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Life with a newborn

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I know all you ladies are getting close and I just wanted to share what it's been like having Sydney with us for over 2 weeks now!

It is just AMAZING! 5th time and I still get weepy looking at how perfect she is. I'm still amazed by the process that brought her to us.

She can't see much, but I love when she turns her head to my voice, you KNOW she recognizes it. I also love the way she pecks her head like a bird when I hold her upright, looking for my breast. I also find it amusing that she will frantically latch onto the side of my hand or my belly while I am positioning her to nurse.

I love her little coos and smacks. The way her tiny hands "hold" either side of my breast while she is nursing. Her "dream" smiles, big gummy grins with HUGE dimples!! I wonder what babies dream about.

When I change her diaper and I see how she was curled up inside of me and watching her legs stretch and her grunts while she wakes up.

I hold the back of her head while she is nursing and realize that it's the size of a softball!!

I could just hold her and look at her tiny perfection all day. Pretty soon she will be impressing me with her milestones and have sticky hands. For now, she is impressing me by just "being".

I can't wait for you ladies to meet your babies!!
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Thanks so much for the wonderful post. As a first-timer, so many people *need* to tell me about how much life with a newborn will suck- no sleep, no life, etc. etc. I love to hear about the positives. Can't wait to have a newborn in my arms!
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So true, Mel!!

Thank you for posting that, Kristina! I think about you a lot and miss having you here on a regular basis...and think about how we are all going to drift off a little bit during the next couple of months while we adjust to our new lives. It's so wonderful to hear how joyful the first few weeks are!
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Oh man! Just rub it in why dontcha? I wanna meet my kid too (whine).

Seriously, that is a great posting. Hopefully I'll keep thinking about it while in the throes of labor...hey, a new contraction distraction technique.
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How prescious! I am so looking forward to breastfeeding my babe! The way you described it sounds just perfect. Please keep telling us stuff like that. It makes getting through the last throes of pregnancy worth hanging on for, KWIM?
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Awwwwwwww... those first few weeks ARE the best. I keep thinking maybe tonight, maybe tonight... every night. It's getting pretty old. But then I know FOR SURE that this babe is gonna come out in the next week and a half or so and I *guess* I can hold out that long

Glad you are relishing in newborn love
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I'm so glad to hear that!!! My first DS I cried and cried those first few days. Cried because I was so in love with my beautiful little man. With DD I thought "Oh it's my 2nd, I won't be the same" and I WAS! Now I can't wait to hold this little guy. I saw a peapod in my MW office yesterday and thought to myself "Oh god I can't wait!!!"
The only thing different this time I HOPE will be that I'll remember to video more and take more pictures. I look at my 2 now and think "WHY oh why didn't I take more video of them when they were babies!"
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Thanks so much for posting! I was thinking of you the past couple days and was going to post and ask how you and the new babe were doing. It's so cool to hear form you and others how magical it is the 2nd, and even 5th time around!

And how they latch onto anything when they're hungry, and hold your breast- so sweet
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Oooh, I'm so glad you posted that. It fills me with warm fuzzies.
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Thanks for the positive reminder! I feel like I am so caught up in how DS is going to handle the babe, how I am going to deal with 2 children with conflicting needs, how I can cope with no sleep....etc etc etc

I almost forgot how nice it will be to hold my own tiny baby again!
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beautiful! your words make me so excited to meet this little one!! those moments are so clear in my mind with elwynn.. i miss those little hands and the yummy baby smell and the soft soft skin and everything about meeting and learning about who that little one is who grew inside for so long. thanks so much for sharing
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