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Blake's here!!!

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this was from 2am but I couldn't post it...this is the saved word attachment
Cam and I are sitting at the kitchen table scarfing down Fruit Loops at 1:50 a.m. so I wanted to post while I can....

Well, the castor oil worked, kinda. Never *cleaned me out* but whatever the reason I went into quick labor about 6ish. And as per my Sadowski luck, John had just left for the store AND my lovely new digital cable phone --went out, no dial tone. Ok, so there I was with some hefty contrax and no phone. I proceeded to send John text messages on his cellphone, left sleeping Cam on the sofa (still getting over the flu) so Jules and I could run next door. I left my cell phone in the van to make matters worse. All I could do was laugh -- my luck! So... call John from neighbor's, he rushes home in a hurry and ta da! it wasn't a digital phone problem it was a John problem. He disconnected the wrong line today thinking it was our old DSL. We were both in a huge nesting frenzy post castor oil expecting Blake and he was trying to organize the upstairs office. Um, not a good idea.

I'm not sure if it was the cleaning frenzy or the castor oil that did it but by the time MW got here my contrax were regular, deep and painful probably 3 minutes-ish apart. We talked, we waited, we made sure "this was it" , waited for Lynn (the 2nd midwife) to show up and when we were "sure "--almost an hour later-- she broke my water at 8:15. Um, Wow, that started things going in a huge way. Not 30 min later I was in the jacuzzi. Cam was asleep, Jules was soooooooooooooooo excited and completely adorable. About 10ish I was REALLY uncomfortable in the tub so got out to start leaning and rocking against anything I could. Miss Jules walked into the family room about this time and said to John "I'm really tired" he turned around to get a book for her and when he came back she was passed out on the sofa beside her brother. LOL.

Labor was tough, I was only comfortable standing. During transition my head was embedded into John while he put a lot of pressure on my lower back and I just rocked. It's amazing how much comfort he brings me when I'm in labor. I don't know if it's just that I'm a romantic goof or it's a sign of how deeply bonded we are but I only want his hands on me during labor. I craved his embrace. I just wanted him to hold me, and he did. As a matter of fact.... HE caught Blake at 11:10 pm.

I was standing literally hanging onto my footboard for dear life and almost head down over it and felt the need to push, in a big way. I think it took a good 4 pushes or so but I birthed Blake standing up at the foot of the bed and after MW suctioned his nose and mouth 3 hands caught him (his daddy's and one of Karen's) or at least that's how dh remembers it . I had straightened to an almost veritcal position during the last push and that really made his slippery body fly out!

Now if you don't think nature has a way of correcting itself I have a pretty good example... he was definitely at 36-37 weeker by his marking BUT he was 8.1 lbs and 20"! Can you imagine if I went to term? I can't. A 10# baby out of this 5'2" body--- no way!!!

He's perfect. Little conehead-y, not nearly as bruised as Cam and Jules. 50 min later when his little hands went to his mouth, after all of the excitement,he latched right on. I have one skid mark. Honestly, I feel great (obviously)!!

We woke Cam about 15 min after Blake arrived on the scene and he was/is amazed, happy, and completely adorable. He soon after tried to wake up Jules (John caught him in her room *poking her* saying "Jules, Juliette Rose.. wake up, come on....Blake's here!!) But she was out cold, so he gave up. And now at 2ish she's still asleep and I'm itching for her to get up and meet her brother! She's going to flip! She was so excited tonight.

But I think I should try and get some zzzzzzzzz's while I can.

I loved this whole homebirth experience and so profoundly grateful to our wonderful midwife it makes me teary. I'll never be able to thank her enough. I'm so happy to be eating fruit loops in my kitchen at 2 am, 3 hours after giving birth and have my own bed to go back to. I feel so different after this birth. I feel fantastic.
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Have a happy babymoon!!!
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What an awesome story! Congratulations!
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beautiful birth story!! congrats momma! have a lovely babymoon!
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That was really a beautiful story!!

It's amazing how much comfort he brings me when I'm in labor. I don't know if it's just that I'm a romantic goof or it's a sign of how deeply bonded we are but I only want his hands on me during labor. I craved his embrace. I just wanted him to hold me, and he did.
God - you made me all weepy here!! :

Congratulations on your beautiful birth and new baby boy!!!!
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Woooow! What an awesome story to find on this lovely morning. Congratulations to you & your family!!
: : : :

Thank you for sharing your wonderful birth story. I'm sooo glad you are all cozy at home & feeling good. Fabulous babymooning to you!
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COngratulations! Welcome Blake!
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Yay! Congrats on your new bundle of joy!
Happy babymoon!
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Yay!!!!!!!! that makes 5 for this week!!!!!!!!!
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Oh my gosh, what a beautiful love story! You make me want a homebirth with my next one!
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Thank you so much for sharing. Every birth story I read makes me realize how close we all are to holding our little babies in our arms. Congratulations mama!
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Congratulations on your new baby! I loved your birth story, too, esp. the part about your husband - I feel the exact same way in labor - it was nice to read that. xoxoxoxo
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What a great story!! Welcome to the world Baby Blake!!
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Welcome Blake! What a wonderful birth. Congratulations.

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Fabulous story! Welcome, little Blake!

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I just KNEW it- there would be another birth announcement when I checked in!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! And welcome, baby Blake!

What a great birth- I love what you said about your husband

So great he was such a good size for being a few weeks early! It is pretty cool how our bodies know just what to do And I'm so happy you're feeling so great physically and so elated mentally about the whole experience!

I can only hope for a similar experience a few weeks from now!

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Congratulations!! (can we see a picture?) That sounds like such a lovely calm, peaceful and romantic birth.
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Welcome, Blake! Thanks for sharing your story, mama! Congrats to you & your family!
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Aw! Congratulations and welcome baby blake!
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