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You know, I've never thought of WIC in this light. I'm on WIC and I've noticed almost all the other mothers I see there are FF, as a matter of fact, when I pick up my checks the people there always act kind of surprised when they see that I still BF.

I've never really thought about the WIC program as being "bad" for lack of a better word, but now I realize that they really are encouraging FF. It makes me sad, I think I'll write a letter to my congressman, maybe some of you ladies should as well. I write mine letters all the time, the last one I wrote was in regards to how there should be grants available to women who want to CD but need a little extra $ to start out. It's better for the environment in the long run and all that other stuff. (I know I don't have to preach to you guys) it will never happen, but I like to "plant the seeds" so to speak.
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I think hospitals create far more problems with breastfeeding promotion than WIC does. The "medical professionals" at hospitals interact with young mothers at a very vulnerable time... just when they are trying to decide what method of feeding they will commit to. Then these "professionals" give the mothers free formula which the mothers think must be the best source of food for their baby if the "professionals" are giving it away for free.

So my question is: If the "professionals" are handing out free formula and aren't doing what is best for the babies... who is advocating in the best interest of the babies???
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Good morning, mamas! I've pulled a few posts from this thread that seem to be encouraging WIC fraud, some for personal gain and some for more charitable reasons. We'll take a look at them and they may or may not return. If they are pulled for good, I'll let you know via PM.

Please remember that:
You are expected to avoid the following when you post:
Posting in a disrespectful, defamatory, adversarial, baiting, harassing, offensive, insultingly sarcastic or otherwise improper manner, toward a member or other individual, including casting of suspicion upon a person, invasion of privacy, humiliation, demeaning criticism, namecalling, personal attack, or in any way which violates the law.

Thank you for your patience!
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OK, since this thread is over a year old I'm just going to keep out the WIC fraud posts. Thanks, mamas!
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We are on WIC, and when we started I still had one child who needed formula. They did have a list of what you could and couldnt get but it was huge and there were few things that were not listed. All we did was tell them what formula DS had been on and they said "OK" and printed out the checks. However, I do think the formula is given out a good deal too freely and needs to be controlled. We had a huge surplus of formula after we switched DS to goat's milk. As for the tuna, I've accumulated six cans so far and I have no idea what to do with it : You have to "reapply" every 6 months here, and when I did that recently I cut waaaay back on the amount of milk we were getting. There was just no need for that much- and I only use it for cooking, dh drinks it. Both of my boys cannot tolerate cows milk and my milk will irritate my 3 month old and give my 14mo painful gas and constipation if he's given expressed mama milk after mama drinks cows milk. : On the upside, my local WIC program has given me an Ameda Purely Yours pump that I just lurrrrve and I only work part time. No one breastfeeds around here, and the nutritionist at the office was tired of seeing it collect dust so she gave it to me.
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I brought my one week old in to the local WIC office to update our paperwork and told the person I would be EBF, and he said, "That's great! Now, how many cans of formula do you want?"

There is a new program in the works to greatly increase the food package for EBF mothers on WIC, and you can comment on it online by reading this letter and following the directions.
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my wic office assumes you are going to EBF!! they even have 3 people that work there that ebf their babies. the other person i don't think ever had kids-she is the "nutritionist" and will hand out formula to anyone even if they are trying desparetly to bf. i hate her with a passion. she also was the one that said i can't bf when i am pg-KMA!!!! so horribly out of date it isn't funny. but anyway. i used the formula on wic with my first by need, not want-structual issues and me being a cow was not working for us-glad to have had them. didn't use the formula with my 2nd-ebf until 8 mo and then used a formula they didn't carry. also bf too. the pro-bfers in the office will actually come right out and ask why you aren't bfing!!! they run a bf support group too.
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Originally Posted by brandles View Post
I went and signed up for WIC today. Off topic, but my family now gets 16 gallons of milk a month!! Anyhow, I had no idea that women can get formula through WIC. I always thought they were very pro-bf. Do you think that this encourages many lower income women not to breastfeed?
I think it is a crutch for when it is not so easy going when breastfeeding.
That is what made my decision so easy with my last 2 to stop breastfeeding I thought well I get formula free anyways so why not. Well this time thankfully I have grown up and realized what is more important but in answer to your question yes I think they make it an easy out for people.
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newlywaaz, thanks so much for posting that link!!! My cousin and I were just talking about how WIC seems to give us the crappiest food possible--I'm going to post a new thread with that link so more mommas can sign the letter.
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