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quitting caffein

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i have been trying for at least a year to quit caffein. i keep blowing it- often because i get sick all the time (although i didnt before dd was born) and then i need caffein just to function, you know, to chase a two yr old around all day.

anyway, i was wondering about other people's experiences with this. advice would be welcome too. thanks.
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I got hooked on caffeine about 3 or 4 years ago when I started a birthing center. Ugh...all hours of the night and with a 2 year old. My method of choice is of course the pricey one- Frappucino's. Like 2 a day!! I don't know how the caffeine compares to say soda, but it can't be good. And the milk and carbs, ugh, I can't tolerate myself sometimes!

Anyway, I did discover Silk Soy milk has a coffee latte flavor in their small chug size silks, with like 1/2 the caffeine of coffee. Yummy too, tastes like the Frappucinos. So I am planning on weaning down to that. I get the bad headaches though and am dreading it.

I hear there are some homeopathics that can help, but have not looked them up yet....too damn jittery!!!
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Good Luck with this one, Sunbaby. Its a toughie! I used to work at a coffee shop/bakery and therefore had un limited access to all the espresso, etc that I wanted. Then I got pg. Miraculously, I quit cold turkey. Now that my son is born, (hes 7mos) I drink a cup a day of half caff with choc soy milk- sometimes 2 cups, rationalizing that 2 1/2 caffs equals 1 regular caff. Anyway, I am pondering quitting, myself. Cold turkey usually works for me, but boy did I get grumpy and headachy the last time I quit. Have you though about going to half caff?
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Originally posted by SLY
Then I got pg. Miraculously, I quit cold turkey.
woo wee, you are my hero! I drank my caffeine all through pg and pp and nursing....bad mommy.....
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There is a homeopathic remedy called cammomile that is supposed to work wonders w/alleiviating the caffeine withdrawal headaches. I do not know the exact dose, but I bet you could find it on the net. Good luck, I know it is a challenge.
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After about 10 years of serious caffeine addiction (with unbelievable headaches and shakes if I didn't get my fix in time), I became pregnant and quit cold turkey. Not fun, but I did it. After ds #1 weaned, I went back to it (dh is also addicted so it is very hard to stay off with the stuff constantly brewing!). After a few years, I became pregnant again and quit cold turkey again. Still not fun, but I did it. I never went back after that because I realized how much better I felt when not addicted. The withdrawal symptoms really were only bad the first 3-4 days and gone completely after about 10 days. Dh is still slurping, but it doesn't bother me at all now. It feels great to be free!
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ugh...my nemesis. I have quit numerous times. But can't seem to completely stay off of it. I use to be a six pack or more a day girl. Then I discovered coffee....and then i was a six pack and two double mochas with extra chocolate a day. I cut it all out for months - went through the headaches - ouch! and the jitters. I am no currently drinking one cup of coffee or can of coke/day. I still have bad days though - but not too bad. I love an ice cold coke though - and can't imagine not being able to have one when I wanted it. My dh has started making the coffee really weak....so that helps too. I am ttc right now - and am sticking to my one a day rule. I figure that is good and allows me to have a jolt either in the morning or in the mid afternoon while working - which means I am functional after bd'ing for the entire week! :LOL good luck.
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Originally posted by 3boysmom
It feels great to be free!
that is what I long for! I also just know how great it feels to be smoke free after many many years. I love being smoke free. I know I can do the caffeine kick, I just have to DO IT!
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I've been off caffeine for about a month. I cannot tell you how much better I feel!! I went cold turkey and the advice I have is just not to have it in your house at all. You can do it! Be strong.

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I also quit cold turkey. My best advice for you is to cut down on your intake gradually. This will help lessen the withdrawl symptoms.

Good luck! You will feel so much better after you haven't had any in a while and the initial withdrawl goes away.

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I'm in. I have been an addict for years. I saw an acupuncturinst several months ago to help quit and i did. Then i started hitting the gym at 5am everyday and felt great. But then that onemorning crept up that i was draggin, and i went to the coffee. All down hill since. Now i can't even get to the gym without a ton of caffine, and i am dragging later in the day. This sucks for me cause when i starter excercising (off caffine) i had energy for the first time in years. Now i am shot again. So lets do it ladies.
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Oh, sunbaby, I'm ready to quit again, too! I was "clean" for three years, (while TTC, preg and nursing) but let the coffee seduce me again. With coffee in the past it hasn't been too hard to wean myself -- I start adding some decaf beans to the grinder and gradually change the ratio of real to unleaded. But now dh gets up first and brews a big ole pot of tempting high octane aromatic dark roast. It's time to resist.

I'm a big girl. I can do this.
Oh, crap, I just took a sip, but tomorrow will be different.
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I HAD to quit

I made the dumb mistake of drinking 2 colas one night (it was all that was left at a family get together), and I hardly ever have caffeine. I am nursing, and I was hoping it would not affect the baby, but I was WRONG!!! My family including myself were not happy with me. The baby hardly slept for that night, and the next day and night. I felt so guilty. Now I make sure to bring a non-caffeinated drink with me when I go to social gatherings.
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sohappy, your pm box is full. (it's MY thread, i'll go off topic if i want to! )
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I found the best time to give up is when I'm ill, I invariably don't fancy it when i have a bad cold or something and then I can just carry on for a while afterwards without my body noticing until one day - I just start again! It's too good!
keep telling me how it feels to be free!
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Hey, Sunbaby, so is yours!! I wrote you this nice PM apology about my box being full, but it bounced!

I cleared a little room in my pm box if ya wanna try again!
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