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Where did the October UCers go?

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We had a lot of momma's here that were due in October, myself included. It's been so quiet on this board though, is everyone still waiting for their babies? Or did they just not post their birth story here. I've only seen one. I want to post my birth story here, but I'm still waiting for her to come out! I'm starting to see people in the November DDC announcing their births and it's making me so sad that I don't have my baby yet . I know I know she'll come when she's ready, but man I can totally understand now why so many people get induced! So am I the only Oct UCer still wating for their baby or are there some others left out there too?
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I was recently wondering the same thing! We had a whole gaggle of October UC mamas, and I was looking forward to cheering them on and reading stories, too!

Come back and talk to us, mamas!
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I'm trying to keep from sticking my head between my legs and yelling "Come out already!" It'd be harder if I could actually lean over...
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Wishing gentle easy labor vibes for the Oct Mamas!

Sooooo, that's what's happening with Oct due mamas, they're exploring the outer edges of due dates. Oh, I really hope you all have your babes in your arms soon. I'm sure you're sooooo ready! What great mamas you are to your babes to let them come in their own time.
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Originally Posted by Sagesgirl
I'm trying to keep from sticking my head between my legs and yelling "Come out already!"
HAHAHA!! At least 10 times a day I poke at my stomach and tell her to come out! My husband asks me every day "so is the baby comming out today or what?" My relpy is "well she seems to have YOUR procrastination genes, so why don't you tell me?!" Well she might be deciding to come out soon though, I just got home from a 6 mile walk from hell with huge contractions the whole way and pain in my hips and back (grr.. posterior baby). Now it's slowed down, but I'm hoping that's just to let me get my energy back then it will pick up again...(wishful thinking I know) BABY COME OUUUUUTTTTT!!!!
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Yeah, I'm hoping my contractions stopped just long enough for me to get a nap. Of course, having been awake for about an hour now without much of a return, that doesn't look too likely. : Oh well, at least my mucous plug is continuing to go bye-bye. I'll take any sort of change at this point.

My relpy is "well she seems to have YOUR procrastination genes, so why don't you tell me?!"
Funny you should say that, I was telling my mother this morning that this one must be a boy; it certainly has picked up Rob's habit of taking forever to get ready to go anywhere. :
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I am still preg...........

My hands are so swollen and numb that i cant type too much lately. My due date was the 21st and I am feeling worried and sad and a bit scared. Me and my husband did not want to "deal with" this, I dont know what to do really if this goes on too too much longer.

Hope the baby comes soon! Good luck to all of you as well! I cant sit in the chair at the computer for more than a minute or two because of pain and swelling and nervous shocks in my legs.
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I just had a vision. Okay, not really, just a humorous thought What if all the October mommas had their babies tomorrow? Then they'd still be October babies.
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You sound really tired and ready. . .you can do it, Mama!!
Strength and powerful-yet-peaceful birthing hugs to all of you!
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Well we finally have one October mama in labor as of last night, but will it be an October baby or a November baby??? I can't wait to hear!!! I'm crossing my fingers for an October baby for her since all of us in the Oct ddc that are still waiting were hoping that at least one of us would go in October. So baby did ya make it out for halloween??!!
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Mama to 4 where are ya? I saw a post that you were in labor, but I haven't seen a new baby post. Are you still around? one of these days I can post my birth story here. Baby is still comfy cozy in there.
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I popped! I've been a lurker, but all your posts and comments and stories have really inspired me. Here's my birth story on my blog:


Happy UC'ing!
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Well, after being a Up'er for the last few weeks, and finally having labor, it didn't go the way I expected. The pain was intense, and after a full day of blood and pain, I got scared, and we headed to the hospital. I had a good birth, after all of that, but saw that my placenta didn't come out all at once, and the doctor went in after the other parts... so I believe strongly that my intuition was right. I just didn't feel it was appropriate to post my birth story here since I ended up going in for assistance. I love reading your stories and still lurk. You guys have been great and your posts always gave me the support I needed most!

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well that's what UC is about I think. Knowing when it's safe to be at home and when you need professional help. Most births do go normally, but for those that don't quite go as expected, a Dr's care can be a blessing. I would think it would be appropriate for your birth story here movingon, it's shows people that were not just nuts who refuse all medical care in any situation .
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Congratulations RiceMomma!! What a wonderful birth story!
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I wound up going to the hospital too, after close to thirty-six hours of extreme pain and nothing much going on. It was just exhaustion on my part. BUT it was a successful VBA2C.

Birth story is here, it's very long:
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what a beautiful little girl! Congratulations on your VBAC, even if it wasn't exactly what you wanted.
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I'm thinking of you, bailey. Is all well?

ETA: I see you were safely delivered! Congratulations!
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