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Originally Posted by HairyArmpits
Everyone always wants to make generalizations about their personalities, like, "she's the shy one" or "she's the troublemaker"... but my favorite is "which one is the evil one?" :
And it doesn't matter if they are both decked out head to toe in hearts, flowers, and pink frills... it's always, "a boy and a girl, right?"

Lol I know these ones well, I pierced my girls ears to help with that and people whould ask if I pierced the boys ears to match his sisters "yah and thats why I dress that one in pink too" I have to say my all time worst question was WHICH ONE DO YOU LIKE BETTER? Some people shouldn't be allowed in public
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"Are you crazy?"

(after learning that i was breastfeeding)
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Here's one that amuses me. Some people ask if my boys are identical, which they are not (nor do they look it). Then this follow-up question:
How do you tell them apart?
Well, by the fact that they don't look alike.
Of course not to you - you're their mother.

Though my boys weighed exactly the same at birth and measured only 1/2" different, there is now 4 lbs. difference and 1 1/2" b/t them. So I now get this irritating comment:
(pointing at the larger boy) - He must've been born first.
[Well, he was (by 2 minutes) but that does not account for the fact that he is on a different growth curve from his brother, esp. when they weighed the same at birth.]

And my all time most hilarious encounter:
Were they born at the same time?
Yes, they are twins.
No, I mean, did they come out at the same time?
(me, with confused look on my face) Um, no. They were born two minutes apart.
Sometimes I still laugh over the idea that I would deliver two 6 1/2 lb. babies at the exact same time.
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The stupidest comment I got while pregnant was, "So what did you like do it twice or something?" Unfortunately, I thought of the good comeback after she (yes SHE) left with her little girl, "You mean you only did it once?"

I also get the "Are they both boys?" when the girls are swimming in pink clothes and blankets.

Indeed, there is a definite lack of forethought when people are mezmerized by the twins!
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The other day someone asked me if they were identical, I said yes and she said "so you have a boy and a girl." Um, no, then they would not be identical. People don't understand there is more to it than them just looking alike.
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I get tired of people asking if they are identical, and when I say that we dont know, they ask how many placentas, then I have to educate them that 2 placentas can still be identical!
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DH and I have b/g twins. We are asked:

'Are they twins?' (Yes)

'Boy and girl?' (Yes)

'Are they identical?' (They are until you take their diapers off!)
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wow. all i can think of when i see twins is to smile and say how cute they are. usually i ask boys or girls (or one of each) if its not easy to tell. like one set i saw were wearing yellow and green (yellow was a girl and green was a boy) I just love seeing twins and their mommies. so happy
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Originally Posted by medeanj
DH and I have b/g twins. We are asked:

'Are they twins?' (Yes)

'Boy and girl?' (Yes)

'Are they identical?' (They are until you take their diapers off!)
LMAO!! some people. *shakes head*
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Once mine hit late toddlerhood I started getting the occasional "Which one is the good one?" : To which I'd reply "They both are, of course."

There was always a lot of "You must have your hands full" and "Double Trouble!" The Double TRouble one bothered me, I always responded positively with something like "Double blessings" or "not trouble, it's wonderful." I never wanted my kids to think they were trouble, especially to me!
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And, although not a question, the statement that drives me craziest is someone saying "I had my two 12/15 months apart. It was just like having twins." While I am sure having such young babes so close together was indeed hard, it is NOT liking having twins. You don't have to learn to nurse two with floppy heads at the same time, two teething at the same time, two crying that sad newborn cry at the same time, two learning to sit/crawl/walk at the same time. Even if just a year apart, at least you can set the older babe down for a few minutes if you need to.
EXACTLY! I hate this comparison, too!

Stupid question I've gotten a couple of times: So did you plan on having twins?
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