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Annika is here!!

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I have been mostly lurking here for the past couple of months due to being on bed rest for the last part of my pregnancy, but I wanted to come back to announce the birth of my baby girl.

Annika Victoria Louise was born October 17, 2005 by planned c-section (due to blood pressure and pre-e issues). She weighed 8lbs 8oz and was 20.5in long. We are both doing well, and have had no problems nursing so far. I was able to come home from the hospital after only 2 days and am recovering well. My blood pressure seems to be stabilizing as well. Big sister Emma is in love with her baby sister, and is so proud.
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Congratulations to you! And I'm glad to hear everything went well and got to go home in just 2 days. Beautiful name too.
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Congratulations, and welcome, Annika!
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Congrats Momma!! Glad your recovery is going smoothly!!
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Congratulations and welcome, baby Annika!!!

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Great name!!
My cousin's name is Anneka.

Have a speedy recovery, enjoy your babe!
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