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Sore nipples? Need reassurance.

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The bra that I have been wearing lately is really starting to irritate my nipples. They look a bit redder than normal (not excessively so though), and have white spots where the colostrum is coming out. My right nipple even has a tiny blood spot on it. Please tell this is going to get better soon, and if I do have the baby like tonight, it's not going to interfere with breast feeding.

I never successfully breastfed any of my babies, and now it's my quest with this one. I realize that I am probably making a mountain out of molehill, but I really need to hear that everything is going to be okay.


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hmm i don't know about the rest, but I have the white spots too. They're completly normal. As for the bra, maybe it doesn't fit right? Maybe the fabric is some kind of synthetic blend that is irritating to you? If your bra is chafing you or irritaing you, at least it's an easy fix, buy a new bra! Oh, mabye it is also built up detergent in the bra. Mabye it didn't irritate you before, but now that they're more sensitive the extra soap isn't good. Remember, detergent manufacturers want you to use more product so they suggest using WAY too much. I don't know about the blood spot, maybe someone else has an idea about that?
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do you have any lansinoh ? its lanolin for keeping your nipples from getting cracked and sore. they sell is at most drug stores. i recommend you getting some and starting to use it now if they are feeling sore.. also maybe get some cotton or silk breast pads to put as a liner in your bra.. its a pretty sensitive time for any womans nipples, but even if it does hurt a bit at first, it will get better.. so keep strong!

my nipples are also a lot redder than usual, but i think it comes with all of the hormones..as our bodies prepare for giving birth they also prepare for nursing, right? im not sure about the blood spot.. maybe you and DH got a little too frisky and you dont remember the details
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My nipples are a lot more sensitive than usual right now, too. DS has nursed through my pregnancy and now I'm suddenly VERY sensitive when he first latches on. I'm hoping its a sign that labor is coming in the next week or two.

Do you have the name and phone number of a LLL leader or two you can call about this and any other issues you might have?
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I second contacting the LLL. I've been roughing up my nipples for a few weeks now so they are toughening up in prep for the baby. I have sort of white spots where the colostrum comes out and dries up... I don't know if it's the same thing... but blood?? maybe you should think about starting to gently rough them up... after taking a shower, rub gently (as much as you can stand it) with a dry washcloth, then coat with lanolin. This seems to help mothers who are extra sensitive build up to baby's constant sucking.

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mine are sensitive as well. I agree with QofCs because most of my sensitivity comes when dd latches on. I keep thinking that her sucking will cause more contractions, but they rarely do. I will second, or third the lansinoh. It is great stuff for when you are first starting out and the baby is latched on 24/7
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I don't think the little spot of blood is unusual either. I had a tiny spot like that on one of my nipples a couple weeks ago and it was just from dry skin I think. My breasts are tender again now and my skin is still a bit dry - just take extra care of your breasts right now, with the lansinoh or some other moisturizer you prefer, and try a couple different bras to see what is the most comfortable. For me, not wearing one at all is the most comfortable right now. I also second the good cotton (or silk) nursing pads.
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I was having problems with sore nipples also and it was because the bra I was wearing was snug fitting. I have been wearing mostly sleep bras or just not wearing a bra at home and my nipples feel much better. I agree with everyone else that lansinoh is the best thing for sore nipples! I am very fair and it seems that fair skinned women seem to have more sensitive nipples in the start of bfing. Just using some lansinoh or olive oil on your nipples now could help with the pain you are having and help get you in the habit of using it before you need it when baby is born. I would suggest against trying to rough up your nipples. That is actually more likely to cause damage making bfing harder then it is to make things go well. As with many other things that used to be thought of as a good idea new research shows it isn't such a good idea. Here is a link to Kellymom.com with tons more info on getting started bfing http://www.kellymom.com/bf/start/pre...goodstart.html Good luck!
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Thanks everyone for your advice. I will find the LLL's number later today and contact them. I'll use some olive oil until I can get to the store to get some lanolin (I am too big to fit behind the steering wheel now so I have to depend on a very overworked dh to get me there.

Thanks again for the advice.
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Oh--also, this may be something you already know, but don't use any soap or anything on them! Just plain water and it's good to let them air out too. Another thing that is really supposed to help sore nipples is to smooth a little bit of the colostrum or breastmilk on, so if you are leaking or can express a little bit and put it on your nipples, that should be soothing too.

And life is too short to wear an uncomfortable bra!!
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