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Dd is 7 mo and we started when she was 5 mo. We are still part-time ECers, looking to start night soon. When we're home, I have dd in her birdseye flat diaper (folded) and woolen tights. I can tell immediately when she pees and make the pss and it is easy to get her pants down quick. We haven't been so successful fully dressed out on the town - mostly luck and timing.
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Devin, lol! I think my kids have sensitive skin cuz they both get potty marks no matter how quickly they are off.

Jane, you're not alone! I've done that when I see he needs to poop but it's not quick in coming out. I find it easiest to sit cross legged on the floor with him facing me on his potty My dh got a laugh out of it and asked why he can't eat on the toilet. Uh, go ahead honey (ewwww!)

Pam, aww your poor baby I hope she's better soon.

Julie, my first ever 100% catch day was followed by a miss nearly every pee day, lol! It happens

Debi, Owen is 7 m/o. We started just around when he turned 6 m/o, so a little over a month. For warmth, can you just have her in a blanket? Or a baby gown is nice. Covers past the feet but is easily and quickly pulled up.

So Owen's peed in the morning a few times this week. He fusses a lot and I miss it and end up with him wetting his dipe. So I take it off, toss it aside and we snuggle back in bed with him nakie butt. Tomorrow morning I am going to make more of an effort to actually drag my butt out of bed and pee him when he wakes me fussing.
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Originally posted by Dodo
Back to the topic of running water as a cue: I also pee (or have dh pee) to get dd to pee. It is probably the most effective cue in my experience.

I did this today. We just got a little baby bjorn potty (DS loves to play with it and drag it all over the house: ) I kept trying everything I could think of to get him to pee in it. I put him on it every time I went. I used the water thing. I can't see his cues. He doesnt stop what he is doing or do anything noticable until he is already going pee/poop. I carried him around naked in the sling so I would be sure to notice anything. He never went. Then he wanted down to play so I had him right next to me and I didn't notice he was pooping til he had already gone some so I swept him up and put him on the potty and he finished in there! - then what do you do? I was saying yeah David!!! and stuff but he didn't get it he just looked at me funny. We cought some poop and a little pee too. What now?
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I just caught a pee!! As I entered that last post I heard him waking up, he was crawling off the bed when I got in the bedroom (he napped naked) and I put him on the potty real quick and I went pee and then I peeked in his potty and he had gone too!!!
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Mara, congrats on the pee How old is he? (sorry, I'm sure you've said!). This is me, but I do not praise for potty or make a big deal of it at all (with EC or when my dd was regular training). I think it adds pressure if you do it like that and implies displeasure if there's a miss. I am just matter of fact "you peed" or "you pooped in the potty" just to tell him what he's doing. If he is pooping or peeing and it's *not* on the potty, still do your cue noise or word when you catch him going. When Owen is sitting on the carpet and I see him piddle I quickly say "psssssss" and then I grab a diaper to clean it up. That way it reinforces the cue noise even if it's not exactly where I want it to go
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He just turned 8 months. When I was praising him I had a feeling I shouldn't be. I think it's more because he has no idea what I'm praising him for. He is kindof shy too so I don't want to make him uncomfortable. I couldn't help but cheer though because I was excited! I try to make that sound when he goes too.

- This just happenned-

I have him in shorts, no diaper. As I'm typing I look over and I see him grabbing at his shorts and I run and feel, DRY. I pick him up and say "you have to go potty?" and start carrying him to the bathroom. By the time we get there his pants are getting damp. I hurry and pull his shorts down, sssssss, and I might have missed it all? The potty had some water drops from just rincing it out so I don't know if he piddled in it or not but then he passed gas too so I left him sitting on it while I peed just in case. Can he be already getting it?
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This is too weird- he just peed in his potty again. Maybe we will do it!
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mara ~ i'm so glad for your success it must be challenging starting out late
Debi~ Kaiya is 10 weeks old and we started from birth. Fleece reciving blankets and the sling was what we used to keep her warm. luckily I have two slings so when i missed her pee que i had a dry one to wear her in. lots of skin to skin i found helpful in connecting with her... also i completely let the house go to pot and have an awesome husband who cooked for us . So i spent my days just tuning in to her. i'm just now accomplishing having her diperless and doing housework or...thank you notes
Lisa - who misses having signatures
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Originally posted by mamamoo
How old are everyone's children?
when did you start ec'ing?
DS Wolfgang is 3 years 2 months old. We started ec at 2 months when I read a short chapter on it in a German parenting book. I found, that there is a whole lot of info on the web, when he was 8 months. At that point I also started night-time ecing. From 12 months on he was diaperless during the day, from 16 months on at night. I consider him "graduated" at 20 months, when I didn't have to watch for subtle signs or keep track of his timing anymore, because he would tell me consistently. You can read the whole story here:

DD Jutta is 5 1/2 months now. We started ec at birth, nights as well. I caught the first poos on her third day, still in hospital. She's still wearing diapers a lot, but usually diaperless a few hours in the morning (until I run out of dry fleece-pants or patience or we go out) and since she is around 3 months old often diaperless at night.

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I seem to have nights down pat but days are harder. DD is 7 months old and we have been ECing since I learned of it here when she was 3 months old. I wore her in the sling naked and really got tuned in to her cues during the day. Once she started rolling onto her belly, her daytime cues seemed to go right out the window! Any pressure on her belly caused her to pee and we went thru alot of diapers. (I use prefolds and covers) It has gotten better since she is older now and has more muscle control. I don't see the cues that I used to during the day. I wonder if this is because she is so involved in her environment now and moving so much that her cues get disguised in all her activity. She is totally crawlilng and has been for almost a month and now pulls herslef up to stand. So days are hard for us.

Nights are a piece of cake. We all co-sleep and she squirms and wiggles and I pick her up and hold her over the Baby Bjorn potty and "sssss" and she pees. I lay her back down and she harldy ever opens her eyes. I nurse her back to sleep and the whole thing takes just a few minutes. I'm pretty intune to her movements at night and her fidgiting wakes me long before she ever opens her eyes. I have her diaperless alot at night and she sleeps in those gowns that are open. We are still using the ones from when she was newborn, her feet just stick out but because she is sleeping so close to me and sharing my blanket as well as having one of her own, she stays plenty warm.

I have to dress her in long legged things during the day as we don't have soft carpets for her knees and I don't want them getting irritated when she crawls. It is hard to get her undressed to get to the potty with all the clothing during the day. I so long for summer!!!

I had heard that EC would get better when she got about 6 months old and did not pee as frequently and that has happened. She seemes to not need to go as often and has greater capacity in her bladder now. So for all of you ECing younger babes, it does get easier as far as frequency!
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I'm still having trouble getting "whole" poops. DD is 15 days old today! and she goes about 2-4 times a day. But she takes FOREVER to go. We're talking 10 minutes. Start and stop, start and stop... And now she's decided that she doesn't like being held while she goes. What to do?!

No, I haven't even tried to tackle pees-- she's the queen of inconvenient pees.

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Hi, I feel fortunate to listen to al of your experiences. Its like witnessing evolution unfolding. Our dear child has not arrived yet - 7 more weeks and we are enthusiastic about trying EC.

Bowen Therapist: You mentioned skin to skin contact and wearing a sling. Do you actually mean one can use a sling and literally have skin to skin contact at the same time? Not sure how that would work. Or one thin layer of cloth is more or less skin to skin? Or the skin to skin contact you are referring to comes at other times.

Sorry if this question seems a bit abstract, but I have read that skin to skin contact is important in its own right, as well as being a useful communication medium in EC. Just trying to understand. Thanks,

Pema Karpo's father
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I took a short cut in typing out our story( i hate to type ) here it is:
the nioght she was born we kept her just in blankets for a couple of hours then put on a newborn gown and cloth diaper. we dressed her because we were going to be doing a lotus birth and i wanted something to be able to secure her umbilical cord to so it didn't get pulled on. well after a few hours of feeling frustrated trying to bf and have dh hold her while the placenta was still atteched , i asked her if it was ok if we cut her cord now, well she smiled so thankfully i didn't feel too bad with not being able to go thru with the lotus birth, we cut the cord really long and kept it inside of her gown. anyway she nursed most of the night and passed three meconium poops by noon the next day. we caught two of the three. and after the third poops we didn't put another dipe on her but kept one under her and signaled when she peed. the first 2-3 weeks she didn't like the sling and after the third day her cord fell off so i kept her nude against me under my robe. the robe acted as my "sling" for the first 2-3 weeks. then i figured out how to tie my rebozo so that she was flat against me (skin to skin) like a froggy. the bottoms of her feet , just under her tush, and her back were sopprting her in the sling.
also sleeping she slept on my chest in her froggy position and i used a cpf just under her loins.(mostly skin to skin) or i would be daring and not have anything under her but i would have a cpf where it would leak on the bed if i missed it. but co sleeping really helps to know when they are going to pee/poop.
now at ten weeks i have her in clothes but still wear her all the time.
but i just heard of and started to read the continuum concept and think that i may go back to skin to skin cause she will be warm enoughg in the sling. after reading the book it makes me wish that i had done more skin to skin in her first three days... but i don't feel too bad she is much better off than a baby who was born in a hospital or a non ap/cc baby. (no offense to others)

hope that clarifies things , sorry its so long and rambling . i pottied her three times and nursed her while writting this

Lisa and Kaiya 10/02

lol by the time I actually finished this post mothering is having tech difficulties and i can't post it yet

also i really recomend the Continuum Concept to anyone who has not had their baby yet
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just thought to add this too. i got a baby bundler about two weeks ago ( 5 bucks on Ebay!!) and use it the way a dydimos is tied in the "cross carry" (or something like that). and it is great for skin to skin contact. very supportive for them and very comfy for me. when i was just using my maya like wrap i thought i wasn't going to be able to wear as i had hoped because of back pain.
sorry for straying ot but i love this sling.
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Originally posted by ShannonCC
My dh got a laugh out of it and asked why he can't eat on the toilet. Uh, go ahead honey (ewwww!)

I had to comment on this! DH eats on the potty, drinks his coffee on the potty, he does everything on the potty. I give him a hard time but he doesn't understand why I think it's gross! Have you seen that Seinfeld where Kramer starts cooking and doing dishes in the shower? That always makes me laugh and think of my DH LOL!

So anyway, I've been having great luck with DS and the baby bjorn potty, I wish I had bought one sooner. We never caught any over the sink or anything else I tried to use but as soon as I got the potty he is peeing in it all the time!!! I can't catch a poop- well, I got half of one. When it seems like he is about to go I think me grabbing him up and putting him on the potty startles him and he holds it in : I carry him naked in the sling trying to get more in sync with him and his signals but he has never gone once while doing this. Weird!
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OH wow a $5 bundler! I paid full price for mine. WELL WORTH IT, but still, $5 would have been nice

With both my babes, I just carried them in arms as newborns. With my first, she never seemed to like the sling (not til she was a toddler at least). With my second, we got the hang of it after a few weeks, maybe a month. I still prefer to just hold him.

But for grocery shopping the sling was wonderful and I could nurse while walking. Now that he's bigger, I use the bundler for long walks and it's fantastic. Wonderfully comfortable!

With certain holds you can get skin to skin contact, but with others, you don't. I wish I had done more skin to skin with my dd. I did more with my ds as a newborn, but now that we're ECing, he's getting plenty
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Beginner dad

Bowen Therapist: Thanks for sharing the story of your birth experience. What is a baby bundler? Rebozo?

I just bought a Baby Bjorn potty today? My wife and I laughed together. I am going to look into the continuum concept. Thank you thank you thank you for all your helpful wisdom everyone. The world is being healed one baby at a time.
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a rebozo is what the mexican women use to carry babies,groceries and what ever else needs to be carried and they use it as a shawl. you can find them on line at ebay( got mine for $20) or at the rebozo way.org.
the baby bundler you can also look up on line. its a really!!!! long piece of fabric that you tie. kind of like a dydimos. do you have a sling already?
this has the rebozo and dydi http://www.kangarookorner.com/page50.html

the bb little potty is great ! we got ours a few weeks ago. at first her little bottomfell thru the hole now she can sit on it all by her self ! (at 10 wks old) i of course guard her still.
can most babies this age sit up by themselves like that ?
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No sling yet. I'm process huge amounts of information these days and may try to acquire several different ones for me and my dw. No worries, I trust the process. Now it is time to go horizontal and rest the body and mind. Talk with you later friend...
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Originally posted by Blessed81902
I'll put Noah on the potty and he'll start to pee, and then he'll stop but I know he's not finished. So I wait...
So I take him off and as soon as I lay him down to put a dipe on or if I just hold him, he pees the rest of it, lol. -Devin
Here is what I wrote on the EC-list a few weeks ago:

By design of your bladder, it is easier to "hold it", when you are in
an upright position. When there is pressure on the "exit" of the
bladder, the muscle around it pulls it shut reflexivly. The higher the
pressure gets, the tighter the bladder is shut automatically. This is
why it helps to jump up and down when you´ve got to go urgently, but
the bathroom is occupied.

In an upright position, the content of the bladder is putting the
pressure on the right places - when lying down, there is no pressure,
so you´ve got more trouble to keep things watertight.

This has several implications for ec:

- Already with Wolfgang I could help him to hold it a bit longer by
moving up and down when he was upright in the sling.

- This also explains why children have to go less often when carried
upright in the sling than when lying on their back

- And it´s another explanation for the "baby obviously has to go - you
hold him over a receptacle - nothing - you put him down - and he pees
immediately after". While holding him to pee, he´s more upright, when
you put him down on the floor, he´s vertical and the sphincter-muscles
release because there is no more pressure. I found out, that it is
sometimes difficult for Jutta to release in an upright position,
especially if she had had to "hold it" for a little before offered the
opportunity to go. I these cases it helps to put her down or hold her
horizontally for just a short time (maybe 10 to 30 seconds) and then try

So maybe it helps to hold him horizontally just for a very short time or even just lean him backwards on the potty, then try again for the second half of the pee?

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