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Natural Blood thinners in pregnancy?

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I'm finding it increasingly difficult to take my Lovenox injections. Scar tissue is already forming at every injection site and my skin is suddenly toughing up making it difficult to get the needle in and I'm only 7.5 weeks! I don't have a dx'd clotting disorder but they figure something must be going on, with my last m/c they think a clot formed in the cord at 8 weeks and killed the baby. If possible I would like to switch to aspirin + a natural thinner(s), it looks like fresh garlic and ginger supps are my best bet but I'm not finding any info on it during pregnancy. Does anyone have any advice or links?
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My mw just told me a protocol she uses with Vit. E and flax seed oil. She has INR levels checked and gets the same results as those being treated with heparin. She also has them take synthetic folic acid and avoid green leafys to keep the level of vit. K down. I can get the exact doseages if you want, but she mentioned that they have to cut back on the vit E near term.
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I would love to know the doseages
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She is supposed to be coming out to do a PKU for my baby. I'll ask her then!
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Originally Posted by mom2seven
She is supposed to be coming out to do a PKU for my baby. I'll ask her then!

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I've been doing some reading and thought I would post what I find incase anyone else comes looking. I'm currently taking Lovenox injections but if I'm reading things right Lovenox does NOT cross the placenta which makes it useless for why I'm taking it which is to prevent clots from forming in the cord, placenta and baby. I'm also having difficulty taking the shots and am looking at other options and so far I've found this awesome article

http://www.fvleiden.org/publications/midwife.html which was in Midwifery Today.

I also found out it makes an abruption more likely which is scary, I had a complete abruption at 5 mo preg years ago, baby didn't make it. I also had several small abruptions while preg with my dd.
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Thank you for finding this info. That article was awesome. I am 15 weeks pregnant and taking lovenox due to a blood clotting d/o. I was thinking this article may be of interest to the people who subscribe to the Health and Healing Blood Clotting thread but I am not sure how to put a link into a post. Thanks again for finding this info.
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If you are having trouble with lovenox you can ask to try plain heparin. I had big issues with Fragmin (which is another LMWH) but none with heparin.
Neither cross the placenta, but they still cause thinner blood to get to the baby--KWIM? If you look at the placenta like a strainer, the actual drug gets caught in the strainer, but the blood is already thin and that is what gets through the placenta and goes to the baby.

The problem I had with Fragmin had to do with the carrier solution it's in, I had a mild allergy to it and it got worse as things went along.

On the increased risk of abruption, I have a take on that. People with clotting disorders are at an increased risk for abruption already, just as they are at an increased risk of pre-eclampsia (very increased risk) It's now being thought that pre-e is primarly a clotting issue. Since many women iwth clotting disorders can't get to term without thinners and they are already at an increased risk of abruption, it may not have to do with the thinners causing increased chances of abruption so much as the thinners cause an increased chance of women who are predisposed to abruption getting closer to term.
Does that make sense?? It all works in my head--but that doesn't always translate to writing
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