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Hi everyone!

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Hi ladies -

A friend recommended these boards to me and I am so glad she did. My name is Mandy, I am married, 26 years old, and just found out I was pregnant with my first child due in July of '06. I am a sufferer of endometriosis, so I did not think I would conceive this quickly, but here it is!

I am scared, excited, happy, nervous...all of those things new mommies are supposed to be I guess. I hope I can find a little haven here on the boards.

Much Love,

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congratulations, mandy! welcome to MDC!!!

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Congrats Mandy!!

Welcome to MDC! Hope you enjoy it here!
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Congrats and
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c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s

and w e l c o m e !
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Hello and welcome!
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Welcome to the boards.
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Hi welcome to the community
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I was 26 when I got pregnant too!
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Welcome to MDC!
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Welcome from another newbie!
Congrats on your pregnancy!
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and congratulations on your pregnancy! I wish that I had found MDC when I was newly pregnant. It is soooo helpful!
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Nice to meet you!!! I have been liking it here!!!
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Congratulations and welcome!
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: Congratulations!!!

My sister has endometriosis - she birthed her third baby in July. These boards are an excellent source of information and support!
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