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Nudity and the stepchild(ren)

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DSS is VERY aware of my body. I have posted about his "big boobs" comment here before. That's not the only time he has mentioned them. I do not censor my clothing around him in the sense that I continue to wear what I am comfortable in. When he is not here I sleep naked. When he is here I do not. I also shut the door when I bath and what not. I have often wondered what to do because of our habits and the fact that he is not here often. We often go to the bathroom with the door open, I bath with it open, and I often walk around (at night when I know no one is going to stop by and if they are they call :LOL). So when he is here it is hard to suddenly switch. We do it though and I don't have a problem with this. However, this weekend it was brought to the limelight. I hopped in the tub and got myself all washed up before I got DD in. DSS knew what I was doing and even though the door was shut he opened it and tried to come in. I told him I was bathing and to please shut the door. He did and didn't make an issue of it. After I got out and had the towel wrapped around me he came bursting in again (he had to go to the bathroom..I wasn't going to stop him! :LOL) and without knocking. Because of the urgency I didn't care. Ten seconds later he was in my bedroom trying to hang out in there (at this point I only had a bra and underware). I shooed him away and finsihed getting dressed. I do not have a problem with nudity or him seeing it. I think it is natural and I do not want to make it seem dirty to him (he's 5). However, I was uncomfortable with this since the most he has seen of me is a flash of skin as I nurse. What do you do? We do not know the "naked" rule (if it's ok, when it's ok, etc.) at his house and frankly I don't want to bring it up (his mom can kind of be....testy). I don't want to make an issue of it since he quickly left the room whenever I asked but he is VERY aware. I'm not used to this since he is the first 5 year old I have reall spent time with much less help raise. What do you do at your house?

Sorry if this is rambly. It's late (early techinically since it's 2:42 my time) and I've had a bit much coffee.
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What do we do?

We use locks on our bathroom doors, and change in our walk-in closet or the bathroom. We are not naked around our step-children (SO around my DD, or me around my DSS), actually SO and DS stopped nudity around each other about a year and a half ago.

DD still showers with me, and sees me change though.
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I have known my SS since before he was born (long story there LOL). His dad moved in when he was almost 3. Back then I wasn't concerned about nudity, but around the time he turned 4, I stopped feeling comfy with it. He didn't say anything or look at me weird or anything (that I can consciously tell), but I just started feeling uncomfortable with being nude around him, so I stopped. Maybe it was my pregnancy (I was pg during the time he was 4). I sleep nude all the time, I just cover myself if he is awake and may come in the room for some reason. We have him every other weekend.

DS sees me nude all the time -- I have no problem with that. He is only 3 though, and, well... mine? We run around nude whenever we're at home (except the weekends SS is over... then it's just DS).

FWIW, DH could care less who sees HIM nude, and doesn't think I should have a problem when SS is over. SS is 8 now, and thinks me being naked is "gross" anyway

Don't know if this helps, but wanted to relate what happens here at our house.
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