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Where is everybody??

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cmon ladies!! Let's get this board moving
How is everybody feeling?? I'm doing great!! I haven't gotten morning sickness yet, but I don't think I will I didn't have it when I was pg with my daughter either. My boobs are really sore, they are heavy and feel like rocks. I'm super hungry all the time, but I'm sticking to eating healthy foods because I can't gain that much weight (if any) this time around. I'm also VERY emotional, I cry over ANYTHING!! SEVERE MOOD SWINGS : I've also had some dull cramps, but I that's totally normal during early pg.

So tell me about how YOUR feeling!!!!!
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I'm here,though I'm about to go to bed. yawwwwwnn. Doing ok,tired, queasy on and off, metallic taste in mouth, sensitive boobs, constipated at times. And I could not be happier about this really. thanks.
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I'm sleeping!

I'm doing good with no morning sickness but serious boob pain. I'm still doing a lot of reading and learning about multiples and how to have healthy babes.
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Morning sickness is killing me! If it had been this bad with DD, I'm not sure I'd be doing this again! I just eat what looks good. Can't even consider nutrition half the time. The only thing I even consider is protein, & even that is half heartedly. Haven't had a salad in weeks. Ugh.

The boobs hurting & the tiredness I can handle. Its the damn morning sickness.

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Another boob pain here...i forgot about that Otherwise I am feel fine, just some fatigue and a very active 4 1/2 year old...

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Here! Too busy getting sick to type. LOL Today I had a complete breakdown, crying on DH's lap because I just knew the baby was starving and going to die. *sigh* I wish I could eat something and not get sick.
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mostly tired here....if not tired tired, just no ambition to do anything. I have a MILLION projects I have to finish and my house is slowly getting worse day by day. UGG!! The girls and I pretty much spend our time eating, cleaning up and watching tv...Im such a baby mommy! I really hope to get some energy here soon, or a good swift kick in the butt!

But on another note Im getting excited too. My friend whom I adore just got me some cute baby clothes and a lovely card telling me she will gladly be my cheerleader and be there if we need anything. With everything going on it just totally made my day. Oh, that and my mom seems to be coming around. She gladly talked about the baby this weekend, and we were trying to plan the delivery. She mentioned once again she would love to be there, will help out watching the girls while Im in the hospital etc. Sooo yeah baby steps in the right direction. But we will see, we are going to the inlaws tomorrow for halloween and Im sure my oldest will let the cat out of the bag, so it may all come crashing down tomorrow. So yeah! Atleast I have one proud cheerleader who will kick all the others butts for me
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I'm so tired! Morning sickness has hit full force. Yuck! One thing I didn't miss from my first pregnancy. I was hoping it wouldn't be as bad but as of the last couple days it's been horrible! Mostly I'm just tired! Uncomfortable in clothing too. I don't know why I just don't like anything touching my skin right now. Laugh. Alittle moody but not too bad.
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I'm here. Starting to feel a little better! I am just ready for the 1st trimester to be over with and start feeling a little better. I will be 9 weeks Wednesday. We have our first offical prenatal checkup on the 9th. I am hoping we can hear the heartbeat then.
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Mostly feeling fine...dealing with queasiness which lasts most of the day, as does the lethargy/no motivation to do *anything* other than read or run after my active 3yo. I don't feel like eating or watching what I eat (I'm already 25lbs over what I was when DS was conceived & don't want to gain much at all this time around). That being said, I'm too lazy to diet & count calories or exercise like a madwoman...

the boobs are growing (seemingly) exponentially (and I'm already large busted) otherwise the queasiness & food indecisions are the main things annoying me. Oh yeah, I also feel like the main character's sister in "Like Water for Chocolate" - the one who gets flatulence so bad that she has to spend the rest of her life in bed...? : (it's been a **looong** time since I read that book) normally I have no gastro problems whatsover... sigh... looking foward to being hungry and the cravings to hit!
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I keep telling myself that I feel GREAT! But in reality, I have been quite nauseous, totally exhausted and my breats are getting very sore. I can still tolerate ds nursing , but ouch

I am trying to get through it the best I can and not have it damper my elation at being preggo! I am really happy!
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I am just tired. I am totally convinced something is wrong because I am not sick or anything. I was with all my other kids...weird. I had a very realistic dream that I was having a miscarriage last night, so now I am even more paranoid. YOu think it would get better with each one...

My house is a disaster too!! And, we told the inlaws this weekend. After the initial disgust wiped off their faces, they said congrats. Nothing else was said the rest of the weekend. Oh well, their loss...

Oh, and I HATE nursing while pregnant. IT HURTS!!!!

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I'm with loudmama...
If I'd have been this sick the first go-round, I can't imagine being willing to do it again! I'm not puking (I can't throw up even if I need to), but I feel like I'm on the verge of it 24/7. I gag at the mention/thought/smell of food. I never realized how much food is shown on TV! Nutrition has gone out the window, I too I'm way too grossed out by salad to go there. I eat what I can when I can, a lot of soup. Sometimes just bullion and crackers. And for some reason I've had this aweful gas that won't leave... like I mean I can hear it, I can feel it, in fact it's been so painful the past 2 days I couldn't walk just stayed in bed, and I can't get it out of my body. I tried tums, I usually don't take antacids and refuse to take any meds when PG, but got super desparate.
Other than that I'm good! Less tired than I was with DD. The dizziness I had in the begining hasn't showed up for a week now. But I am moody and cranky and cry over everything, happy or sad, usually more over happy things
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