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holy cow!

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i just found out yesterday that we are expecting. holy cow. this was completely unexpected and unplanned, but we are happy and we welcome this new life.

i have SO MANY QUESTIONS! i am 26 years old and ive never been pregnant before, though i have thought about having children... just not today, lol! still, we are getting used to the idea and couldnt be happier. hopefully i can get some of my million questions answered here. i feel so overwhelmed, happy one minute and sad the next.

well, i look forward to learning from you all.
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Hi! Congrats on your pregnancy! I understand exactly what you mean about feeling sad one minute and happy the next... it can be very overwhelming! I am happy that you found us - I hope you enjoy being here!
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Congrats! I felt the same way when I first found out I was pg with my daughter (who was very unexpected but we were thrilled). I hope you find the info and support you are looking for here!
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thanks for the welcome... ive been browsing around the forum and it is nice to read about so many other people who feel the same way that i do!
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Welcome and congrats!!! It can be SO normal to feel ambivalent, even when babies are very planned Sad, happy, scared, excited, and hormones, too Hope you'll find your way around....there's so much to learn! Congratulations and best wishes!!!!

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Congrats and
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c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s

and w e l c o m e ! there are great due date clubs.

i wish you the very best with this pregnancy!
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Hello and welcome!
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Welcome to the boards. Congratulations on your pregnancy.
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to the community and congrats...
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Hey, I was 26 too when we got our little surprise! You'll have a lot of fun, and this place is a great resource.
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wow what a great site this is! i was hesitant to join a pregnancy/baby forum because i thought that i would be the odd duck with my organic whole foods and inclination to take the natural route whenever possible. but this forum seems to be full of like-minded people! hurray! im glad i found this place, though i am overwhelmed by the amount of information available. thank you all for the welcome.
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hi, I am new here and pregnant too.Glad you are here too.

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hey kaitlin, our estimated due date (according to the books at least) is something like 6/17/06... pretty close to yours.
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and congrats. Lets have a party! : : : : :
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Welcome and congrats!

Take care,
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and congratulations...
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Welcome to MDC!
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