazy is that?
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The part about realizing your a mother reminds me of when Kenna was brand new and I was filling out the paper work at the doctor's office. I dutifully wrote in all her info and when it got to the line that said "Mother" I started to write *my* mom's name in the space. After a moment I had an "oh, wait, that's me" thought.

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Christa- ha ha When we first had ds we had to take him in for several medical tests (nothing invasive just had to follow up on some things found on the u/s prior to the birth)- and they'd come out and call his name and we wouldn't respond- we were like "who?" and then we realized "oh, they mean the baby!!" We just were NOT used to having another human being with his own name and everything! And it was such a long time that I felt weird saying "my son"- just like when you first get married and you're all proud and self concious about saying "my husband"!
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I've had several amazing moments like that, too. Suddenly it all feels sooo clear, & real. A few days ago it dawned on me that I might be saying "my daughters", plural, soon, & that just rocked my brain. This is all a dream come true... it's hard for me to believe it's actually happening much of the time.
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I am right there with all of you daydreaming about motherhood. I keep thinking about holding her and seeing her tiny little hands and feet. Ugh... I can't wait to meet this little baby inside of me.
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Mary, that actually hapenned to me with my dog once at the Humane Society when I first became a "dog mom"! The lady came out into the waiting room and was like, "Fluffy? Fluffy Smith?" (first and last dog names have been changed to protect the paranoid!) and I suddenly realized that they were talking about me and that I had a whole new identity as Fluffy's owner!! It was pretty funny!
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