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Originally Posted by melissa_honeybee
I said i wanted the baby to come out when he was ready, and she just kind of shook her head sadly
What is it with people doing that?!! Esp. nurses-I mean seriously, what do they teach in nursing/medical school? What is so terrible about trusting your body? (not to mention your baby)
I get this sad headshake all the time when I tell friends, coworkers, medical staff, or random nosy strangers my plans for natural childbirth and APing. I've stopped telling people that I'm going to CD and BF-the shocked looks and rude comments I get have made me learn to keep my mouth shut.

Sorry mommas for that rant. I feel better now

Anyway, the reason I wanted to post was to thank you all for the advice about the impending induction. I think I will discuss this with my MW on Mon...(i have a NST/fluid check) and let her know my intentions. I like to tell her what's going on, she usually does something to help me. But, maybe I'll be really lucky and baby will come before then!! (please baby, please!!)
So thanks again ladies!! I'm glad I have you all here to help me out!
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I'm still waiting...
I had my 40w appointment on Fri. (I was due Sat. 10/29) I'm "a finger tip" dilated and baby has not dropped much. They want me to come in Wed. for NST and get prostaglandin gel to help get me going. I really hope I have him before then! I don't know anything about that gel stuff (I'm going to look it up right now) but I want him to come out when he is ready Maybe tomorrow will be our lucky day...
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LOL I feel like I never leave MDC. Prostaglandin is what the baby produces when he's ready to come out. It's also found in semen, so that's why they recommend sex, sex and more sex to get labor going. It helps softens the cervix. Then orgasm and nipple stimulation releases oxytocin, which helps bring on contractions.

IMO, prostaglandin gel is probably the least nasty of all of the stuff to "help" labor along.

Mama2finn, I dont know..I know what you mean tho, when I tell people my due date they gasp.. it's like he's not even overdue yet! (42 weeks is still term! Geez!!) My SIL is a nurse and not like that at all.. she is young tho(24)- I think it is mostly older nurses who are like that- maybe still stuck in the past and the "old way" of labor and delivery. They should give refresher courses on that stuuf.. It's not all about anesthesia and forceps any more people!!!

Definitely discuss it with your MW, I think they do the regular stuff because of pressure... and fear of lawsuits. If you tell her how you feel she might be helpful...

My son and I just spent an hour telling baby Spencer all of the reasons why he should be born..then we jumped on the bed to get him stirred up. I know he is ready, it seems like he is awake more than he is asleep and oh so strong!

Well off to the store to get some food..I'm gonna make a big crockpot of chicken noodle soup
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about prostaglandin in addition to what melissa_honeybee said is that it's pig sperm. Lol I don't know about you, but I much prefer my husband's sperm to a PIG'S! I think some hospitals use a synthetic form of it (mmm chemicals) but some still use the "natural" stuff. Also prostaglandin is 10x more effective if ingested because the vaginal walls don't absorb it as easily. I agree that it's not nearly as bad as some other stuff they could do to induce, but I still think I'd just use my husband rather than a pig. Plus you can take it orally if it comes from your husband...
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No baby yet and becoming very sad.

thats all I guess!

due 10-21
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Still waiting. Last week at my 41wk midwife appointment my midwife was going to do a stretch and sweep but my cervix was so posterior and closed it wasn't possible.

Well this morning I dreamt that my midwife had let herself into my house (while me and my husband were sleeping) and in my dream I woke up to her doing an internal exam on me saying sadly, yep, your cervix is still tightly closed up. She had also let a cat in which was hanging around our front door but was NOT our cat. Very strange dream, but an indication that this overdueness is getting to me.

I'm hopeful things ARE starting to happen though because I started loosing my mucus plug today! So maybe I'm not as closed up as my dream midwife thought

It's a gorgeous day here in Ontario so we are heading to the park to do some nice walking and see what happens! Only 2 days left for an October baby.
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I don;t think it means your labor will be long. If that baby is ripe and ready by being in long enough-you could go quick!!!

Originally Posted by momma2finn
Just curious how many Oct ddc mommas are still waiting!

It's been five days since my due date, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to have November baby now...I still have no labor signs to speak of. This also scares me-my body must know something I don't-long labor ahead?
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i sure hope so...at wk 39 I was losing my plug, having contractions,
Then came wk 40 and everything has stopped. DP is getting very sick of me asking him to, um, perform...he is 100% convinced that baby will come tomorrow. I'm not sure why, but he has predicted it for the last two months or so. I've been begging all day for some of his "natural" prostaglandins and he keeps telling me no because I need to save my strength. He is hurting my feelings now I hate begging. It makes me feel really stupid-but I'm totally desperate for my baby to come!! I guess a Halloween baby would be super cool, but I'm not gonna get my hopes up.
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akemi-what a wierd dream! Sounds ripe with pregnancy!!
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Originally Posted by bailey228
about prostaglandin in addition to what melissa_honeybee said is that it's pig sperm. Lol I don't know about you, but I much prefer my husband's sperm to a PIG'S! I think some hospitals use a synthetic form of it (mmm chemicals) but some still use the "natural" stuff.
Gross, I thought I had read that before, that it's pigs sperm. I can only get dh about once a day right now, I also started with EPO. I don't even really have contractions after my dh makes a deposit or anything, no mucus plus or bloody show yet. hmmmm, looks like some of us will be continuing on the Nov. board.

Halloween baby would be really cool. You can have a costume birthday party every year and it's a perfect excuse why they can't go trick-or-treating,,,,
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akemi- that is a weird dream! Try to interpret it at all?

bailey228-ew! Pig Sperm? LOl I guess they have to get it from somewhere..but yeah..I prefer human. LOL when I told my hubby about the oral dose of prostaglandin, he told me it was like a dream come true...not just that the information was out there, but that I actually told him about it.

mama2finn- aw..well you never know..maybe tommorrow will be the big day!

I'm still undecided about what to do. Maybe he'll be born tonight!
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I told DP about the "oral dose" being more effective-he doesn't believe me!! Bailey 228 where did you learn that? I need to convince him!!

I'm starting to feel like a crazy person!!

MelissaHoneybee-have they pressured you into an induction date yet? Let us know if they bring it up. BTW you aren't alone-I have lived at MDC for the last week and a half
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I'm still waiting too
I'm 7 days "overdue." Have had prodromal labor for 3 weeks now. Have done homeopathics, EPO, sex almost everyday or twice a day to make up for th missed days and the cohoshes. Nothing happening except continued prodromal labor. My uterus feels really tight constantly while I'm upright with surges every so often but it doesn't completely relax until I lay down.

I feel nauseated and exhausted, can't breathe, can't move comfortably, my brain certainly isn't on track with the rest of humanity. And now the weekend is over and I'm looking at another few days alone with my toddler. I'm so tired of being so tired. I miss dh and wish they'd give him some pre-baby time off too (he only gets 2 days off and then goes in 4 hours a day for a week after the baby).

I was 42 weeks and 2 days with ds. Which is why I originally joined the Nov DDC... but most of them are behind me and probably sick of hearing me complain . Oh, and did I mention 5 babies have already been born in the Nov ddc. 2 of them vaginally/naturally!!! Way to make me feel like a loser!

Seems like that's all I do these days - complain.

***long sigh***
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momma2finn.. from the UK midwifery Archives "Sex, but especially oral sex - the 'natural' (and gentle) prostaglandins in semen are absorbed more effectively through the gut than through the cervix... if you can face it!" and "About fellatio: Actually, it would probably be beneficial, if the idea is to get the labour started. A great OB in Hamilton (John Lamont, I believe) spoke to our class about sexuality and pregnancy. He mentioned the concept that prostaglandins are absorbed 10X more efficiently through the gut than through the vaginal mucosa, with respect to semen and labour onset."

Also I've read this in a few other places that I can't seem to remember or am able to find right now.
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Originally Posted by willemsmamma
Oh, and did I mention 5 babies have already been born in the Nov ddc. 2 of them vaginally/naturally!!! Way to make me feel like a loser!

Seems like that's all I do these days - complain.

***long sigh***
LOL yeah i check that board every once in awhile, I don't know why, this past week it's only made me upset! I see people not even due yet having their babies already and it makes me want to cry!! And join the club! I feel like a 5 year old whining to mommy. I've literally resigned myself to the fact that this baby is NOT comming out EVER! I swear, I have lost all hope of me ever going into labor. The only decent contractions I've had came when I was walking the other day and the second I sat down they stopped. My back hurts, I can't get in or out of bed without pain, I can only sleep a few hours a night because I've been suffering with pregnancy induced insomnia for the past 2 months.... and..and..and mommy the baby won't come out!!! (man I really do feel like a child complaining like this)
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Oh mommas-I feel so bad for us
Bailey228 I'm sorry you are in so much pain-you too willemsmama. Here are some preggo hugs for everyone!!

stupid nov. ddc...grumble, grumble...(me making pouty face and feeling sorry for myself)
Tomorrow is going to be your birthday-you hear me baby?? Don't you want to come out and meet me? Don't you want to drink yummy milk, feel soft fleece against your skin, sleep next to me in our warm bed???? ANSWER ME!!!

(Um, maybe I should go to bed now )
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Fellow Waiting October mamas...hugs to you all!

I'm right there with ya!

Thanks for the info about the, um, oral prostaglandins, I think DH will be thrilled . I have been hounding him every day for a deposit and quite frankly it's gotten a bit tedious. DH actually asked for a break today, poor guy. He has been quite obliging up until today so I can't complain.

I am getting a bit annoyed by the "you're STILL pregnant?" comments...that is SO not a nice thing to say. How about "you look great" or even just a "hang in there". Ugh.

Made an acupuncture appointment for Tuesday evening, so hopefully that will help to support the start of labor. Been inserting EPO every night and I just started taking it orally today as well. Tried the cohoshes and I don't think they were doing much of anything. Also walking a lot (I think it helped 2 days ago as I lost quite a bit of plug, but nothing much since then despite walking about 3 miles each day).

I can't wait to hold and caress and cuddle our little one...just wish I knew when it's going to happen!
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Originally Posted by momma2finn

MelissaHoneybee-have they pressured you into an induction date yet? Let us know if they bring it up.
No, I was supposed to call and go in for a non stress test yeasterday if I hadn't had my baby yet. I didn't because HE'S FINE!!! He passed his test in like 2 minutes on Thursday and nothing has changed since then. I think today they were talking about trying to get something going. Maybe the prostaglandin gel or if my cervix is soft, breaking my water.

I am probably going to hold off until Wednesday, when I am "officially" 42 weeks. At that point, I probably will let them break my water : if I haven't gone into labor yet.

DH asked- what would be worse for me..being induced by the midwives or having to be delivered by a doctor. Thinking it over, I'd really rather have the midwives there than some strange doctor who will probably give me an episiotomy or c-section. It does stink to be in the position to make that choice.

I thought for sure one of us here would have had a baby by now..geez..what's goin on? Maybe Mars being so close to the earth has something to do with it

And at this point, I can't even open a post about someone who had their baby...I get so jealous!
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I kwym-MW vs. Doc seems like a pretty easy choice. My concern is-I trust my body to do things naturally. But once you start doing induction procedures, there is a pressure for your body to react and preform. What if my body doesn't move quickly enough for them? When I hear them say induction-I imagine this cartoon graph of percentages-and the one that is labeled chance of c-section skyrockets through the ceiling. AHHHH! It's very scary.
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Ok so are NONE of us gonna have October babies? Cmon, someone's gotta go on halloween! We are all supposed to have babies now! One of us has to make it in October though, that would just be sad if ALL of us who are still waiting end up in the November DDC. And it's halloween, if you're gonna have a birthday on a holiday, halloween is the best one! I was born 3 days before christmas and that always sucked growing up. C'mon little babies!! Come out and see the pretty fall colors and halloween decorations! And every year, everyone will get dressed up for your birthday!! You all know you want to come out now!!! PLEASE?!! Lots of hugs and kisses if you come out!!
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