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If you want to get it stiched go to the ER tonight, if you wait until tomorrow it will be too late to stitch it up unless it is really bad, and it doesn't sound that bad. I had some rather deep cuts on my leg and instead of going to the ER I went into my doc the next day. He said the cuts should have gotten stitches but it was too late (12 hours?) so he butterflied them and I have really bad scars.

This is one of the reasons why I LOVE my Peds office (even though they are anti co-sleeping, pro vax, anit about every parenting practice I choose). They are open from 8am -10pm Mon - Fri, and 9am - 8 pm Sat & Sun. It is awesome for times like these.
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Originally Posted by hunnybumm
He said the cuts should have gotten stitches but it was too late (12 hours?) so he butterflied them and I have really bad scars.
: We didn't have insurance, so my mom cleaned my legs(my left leg I could see the bone *shudder*), and then butterflied them right away.
You can barely see the scars, but then again they run the length of my shins, so my shin bones probably help hide them good, too.
I have worn shorts and swimsuits and no one has seemed to notice them.
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MITB, Well it depends on a lot of things. The type of cut for example. Dermabond works best on shallow, straight edged cuts.

Lets say you have 2 cuts, both 1/16th of an inch deep, both 3cm long, both on the calf. One was caused by a razor, the other is a jagged cut by a rusted nail. You go the the ER, and they dermabond the razor cut because it's the easiest thing to do, but they stitch the nail cut. The scars will look SO different, and not really because of how they were treated. kwim?

I have a scar on my arm from when I was 3 and a fish tank fell on me and broke. It wasn't stitched or bonded--just butterflied. I STILL have people asking me "Wow--what happened to your arm?"

IMO(and IME--kinda), if there were 2 perfectly identical cuts and one was treated with dermabond, the other with stitches, the dermabond would look nicer--at first (lets say for 2 mos or so), because the stitched cut will alos have the little dot scars along side the actual cut. But over time, I think the stitched ones heal nicer.

Plenty of things depend on plenty of things! It depends on SO much--location of the cut, nutrition, genetics, current lifestyle factors, skill of the practitioner, nature of the cut, etc etc.

Research it and decide what's right for your family, yk? Personally, as I've said, I like the stitches for most cuts that require treatment. But I'd never think someone was "wrong" in using dermabond (unless it was something crazy, like trying to use dermabond after an appendectomy ).

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I hope she's okay.
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I'm thinking of the OP and her dd as well.
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Just to clear things up...
Yes TOTALLY through, absolutely no doubt what so ever sbout that one. When she was crying a teeny weeny bubble actually came out of it - It looks like 2 1/2 of her little teeth poked all the way through.

After DH came home - he looked at it and said "wow. That went all the way through." (I'm thinking - "well, duh! That's what I've been saying!"). We decide that I would head up the urgent care while he gets the older dd ready for her 1st dance recital and prepares to pick up ds from his afterschool club....
The Urgent care Center says they don't do that sort of thing...sssooo I headed down to the ER. The triage nurses were super nice but 0% helpful. I asked them - does she need stiches? They said "we can't tell you that." SO I asked them what would they do if we stayed. I was told 1st they would strap her into a papoose thing and place her head in a sort of vice (EEK!) Then they would clean it and evaluate if she needed stiches. The whole time they're teling me this she's playing with the nurses stethoscope and giggling. I called dh and in the meantime my good friend called and they were talking about what had happened - apparently she did this THREE times as a kid and never had stiches. So, I told them that I would go home, take dd to her dance thingy, and see how it looked. Then tonight, I was attending a City Council Mtg in CHandler where they were deciding to pass an ordinace giving bfing mamas the right to bf wherever they have the right to be (which passed ) and I was talking to a dad that said when he was skateboarding he had done it a few times and he never had stiches either. SO i'm feeling better about it now. I do plan on making an appt. with her Dr. in the AM, just for safe measures.

Thank you so much mamas!

So now I'm watching for ANY sign of infection - as that is what they seemed most concerned with
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Sending your dd healing vibes!
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If there's a hole still you could always put a stud in it
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Originally Posted by Irishmommy
If there's a hole still you could always put a stud in it
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cool. glad she's okay. I knew that the er would be traumatic... but ugh.

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I'm glad she's okay! The mouth is the most amazing healer, and a good rule of thumb is if it's stopped bleeding on it's own then it's probably okay. Like you are doing, continue to watch for infection (DS bit through his lip last month, the infection he got afterwards was worse than the actual cut!)
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Yeah! I vote lip ring!

Glad she's okay and you're feeling better about it.
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Just wanted to give you all an update -
The mouth is AMAZING! Its been 4 days and besides a litte scratch on her chin, a small amount of swelling and a sort of cancker sore looking thing (but its not - its justa big white patch, i guess thats what a "scab" looks like in your mouth) on the inside, she is fine! The swelling went way down by day 3. After really having the time to look at it, you can tell that 2 1/2 of her teeth actually came through her chin. The shape of the cut on the outside is the exact shape that those teeth take in her mouth - Ouch!

Thanks for all your warm thoughts!
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