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Car Seat Recommendations?

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I need to buy a new carseat before the baby's born - can't find ds' old one, which may have been recalled anyway. Does anyone know what the safest one is on the market? Thanks.
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I would say the Britax but they are very pricey. I don't mind spending it on a bigger car seat but not for the infant one. IMO, any of the basic infant car seats (i.e. Graco, Evenflo, Century...) are all fine as long as they are installed properly. I suggest that with whatever you get, you find a place that does safety checks and get it positioned properly. I know the Daimler Chrysler dealers all have trained people to do this even if your car was not purchased there. HTH

Stephanie, mom of 4 and 1 on the way
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car seat

I've been looking at car seats too, and it looks like the Britax Marathon is going to win the race. Yes, it is the most expensive one out there ($250), but it is for 5-65 lbs, is front and rear facing. I also looked at the Britax Roundabout, but the adjustments for the shoulder belts didn't go down as far as on the Marathon, so I don't think an infant would fit as well. All the comments on the sites I went to were positive for this car seat. It even has velcro on the side so you can stick the shoulder straps while placing baby in (they won't end up behind baby). If you are around a BabiesRUs, go have a look. I also know that Consumer Reports likes britax.

Hope this helps.
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Car seat data site

Here's a site I know of that's got a lot of good information on different seats. She's even got a database of different car makes and models and what seats do and don't fit well in those cars. I have to say that I'm very lucky to have Toby in my family - she's full of great info!


We're getting the Britax Marathon, by the way. We're paying part and the remainder will be paid by a couple of my aunts for a baby gift. I love that I get useful stuff from my family like a carseat, sling, and books, instead of "stuff".

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Britex, try ebay but make sure they are not used or in a car accident
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My only feeling about using the Marathon or Roundabout(which we have) is that it is awfully big for a newborn. I prefer an infant seat for at least the first 5 or 6 months. We live in Michigan so when it is cold I like to take the car seat in the grocery store, and the like, with us then put them in the sling and be able to put them back in a warm carseat before we head out to the car instead of fumbling around, tightening straps and whatnot when it is snowing and 2 degrees outside. I will take it to the mall too. I always have a stoller for packages, coats, etc...(my babies never seem to be in it, but I hate going to the mall without it! so I just toss it in there.
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I agree that the bucket infant seat (graco, etc) is good for a tiny babe for reasons stated, but I think the way to go is to borrow if you possibly can from a friend or relative because they don't get used for long (if you were in Philly i'd give you mine ). And invest in a Britax for the 'long haul.'

I just decided to get a Britax for dd who is over 20 pounds but who I don't want to have to turn forward-facing for a long time. This one is safe forward facing to 30 lbs. (More info to be found on other threads about this)

Anyway, we just found the Britiax Roundabout at the lowest price I've seen it yet (a 'while supplies last' sale in one particular pattern). It was $179 w/free shipping, at www.babycatalog.com. Usually they are $220-$250.


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Thanks for your suggestions everyone. I just bought a Britax Marathon today. I'm not sure what to do about the whole infant seat option. On the one hand it sure was handy with ds a few years back; on the other hand, I'd like to avoid the temptation to have the baby in the carseat all the time - I'm thinkiing (and tell me if this is unrealistic) that it might be nice to just have to sling him everywhere. It will be cold in February though so maybe the mom in Michigan's way is the way to go. I just don't know!
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this has been a very helpful thread. I had not even heard of the britax but it sounds great & the links are very helpful, although I cannot figure out how to read the message board over there, it is so diff from this one! We are thinking about a Graco carseat stroller combo for @ 1st (baby due late May) and then get the Britax around next christmas when the baby is bigger. The only problem is I really want to wear the baby in a sling alot & I know with the removable infant seat it is so tempting to just keep the baby in the seat & pop 'em in & out of the base. Does anyone know if you can get the baby in the sling & then put the whole sling plus baby in the seat, or would it be bad for the harness to have the sling in there? I'm wondering if an unpadded sling like a Maya wrap would work for this. Just wondering.
blessings, Maria
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Maria, about your question..

we had I think a Graco stroller/car seat combo. very useful if dd was sleeping - we would take the stroller out of the trunk and snap the carseat on. I loved carrying dd and she hated the car seat, so the "temptation" issue wasn't there for us.

I think leaving the sling in the carset would work, you'd just have to loosen the straps a bit before stapping the baby in.

other than shopping/getting around when dd was alseep, we didnt' have much use for the stroller though.

hope this helps
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I used to transfer my babe in the Maya Wrap right into the carseat. I would probably not do it with a bulkier padded sling because I would be concerned about the fitting of the car seat straps but the Maya Wrap is just like a jacket.
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Whatever seat you decide to buy, be sure to try it out in your car asap to make sure it fits. I bought a Cosco Alpha Omega (5-60lbs)... it's a good seat but doesn't fit in my 2001 Grand Am as well as I'd like.

I finally managed to get my hands on two of the discontinued Fisher Price Safe Embrace car seats, New in Box. I was SO excited!

Anyway, go to the Car Seat Database to read reviews of how well a particular seat fits in YOUR car.
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i am a carseat tech....

of course, the best seat for you is the seat that fits your car and child well and you will use it correctly EVERY TIME you use it....

i am also a britax lover here. ebay is fine but only NIB, never used from someone you don't know or trust with your child's life. if i were buying THE carseat for a new baby i'd get the marathon but i am like you in that i like an infant seat for a wee little.

many techs i've talked to like the graco snugride as it seems to fit babies well for a longer period of time and also installs well in many vehicles. do try before you buy, though.
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