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Can I join?

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I am due June 15.

I am off to a rough start. Morning sickness this time around had been dreadful, and I am so tired. At 5 weeks, I started spotting. Very scary (still nervous about it). I had bloodwork done, and found out my progesterone was 10.6, so they put me on some pills. What suprised me was my hcg levels. At 5 weeks 2 days, it was 31,000! Two days later, it jumped to 41,000. Is it just me, or is that high?? I go in on Nov. 7 for my first appt and an u/c.

Happy to join everyone!
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Welcome!!! I have no idea about hcg levels, so I can't help you there. But wanted to say Congratulations!!!
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here's an article I had bookmarked about HCG levels in early pregnancy. Maybe that will help. It looks like your number is within the range for 1-2 months.

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I spotted with my first also, not just once, but off and on for about a month. I'm half expecting it to happen with this one too. A friend of mine had it with both of hers.
Morning sickness is a GOOD SIGN! Hard to see it that way, I know, but after studying up on it lately I've learned that women with morning sickness are less likely to miscarry, and I also read that it is a good sign that the baby is growing vigorously. I'm trying to be thankful for mine, it's easier said than done!
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