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We finally tried ECing at night! After traveling for the holidays dd was not spoiling us with her usual 7-9 hours of straight sleep and began waking every two hours or so (now I have more empathy for the average parent, yawn!), so I decided to try ECing at night - we've been catching many pees and almost all poop for two months now during the day. Since vacation, she's been waking and nursing big time every two hours or so and we changed her double diaper once around 2 am (we did this before the nightwaking thing stared, she just kept sleeping before). For the past two nights I've pee'd her when she wakes and she nurses a bit and goes back to sleep. I'll add here the reason I've been wary of peeing her at night - I am supplementing her breastmilk with a formula in a LactAid (we adopted dd). Dh or I have to get up and warm the bag, I have to tape it on and then she nurses. I've been wary of waking her to pee because I was afraid she'd want to nurse with the bag. All this waking at night has increased my milk supply. If she's not looking for a big meal, my milk supply will now satisfy her and for the past two nights ECing, she has only needed the "bag" late in the night. Wow... I get to go back to sleep sooner with ECing because she's more comfy? Even after changing her diaper I'd have to use the supplement if she woke before we started night ECing.

Now I have a night peeing question...will she start peeing less often as we do the night thing more? She pee'd last night the first time at 3;30 (we went to bed at 10:00), and then once an hour after that. Is this a similar pattern to what you all have experienced? The night before (our first EC night) she pee'd every 2 hrs, then once an hour after 3...gosh I do better with more sleep. We are catching most of the night pees and I love that she's not in that big, fat diaper (she's lean and it is a comical sight!), and I'm wondering if her pee's will continue to come at such a high frequency in the mornings. :
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Hotmama, I don't really have an answer for you. From the first day I discovered EC, I realized my son didn't pee at night. It had nothing to do with EC, it was just him. I have heard many people say that after ECing for a few months their kids don't pee much or at all at night but from our experience, I really think it's just an age thing and some kids stop peeing so much at night when they get a bit older (my son was 6 m/o when we started by the way - how old is your dd?). Right now he's 7 m/o and last night for example, he peed and went to sleep at 1 am, woke at 9:30 to pee in the potty and then woke to pee (on the bed, oops, lol!) at just after 11 when we got up for good.

My dd I did not do EC with but she still didn't pee in her sleep. The difference is that she was not a good sleeper and would wake every two hours to nurse til she was 14 m/o (yawwwwwwwwn). Maybe if we had been ECing it would have helped her sleep longer, but she also was a slim little thing who obviously needed to eat at night, so there's that too (my ds is big and has no problem sleeping long hours without eating).
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Dd is 7 mo old - I sure miss the signatures! That had dd's info.
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Guess what, HotMama, signatures are back! See the announcements at the top of each forum.
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puppy fluffer- "I have to dress her in long legged things during the day as we don't have soft carpets for her knees and I don't want them getting irritated when she crawls. It is hard to get her undressed to get to the potty with all the clothing during the day. I so long for summer!!!"
you can try tube socks with the end of the foot cut out for paddeding at the knee. I tried this with a special needs kid I was working with and it worked great.

well just to share with you all, night ec recenlty is not as great as it was. dd is waking at 12 am and staying up until she poops at 3-4 am Oh how I can't wait until it goes to a normal poop time of say... 9 am.
I also have to share that I'm picking up on her cues more intuitvely... and listening to my intuition instead of getting peed on
!!!! so happy to see that sigs are back !!!!
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Sorry, Im not an ECing momma... (Although when DS was a newborn, I did catch a couple after that it got very difficult for me to tell when he had to go.)

But, I saw this recently and had to share it with you guys as a great reason to EC... Its kinda tasteless, but its funny...
Hope you like!

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potty pics!

Check out my cute little babelet's EC pics:



(And don't worry, I never let him sit there by himself, I was spotting him from just outside the camera's view!)

Check out the rest of our new website as well - my husband just put it up tonight!

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he is such a cutie pie
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Oh my gosh! He's absolutely precious...reading on the pot.
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well, "reading" - i just had to pose him with a book! if only we had a mini-newspaper.....:LOL
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Cute pic!

I'd like to remind y'all that if you decide to do an ec blog, site or whatever, PLEASE let me know and I'll add a link to it on my site.

Also, my ds started peeing fewer times a night when we got good at night EC... I think he might have been peeing a bit, stopped b/c of the uncomfortable feeling of soiling himself, then waiting for a fresh diaper change to finish the pee... AUGH!!

Those days are long behind us now!

Ahleemah (ds is essentially a "Grad" at 14.5 months.... so few misses I can barely count them in a week)
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