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I read Thomas Verny's "The Secret Life of The Unborn Child" when my baby was 3 months. I'm so glad I didn't read it while pg, because it had a lot of disturbing stories of adults remembering bad experiences (abuse towards mother, etc...) in utero. (Most remembered under hypnosis.)

But I finally understood why BONDING with your baby in pregnancy (sending conscious positive messages of love to baby) is so important.

He's got a new book that I intend to follow when I am pg again NURTURING THE UNBORN CHILD: a 9 month program for soothing, stimulating and communicating with your baby.

But I was wondering if anybody has tried the NEW WAY CHILDBIRTH audiotapes, that are essentially for the same purpose:

These are not "HypnoBirthing" tapes.

I like what other people had to say about their tapes:
"I feel so much love for this baby growing inside of me. I never imagined that such a profound, deep level of communication with my baby was possible!

I'm thinking about buying one for myself (and a pg friend).

Just wondering if anybody else purchased these.

Giancarlo - 2.5 yrs old (birth junkie)