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Wow - need info! Shell shocked! :)

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We went in for an internal ultrasound today to verify dates, and were quite shocked to look up and see double! We thought we were done with one more...

Twins do not run in my family, so we're a little shell shocked at the information we've read this afternoon. It's almost too much to take in right now!

Can you give me some links for first time, totally uneducated, parents-to-be of multiples? Mostly stats on VBAC, gestational ages, fraternal v. identical, and nutritional information for me.

We are 10 weeks today!
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I remember that shell shocked feeling.

You can start with a great APtwins group (called APmultiples@yahoo.com I think). It is an excellent place to start.

Book recommendations: Karen Gromada Mothering Multiples and Dr Barbara Luke's What to eat when you are expecting twins, triplets or quads are good places to start.

VBACs are often difficult to arrange with twins IME. I'm in Canada and I could not get a midwife to take me on as I was termed high-risk as a multiple mum hopeful vbac. It was also hard finding an OB who was willing to let me try. I would call some local midwives offices to see if they can give you a place to start.

Good luck!
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Congratulations! We found out at nine weeks and just laughed and laughed! Mothering Multiples is great and another book I really liked was When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets or More by Dr. Barbara Luke. It's mostly about having a healthy pregnancy and what role diet can play in that. A good read for early on since a big challenge for some people is just staying pregnant as long as possible. Good luck and welcome to the "club"!
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Congrats! Shell-shocked is indeed a good description.

We found out at 5.5 weeks but, like you, thought that with #2 (a.k.a #2 AND #3) we were done. Twins have never happened in the family but as my doc said: "they've got to start with someone."

Give yourselves some time to feel a real range of emotions. Heck, at 18 weeks I still run the gamut throughout the day from high to low and back. DH will often randomly look at me and say: "twins,huh?" Needless to say, it's still sinking in.

Be gentle with yourself, eat to appetite, and listen to your body and you should do just great!

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I remember that feeling also. We also were going to be done with a 2nd baby and then we got 2 more. I don't know any links, I have not found much info online that goes along with my parenting style, but I really like Having Twins by Elizabeth Noble. She talks about home birth which I really liked, most stuff you read on twins is about having a c-section. Not sure if she talks about vbac's because it did not apply to me. I did also read Barbara Lukes book and Mothering Multiples and they are also good.
I know it is really overwhelming when you find out, but my twins are 7 weeks and I can not beleive how much easier it has been than I was expecting. I did get really good, easy babies though.
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Congratulations! I loved Elizabeth Noble's book as well.
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Thanks for the congrats everyone!

We have chosen an OB that was suggested by my previous birthing center. He is happy with a natural birth, hasn't batted an eye at my 1 y.o. nursing through the pregnancy, and is well versed on twins himself... he has two sets of twin grandchildren - one set breastfed, even!

He does want to monitor their growth closely, he stated that the ultrasound shows them as identical twins and he wants to see if they will share a placenta or not. Personally, we are okay with ultrasounds, so this isn't a big deal to us.

A few questions:

When is the "safe" date for a twin pregnancy? I know for a singleton it's around 12 weeks. I am silly to think that since we've heard two strong heartbeats that we have cleared a hurdle of sorts?

What are the chances of issues with a single placenta and growth abnormalities?

With Rach, I was awfully sick up until 16 weeks, or so. I ended up losing weight despite my best efforts to keep food and liquid down. Phenergran, ginger, Vitamin B6, saltines, BRATT diet... nothing really helped. I am as sick or worse this time and feel really guilty about it. Any tricks or hints? Does the Luke book address this, by any chance?
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I'd look into the Brewer diet, it's gotten lots of twin moms to full-term with big healthy babies. I'd consider 38 weeks full-term, 37 is good for the lungs, but one of my twins had sucking issues and they were born at 37.2 weeks. There are concerns of twin to twin transfusion syndrome but I'd wait to see if that develops and not worry now. I'm not sure how the doctor knows their identical if he can't tell whether they share a placenta or not. If they share a placenta they're for sure identical, otherwise there's no way to tell for sure without a DNA test.
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They share the same outer membrane was what he said at the appointment. The way he talked fraternal twins do not share the same membrane, outer or inner. From the little I've read that sounded accurate, no?

I'll check into the Brewer Diet too... keeping much of anything down for now has been a challenge! Thanks for the info, more to add to the reading list!
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Ah, if they share the outer membrane then they'd be identical. So that makes sense. Either way, I wish you all the best with your pregancy. As miserable as I was at the end I wish I'd gone just a little bit further, it would have saved me weeks of nursing problems. I went into labor 24 hours after stopping Breathine.
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Oh, and this is funny, but looking at your sig I first thought that you already had one set of twins, then I realized that it was referring to you and your dh.
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Originally Posted by milk4two
Congratulations! I loved Elizabeth Noble's book as well.

And a big CONGRATULATIONS on your wonderful surprises!!!!!
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Originally Posted by twindaze
Oh, and this is funny, but looking at your sig I first thought that you already had one set of twins, then I realized that it was referring to you and your dh.
lol! me too !
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I wanted to add that Karen's website is awesome also:

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Read the articles and look at the nursing pics!
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