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you look soo cute-are you still wearing regular pants??!!
AdinaL--LOOOOVE the shirt!
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Yeah I am in regular pants still! I bought them big hoping that I could wear a belt until I filled them out. I bought 2 pairs at walmart and they are just cords. I was lucky and found ones that look ok baggy and fit in the butt and legs but were big in the waist Not for much longer I think!

AdinaL- i like the shirt too! I wish it was warm here i would let the belly hang free all the time!
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you guys all look so cute!!

here is my 30 week picture.. i feel like a friggin cow.

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YOu look lovely! I want to see those tattoos from the front!
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Originally Posted by girl138
here is my 30 week picture.. i feel like a friggin cow.
You don't look like a cow! You're all belly - so cute!
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Here we go:

The 30 week belly. I feel huge, especially for how far along I am.

The 28 week belly for comparison, and just for kicks, me at 38 weeks with ds.

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You wanna see huge? Here's me today at 32 weeks (sorry - they're a bit blurry):

http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/lateje...cd.jpg&.src=ph (there's 2 there)

I'm officially larger then I've ever been (comparing to 39 week pics with dd2 and my belly cast from when I was 37 weeks with her).
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Wow, that's a belly! Still perfectly round, though. Very cool!

I once saw a picture of a woman who was really enormously huge with twins... she carried them to something like 39.5 weeks and they weighed (iirc) 8 lbs 12 oz and 7 lbs 14 oz, or something huge like that. I just remembered thinking that this woman managed to have twins that were bigger than my single BeanBean, and being jealous.
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Rynna - my goal is to have 2 8lb minimum babes. My mw said yesterday that they felt big and dh laughed and said, "Of course! She'll be disappointed with anything less than 8 lbs!". I think my mw thinks I'm a bit nuts (and I'm sure I am ) but that's my goal for full term twins.
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Hello lovely ladies.

I thought I'd finally plan on getting my 32 week photo up here. It's been quite a while. Promise to get an actual bare belly shot soon.

And my tummy is funnily lopsided. Sticking out more on my left side where the bulk of Lucian is.

me at 32 weeks
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Kate - you look so awesome! And my tummy is lopsided too. It's so weird! One of the babies (or maybe both of them somewhat) is pushed up to my right side so when I get a contraction I can really see the difference. I've also noticed that my belly button is off-centered. Is anyone else's like this? My linea nigrea comes down perfectly centered and then a few inches about my navel it veers off to the right about 3/4 inch or so to meet up with my weird belly button!
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Everyone looks so beautiful!!!! What hot mammas we have here!!

hairpin, that picture is ADORABLE!

love_homebirthing: I can just picture your two tiny babies in there!!! So precious!!! You look incredibly beautiful & happy!!! My belly gets lopsided too. Sydney (head down) seems to like her legs tucked under her on my right side so I almost always a huge baby bulge. My placenta is anterior so you can see all kinds of parts. DH can sometimes lure her to the other side (an excellent party trick!), but she always ends up back on the right

So DH & I finally took pictures, but we're having problems getting them from our cybershot to our pc... I think when we forgot to reinstall the usb drivers after we formatted our drive, and apparently plugging the cybershot into the pc without the drive screws everything up. Anyway, hopefully this will be remedied this weekend!
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I have to say, that this thread is making me miserable. I have horrible stretchmarks, which is the only thing visually really bothering me about this pregnancy. (I'm used to the huge being fat part, believe me, so being even more big is a piece of cake.) It doesn't look like ANYONE else has these. I look terrible. I don't cry about anything but, just now, this is making me cry . It is so frustrating, and I don't think I"ll ever take a picture of myself pregnant. I hope those of you calling yourselves names that have these beautiful, normal-skinned lovely bellies realize that others of us look like ROADKILL, and that you should be very happy you don't look like that yet. I can't freaking imagine what I"m going to look like by the end of this pregnancy. I don't want to put something up negative in this happy thread, but I guess I"m just venting a little because I feel so craptastic about this. I'm really surprised by how awful they are making me feel! I think it's the permanence of them. I know how they fade, I have other ones- but they are always there and it makes your skin look like crap. I'm sure there will be lots of other permanent changes, but this one is just so blatant and, well, horrifying, that to me it's sort of hard to take. It's really throwing me for a loop.
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It's funny that you should post this today b/c just last night as I got out of the shower and was rubbing oil on my ever-growing belly (most likely a pointless exercise) I was commenting to dh about how I'm really starting to show new stretch marks (up until now I've had them, but they're the left over ones from my first 2 successful pregnancies). Anyway, I was feeling kind of down about it b/c I sincerely do hate stretch marks and I know I have a whole lot of stretching to go, so lots more stretch marks are ahead. However, I decided then and there that there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it - I was going to get them whether I liked them or not. They *do* fade but they don't disappear. If by some stroke of luck I ever actually have a tone belly that I want to show off () then it will really suck to have to show those off or not show my belly at all. But what can ya do? It's genetic and it happens.

Now you might not be thinking that I have them based on my pictures, but I'm very vain and self-conscious about them so I don't post the pics that make me look bad! I have to be photographed at the exact right angle otherwise they show real well! So please don't feel alone in this cuz you're not. Mine aren't as bad as some - I'll admit that - but they certainly aren't good either and they're only getting worse. I'm just trying to keep the goal in mind and ignore these darn "stripes of honor" that I get as a bonus.
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Folks post the photos they look the best in - be it clothed or unclothed tummies. Be it better lighting, a better smile, hair not sticking up. So, take what we post with a grain of salt. Do I have stretch marks on my belly? No, but this is my first baby and my mother has not one on her tummy at all, after two kids. The sides of her boobs, yes, but not on her tummy. I have a couple on my boobs already, but frankly, you aren't ever going to see those posted on the internet! However my mother has a 1 inch scar running from her belly button to her pubic bone. Classic c/s scar from both me and my little sister, and they went in that way for an appendectomy between us. So, the scars may be different, but we all have them.

We all go at different rates, and in different ways. Just like we all conceived differently and will al birth differently.
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Heh, there's a reason my pictures are only of me fully clothed with no belly showing. I've been self-conscious of my belly (well, most of my body, but especially my belly since it's *never* been flat) since elementary school, and have not worn a bikini since I was 7.

So anyway, with ds I had stretch marks that were a scary angry red (think maroon school mascot red) *all* over my belly and even just above my hips on my sides that took almost a year to fade to my standard silvery-gray stretchmark color (I have stretchmarks in all sorts of fun places on my body - puberty and weight fluctuations have left their marks).
At a 37 week ultrasound with ds, my mom came with me. Her gasp/noise of shock/surprise/stun really scared the ultrasound tech - my mom didn't get a single stretch mark from me or my sister and she had never seen my bare pregnant belly, and hasn't seen it since then.

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Yeah the stretch marks on my hips from puberty start at the top of my hipbone and go down the side of my thigh....I rarely wear shorts.

And, since this is the thread....here are my latest pics. (you have no idea how hard it is to post pics where you can see my belly button....!!! When not pregnant it has been compared to a Cabbage Patch Kids', and now it has popped....so now it just looks odd. I envy anyone who has a regular navel! )

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With my first pregnancy, I didn't get too much in the way of stretch marks on my belly, despite the fact that I'm a fat person and I got *wicked* boob and hip stretch marks during puberty. I remember showing my belly to someone, and she sounded so disappointed-- "It looks practically normal!"

This time around (and last pregnancy, too) I haven't developed any new stretch marks; what I have is that layer of flab at the bottom of my belly which hasn't even pretended to shrink once since BeanBean was born. That lopsided bit on my last picture? Not baby-related at all (at least not this time around); it's just my fat stomach.

I used to be self-conscious about pictures of my flab, but eventually I got to the point where I felt like it was a badge of honor. I can point to that flap and say with pride that it was part of bringing my beautiful, fantabulous son into this world. Given the choice between that little boy and a perfectly flat stomach, I'll take the BeanBean every single time.

Someone earlier on this thread posted a beautiful picture with great red stretch marks all around her navel... it was so freaking cool, I was honestly jealous for a moment that I didn't have any. Then I remembered how much they *itch* (I've gotten some horrific ones on my arms in the past few years) and decided that I could go without. They do look cool, though.
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Long time, no updates! Here's my latest, taken at 34 weeks & 2 days:


Hope you're all feeling better than me!
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