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Anyone else just pacey?

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House is clean. I'm working from home. Baby clothes clean. Everything feels ready. I'm just now so anxious. I don't know what to do with myself. I don't have a lot of friends so my poor dh has been picking up soooo much of the slack there. He has to work too though!! I'm just ready and don't know what to do. At least if it was payday, I could go shopping!!
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I'm terribly antsy too, but here everything is not done and I've got some "activity" going on. I think it's just prelabor, but you never know.

And I'm exhausted b/c I was up part of the night with gas pains (at least I think they were gas pains!)

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yep... this SUCKS... I'm sick of going to bed everynight and waking up every morning STILL pregnant!!!!!!!! Everything's been ready for way too long because my midwives thought I'd go early. Huh. I'm five days PAST my friggin' due date. Not even blue & black cohosh did anything for me.

Argh, and then krookles, bless her and her sweet baby, goes and has her baby early. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I'm going out of my mind!
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This does suck!!!
Last night I had strong contractions every 5 minutes or so for about an hour......
then, just before I decided to call my mw, they stopped! WHAT??!!
(I guess it's kinda good that I didn't call my mw in the middle of the night, then had all the fun stopped right after)
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I haven't had anything regular..just really really random. The phone calls are killing me too!!! "Had your baby yet?" Granted, I'm not due for one more week but grrrrrrr I'm so tempted to say "Yup, we had her and then we put her back for safekeeping!" :
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Everything is ready here and yes, I feel antsy. Just over 38 weeks.

And my little 3-year-old, God bless her, knows something is up and just wants us to stay home. all the time. together. Just the two of us in the house. all day. Oh, my God, it's torture!
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It's like I have major drive to get up and go, but no energy to actually do it. Maybe I'll take Sam to see the Wallace and Gromit movie tomorrow. I'm sure sitting in a crappy movie theater chari for 2 hours will do wonders for me!
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Oh yeah. I've been punchy antsy all day today and taking the castor oil per MW at 11am really sent me into a nesting frenzy.... I think I've cleaned every room in the house, diapers/clothes were washed 2 weeks ago, have my bathroom all "prepped" even have out a tshirt, diapers, hat and booties (which is KILLING me to look at )
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