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I had my baby!!!

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A little girl! On October 25th. Everything went smoothly, thank G-d.

I will try to post more details later.
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Congratulations!! I can't wait to hear all about it!! Post some pics when you can!!

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I am so jealous I so happy everything went well for you enjoy your baby! :
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Wonderful News
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Hooray Kroonkles!!!! Can't wait to hear the details!!

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Welcome to the world Little One!!!!!!
congrats on your tiny bundle!!
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Gratz Mama!!!
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Congrats!!! We wait to hear the whole story!!! YAY!!!
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...now send me your leftover labor vibes!!! :
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YAY! can't wait to see pics!
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another DDC baby! Yay! Congrats to you, mama!
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!! how exciting! have a beautiful babymoon! i cant wait to see pictures!
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I'm so excited! I decided to check in to see if any babies had come YET- so glad to hear of another birth!!! : Congratulations to you, and enjoy your new little girl!
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OOOOOOh YaY!! Congratulations!! That is sooo exciting. I can't wait to hear more (like her name! ) Amazing babymooning to you, mama.
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Mazel tov!

Enjoy your new baby girl!!
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Yea!!! Congrats, Congrats!!

Hugs and love to you and yours . . .
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