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Hospital birth for me!

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Well, I had an nst done today. My bp was the same and I still have protein in my urine. The NST was fine, but my midwife has decided that it would be best for me to have a hospital birth. So I am trying to deal with that. I want to make it the best it can - any ideas, suggestions. My midwife said taht they will do all they can to make it homey etc and will do things the same. I'm feeling the loss though. If my blood pressure goes up or there is more protein in my urine then I will be transferred to and OB. I really hope that doesn't happen. Ugh! Ugh!.

We are trying to get labour started. I was a two, they did a stretch and sweep (how uncomfortble!) and I streched to a 4. I am taking evening primrose oil, rrl tea and homeopathic caullophylum. I'm also to have sex and orgasms (oh joy!). Wish me luck on getting things going before things get worse. I'm feeling crampy since the stretch and sweep but nothing major. I am to do a urine collection (24 hr) on sunday to check my protein. Yuck. I hope things get going before that.

Here we go.....

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You could try accupuncture. I had it to get my labour going with dd#1 and had my first contraction there on the couch. It was quite scarey! I think it only works if you're close, but it sounds as if you are anyway.

I did it because I was under threat of induction from an over-interventionist OB. I got the accupuncturist name from a midwife.

Good luck!
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Good luck, Rebecca! Keep us posted.

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