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Girl Woman Goddess

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I was lucky enough to score a Girl Woman Goddess fitted at one of Tiffany's recent stockings, and I just love it. Her design is innovative and pure genius. The longer front wings and shorter side wings make for an amazing fit, and the diaper is both trim and extremely absorbant. Tiffany's sewing is amazing; you can really tell she cares about her product. And her customer service is excellent. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!
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I'm a GWG fan for SURE! Her fit is just awesome, her detail and quality is supreme and I just LOVE her design. Very innovative. As Jen said, her products are trim and very absorbent, too! They hold my heavy wetter.

I've had the pleasure of trying both her AIOs and her fitteds. And love them both. Totally a fav!
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