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I feel great!!

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Copying from my journal to save time.

I love days like today!! I feel so productive. Every so often I get a burst of energy and have to clean and declutter. I am still on a roll that started about a week ago, when we reorganized the girls' room. AND their room is still clean. My system is working. One little trick is I removed the drawers from two plastic roller carts, total of 6 drawers, and put them under the bed side by side. Each one has specific toys or toy parts. For example one is dress up, one is blocks. It's very easy for them to pull the drawers out and play, and easy for Abi to clean them up afterwards.

Today I tackled the garage. V has been in charge of the garage for about 2 years, and he organizes it about as well as he packs a suitcase. Which is to say, not very well. Random junk put wherever. One time he took all the boxes down from the shelves and arranged them by size. They had previously been arranged by contents. So instead of having the "to grow into" clothes boxes in one location, they were put between tools and old papers and stuff. Today I was searching for the bike pump. I found it in with the extension cable for the electric lawn mower. During my search I discovered that the humidifiers I thought V had donated or thrown out were actually stored in the garage behind some boxes. One was mucky but two were fine other than dirty filters. So now we have 3 humidifiers! I just bought a new one last week for Nitara's cold. : Oh well, they might all come in handy during cold and flu season.

I got pretty fed up the deeper I looked into the clutter. I removed the carseats and put the seats down to make room in our CRV. I filled the the back and asked V to drop it at Goodwill. The crib, which missed the charity garage sale, went. But also some other big things that I've been wanting to get rid of forever that V keeps holding onto, like an ugly computer desk. It's been in the garage for years. Our broken clothesline. It might be repairable by someone more handy than me, or at least they may be able to use the line. By the time he came back I had another full carload for him to donate. I have a third carload of stuff that I'm going to try to sell to the baby/children's consignment shop. We have a trash can that's about 4 feet high that is provided by the city and that was filled up to the top with junk. I could not believe some of the stuff I found that V had thrown into boxes randomly. There are still a couple of things that I need to call the city to pick up because they are too big for the trash can. I have not gone through everything, but it's a start. I think we may even be able to fit both cars in the garage again.
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Congratulations! Decluttering always feels so wonderful and liberating.
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Kudos to you! Isnt it GREAT?!!!
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