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my baby moved

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after being in the perfect position for weeks, my baby is now posterior, and i could tell something had changed in there, because i've been having a lot more movements all around the front and sides of my belly, and pain under my right rib. we found this out during my appointment on thursday, as well as the fact that i'm dilated to 2 cm and my cervix is anterior, so the mw said the baby's head is RIGHT against it.........i delivered angela OP and am really nervous about this baby being that way as well.....it was such strong pain with no breaks in between because of her positioning........

i'm trying not to worry.........but........last time i had an epidural and it was still non stop pain.........i'm having a medication-free birth w/ a mw and doula this time.......and i guess i'm kind of panicky.........
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Many positive vibes to you. No two births are the same, nor do they feel the same, so just because he moved doesn't mean it will be like last time...

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Try to sit indian style on the floor or use a birth ball. Do NOT sit on any soft cushiony services like a couch. When you sleep at night sleep mostly on your left side. These are all from my MW & my baby is now in better position
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I hope for your sake you don't have to go through an OP labor again. Beansavi is right on the money
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I just had the same thing happen. Nate was posterior until transition and that was not a fun labor. This guy was great until last week and I woke up and had a deep belly button again. Sure enough, when I went to the midwife, he was posterior. Ugg. In addition to the above mentioned things, try spending time on your hands and knees whenever you can.
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Originally Posted by beansavi
Many positive vibes to you. No two births are the same, nor do they feel the same, so just because he moved doesn't mean it will be like last time...

I agree!

Does the spinningbabies website have info on posterior babies as well as breech? maybe there would be some good info on there for you!
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Crawling on your hands and knees and walking up stairs two-at-a-time are supposed to help a lot.

Good luck!
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Maybe your baby turned posterior because that's the way he fits best? Since your last baby was OP as well, it might just be the perfect position for you and your baby. Your baby turned posterior, and brought himself low and on your cervix.
Since you are having an un-medicated birth this time around, there will be lots of things you can do to minimize the discomfort of back labour. Hands and knees, sitting, walking, squatting, counter-pressure, hot or cold compresses, anything but laying on your back will help!
I found laying on your left side, right leg bent high (bring your knee towards your chest) and propped with lots of pillows, while someone gently rocks you helps babies to rotate during labour as well.
Don't worry too much, there are lots of ways to ease your discomfort and have a nice birth!
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thanks everyone for the input! i have been sitting on the floor indian style tonight, and tried the hands and knees thing a bit last night, but it is kind of hard with this heavy belly trying to pull me down.

my midwife said something similar about how it may be that is the most comfortable fit for my babies with the way my pelvis is shaped, and that we could work with it during labor and to relax.......i guess i am trying to acknowledge the fact that this is causing some fear and anxiety for me, when i felt calm and powerful up until this point. for some reason i just assumed this wouldnt happen again........but you are right, i won't be strapped down laying on my back like last time, so perhaps it will be a much better situation.........

i'm having contrax again, so i'm going to go lay down. dh is three hours away, playing this big halloween rave and it makes me so nervous with him such a long drive away, but we needed the money, so he went. as long as this baby stays in past sunday, we'll be okay.....i just can't imagine him *missing* it.....

again, thanks for the encouragement you guys. i just can't seem to stay relaxed for long....
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I have been paranoid about that position because that's how I was born (never turned) and my mom has always told me how long and terrible her labor with me was. My sister turned right before she was born. Anway, this has led me to be constantly checking my babe's position. The babe has been on the left side, not posterior for the last months and I have been thrilled, then, right AT my last MW appointment (after my weight and blood pressure were done, before the MW came in) the babe put it's back over the to right side. DH could see the huge motion through my shirt. The MW came in and I told her, and she INSISTED to that all that mattered is that the babe is HEAD DOWN and that they move around all the time -- she wouldn't even have any of me worrying about it. By later that day, babe was back in the normal left position. So, he may move back soon, in labor, not not, but according to my MW that's just fine (I know it's kind of hard for me to accept, too . . )
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