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Poor guy! Stomach bug

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I felt so bad for my 16 month ds last night. He had some diarrhea yesterday, but didn't seem to be feeling bad. Same cheerful self. He went to sleep easily, but we heard him on the monitor about 30 minutes later. It sounded like he filled a diaper, then went back to sleep. 20 minutes or so later, he woke up crying. He had thrown up in his sleep.

It was everywhere. Poor little guy! He was just covered. He was sitting there half asleep and crying, and pointing to the mess saying "Guck! Guck!"

He's moving a little slow today, but doesn't really seem to feel bad. No fever.

At least he slept all night after that!
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Oh, yuck, please give him probiotics! My son recovered from the stomach bug in less than a day (thank God) and I do think the probiotics helped quite a bit.

My ped said give lots of pediasure but ds despises it.

((HUGS))) Poor little guy.
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There is a horrible stomach bug going around. First, my daughter, Julia, got it a few days ago and kept throwing up about every half hour..she is better now but then hubby, me and my mom all got it. We also got pediasure FOR TEN BUCKS which didn't even matter cause she didn't want it..I tasted it and it was Nasty! Liquids are most important cause of dehydration.
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Welcome to the winter barfing blues. We had it. Probiotics really helped with the runs for all of us. I suggest babydophilus. My dd would take only toast and weak chamomile tea for several days. My car was barfed all over and my bed and the baby's crib. Yuck.

It's over soon. Just steer clear of any dairy until it passes. Lots of applesauce when the appetite returns. Rice, bananas, toast etc. Push fluids like water, breastmilk ( for your kid if you nurse) or weak juice or tea.

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Thanks for the suggestions - I had read about probiotics before, but didn't even think of them.

My son is feeling much better! He nursed like crazy yesterday, and didn't have much of an appetite otherwise. He really never seemed to feel bad, thankfully!

We had gone to Walmart to spend his Christmas gift card, and we got him Elmo and Cookie Monster sippy cups. I would have preferred plain, but he picked these. They did help with the water intake! Water seems to taste better from the Sesame Street cups. (Ack! I can't even believe I'm writing this!)

I didn't even know this virus was going around (intestinal, throwing up, but no fever) until I talked to other Moms at church this morning. I thought it might have been mild e coli or other fecal related strain. We had one of those accidental poop tasting episodes the day before this hit. (Probably more than you wanted to know!)
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I spoke too soon! We thought he was all better, but he threw up twice last night. Going to the store today for some babydophilus.

Three baths in one night - he thought that part was fun!
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We had this virus, and it SUCKED. It had me and my girl sick on and off for a MONTH.

What are "probiotics?"

To treat this, I used homeopathic arsenicum 30x 3-6 times per day, and also gave lots of (plain) pedialyte & one dose per day of children's echinacea/elderberry elixer...oh and also Hylands vitamin c tablets. To get my 17 month old to take pedialyte, I had to make it 3 parts Pedialyte, 1 part milk. She would not take it if didnt at least look like milk. When she was really really sick I'd decrease the milk to maybe a sixth of the bottle. I'd love to learn more about the other ways you all are treating it!
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My son had this too, starting on Friday night. Threw up through the night (on me once). Sunday morning dh leaped out of bed and ran for the bathroom.

I am going to get some babydophilus today. The thing is, am beginning to worry because ds's appetite still hasn't come back, am barely able to coax down a few mouthfuls per day and this morning I could really feel his little ribs.

For those of you who don't do dairy, is yogurt OK?

It is so hard when they're so little and can't tell you when they feel nauseaus.
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Originally posted by jempd
For those of you who don't do dairy, is yogurt OK?

It is so hard when they're so little and can't tell you when they feel nauseaus. [/B]
I usually mix whole milk yogurt and apple sauce in with his cereal. I left the yogurt out on the days that his stomach was upset, not wanting to add any dairy insult.

Throwing up was so awful and scary! He just looked shocked and confused. I felt really bad for him.

He nursed ALL day yesterday, including one 2 1/2 hour stretch.

Whoops - short bath. Time for night night nursey.
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