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MDC Flylady Group January

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WOOO HOOO we made into a new year and still flying. Well I'm flying a little slow though
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We're hanging in, too.
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I'm still here too! And I'm not only flying into the New Year, I'm soaring into it!

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Is this the flylady.net that everyone either loves or hates?
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I just started and the few things she encouraged have helped emmensly already...but I am not getting any emails from her...anyone have any ideas why?

I'm excited to be able to start the new year like this!!!

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I'm here, and committed to getting back "on the wagon" I'm going to actually make a control journal and see where that gets me.

Definately working on the whole DH resentment thing, which i realize is *my* issue. He really is a good DH and i am hard on him bc i am so hard on myself....which is why i took to flying so well. The whole attitude thing.

Blessings , Kelly (Kali)

Oh, i can see why some people would "hate " it, i just ignore part of it and seperate what works for me...so far my life has had so much more order.
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I just joined so we'll see if it helps.

Oils, did you join at yahoogroups because I got messages immediately?
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Yeah, I did join yahoogroups, but haven't gotten anything other then the welcome letter.

She says something about changing your spam something or other in hotmail, but I haven't because I really don't want a whole bunch of junk mail from other places..
I will have to check it out...

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: Hey..you all know I am new by now...WHO??is the Flylady??thanks for the info
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Hey Karen,
Check out her website www.flylady.net to get the whole scoop.
Basically, she started this email 'support' group for women who are trying to get their houses under control. It's an interesting approach, she talks about using morning, afternoon and evening routines to get you through the day, how to make cleaning simple, how to plan your week so that things get done, stuff like that. She sends out a LOT of emails, like 15 a day sometimes, with little reminders about cleaning the 'zone' you are working in for the week, and all kinds of other things. It's definately not for everyone, some people just get annoyed by the whole thing.
Personally I've noticed a real difference in my house and my family since we started using the Flylady approach, things are cleaner, dinners are healthier, we're all happier.
Again, not for everyone, but if you are feeling overwhelmed by chores, it might be worth checking out.
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