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How do I figure out what week I'm at?

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Ok this is a way silly question... but does the 40 weeks start at ovulation? Because some of the online EDD thingies are telling me I'm 3 weeks along (when I've really been pregnant for 11 days!) , even the ones that let me put in date of ovulation instead of date of last period (I have long periods). So is week #1 start the first day you're pregnant? Or is that like 14 days before you are (at the start of a "normal" cycle period)??

I can tell that I need to learn patience! :LOL I already want to be holding my baby and I'm not even a month along yet!

Thanks for the help with my duh question!
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Forty weeks starts at LMP (last period). Since you know when you ovulated, it's more accurate to subtract 2 weeks from your O date and pretend that was your LMP. I found one of those online predictors gave me the same date if I hit the O date button or the LMP button, so I think the program has a bug.

If you O'd on X-mas you are due October 1st.
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Thanks! Really October 1st? Hmmm everything I saw said Sept 17th... but of course those could be wrong. Oh okay I just figured it out. October 1st would be 42 weeks (by the 2 weeks prior to conception)... ahhhh it all makes sence! Thanks so much!!!!!
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Pregnancy is really 38 weeks (266 days gestation), but the common rule of thumb is to count 40 weeks from your last period. If you add 38 weeks to your ovulation date, that should give you an accuracte "due date." A word of caution...don't get stuck on the date. The baby will come when it's ready, maybe early, maybe late. If you think of yourself as due in late Sept/early Oct you won't stress out over being past your official due date. You can find prego calendars on some websites (babycenter.com is one, but it's very medical). Just enjoy the comments on how big the baby is and what's developing at any given week, and ignore the medical garbage!

Best of luck! Dawn
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Thanks Dawn! Yeah I'm not counting on any date or anything... I mostly just wanted to know what week I was, so I could figure out when I can be looking out for the dreaded, and hopefully avoided, morning sickness! My friend who predicted when I would get pregnant, when I would find out, has also predicted I would have a late Sept baby... so we will see!
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I am pg too (with #2), and due in early Sept. Keep us posted on your progress!
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Sorry, I am an idiot- if AF was X-mas, it would be 10/1/03 - O on X-mas gives 9/17/03.
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