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if your tape is bad quality and you got it from the office, request a new one. That's not usual quality for them.

Instructional 1 does not have hoe downs, youre right. It is about the 3rd to last move in the complete workout, which puts it at the end of tape 2. A full workout is doing both tapes back to back.

I started this 5 yrs ago, and here were the instructions I got:

Do both tapes back to back every day for 4 to 14 days. If you cannot do both tapes together, you may do one in AM and one in PM. If you cannot do both tapes, do as much as you can of the whole workout, or do half reps but all moves. DO not do the complete workout for more than 14 days in a row. Take 2 days off completely at end of bootcamp, then measure, then start in an every other day sequence. When you have reached your goal, you can drop down to fewer workouts per week.

There was no basic plus, it was not an option when I got started. She is making it easier for people to ease into T-Tapp now, but I got real results real fast doing the 70 minute beginner tapes, and I wasnt trying to rush through the 70 minute instructionals trying to get the routine done in the least amoutn of time possible. I stuck with the instructionals for months, and then with beginner rehab for months. Tempo and the others are great, but really, you dont need them. The slower you do the moves, and the more correctly you do them, the better your results will be. Faster doesnt mean your form is good, and less instruction means youre not going to really get the instructions. I tell people to quit doing the instructionals when you can mimic Teresa through the whole workout. "One and keeps arms level two and tuck your butt and three keep your tummy tight and four..."... know what I mean?

You do those hoe downs as often as you want every day. I actually do them before I start my workout, and I do them where they fall in the workout or at the end. Just bc they arent on the tape youre doing (instr 1) doesnt mean you cant do them as an add on.

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loveandkindness: Definitely call the office about the quality of your tapes. Emomom knows better than me how the tapes are structured since I purchased the DVDs. On mine, BWO+ is on the same DVD as I#1. Oh, and EOD is four times a week.

As for not feeling any improvements, do you at least feel sore? If so, you're on the right track. If not, stop by the T-Tapp forums, it's filled with a wealth of form tips. If you don't have time for that, here's a form tips page by Diane Falck, you should definitely bookmark. Hope that helps!

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Originally Posted by MyCelia111
judybats: Those MBT's look great! How much do they actually cost? Do you just use them for other exercises or do you T-Tapp with them too (at least when your toe was better). If you do Tapp with them, do they help you keep tucked? I ask because I just bought a pair of Metatreks and the heel of the shoes are slightly lowered which help you keep that tucked position. BTW, I only use the Metatreks for walking and SATI.

Anyway, looking at the MBT's, that Masai Sensor looks like it raises your heels, but if it's really squishy then it may actually help lower your heels.
Hey, I paid $250 for them at a foot solutions, though I have seen them for $210 on ebay. I don't t-tapp in them, just lots of walking. I don't even have any t-tapp tapes yet, I just do the free ones on the site. I did buy the book and faxed in my coupon voucher for 30% off and ordered the Total System, it should arrive on Wed. and I can't wait! The MBT's are not squishy at all so I don't think they would help in lowering your heel.

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Thanks for the info on the MBTs! Sounds like I need to start dropping hints to DH for a birthday present, hehe. Let us know how you're doin' after you get the videos. Good luck!

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One niggly point -- Every other day may be 4 days the first week, but then the next week it would be 3 days, wouldn't it?? Only 7 days in a week!!

And it isn't that the tape is bad quality -- it is the sound because of the way she is miked. It would be like that on every tape I'm sure.

Yes, I know I can do the hoe-downs any time. I had just assumed that the Instructional Tape #1 would be all the T-tapp I need for the beginning.

I'm not sore because I am very fit. I run, do yoga and lift weights. I only got the T-tapp to try to lift my post-pregnancy belly sag. (Which I felt the hoe-downs were helping.) I am thinking I will just take my favorite exercises from Instructional 1 and 2 and just do them and not worry about the rest of the tapes. What other exercises are best for the tummy? I do like some of the other exercises -- the stretches feel very good -- I just don't know if they are worth my time. I don't want to give up my other workouts to spend more time on T-tapp. I can only do about 20 minutes a day of it -- I spend 45 minutes on my other workouts.

If anyone has had good results on a saggy tummy from specific T-tapp exercises, I'd love to know which ones! Thanks!
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I own the old tapes where she is outside, and the new tapes where she is in the biltmore ballroom and the sound quality is great on the ballroom one compared to the old instructionals. So it may be that you are supersensitive. Ive never heard anyone complain about the sound quality before since the new instructionals came out.

And you can take your favorite exercises from the workouts if you get the results you want from doing them, but dont expect to get the results T-Tapp talks about if youre not doing the full workout.

Fitness instructors get sore doing T-Tapp. So you may get sore the better your form gets

If you love your other workouts, by all means keep doing them. But if you want to work out less and get the same results, then you can just do T-Tapp. Because T-Tapp focuses on lean muscles, you are not going to get a "cut" look from just T-Tapp. You can do cardio/weightlifting in addition to T-Tapp. But the 15 mintue basic plus workout is merely the core of the full T-Tapp workout, it is not going to give you everything in those 15 minutes.
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loveandkindness: Whatever works for you is what matters. I do four days a week most weeks which means, S, T, Th, Sa then start the week again on Sunday. One week I did M, W, F and took off the weekend - just so happened to be my TOM that week.

Anyway, I just played a bit of I#1 to see what you mean about the sound quality. I never noticed before but yes, there are variations in volume but it's not enough to bug me. I hear her at all times and that's all that matters to me.

As for picking and choosing the routines you like, I think you miss the point of T-Tapp. Teresa has a purpose for each and every one of those routines and the order they're done. I'm not a veteran tapper and can't give you the nitty-gritty of why it's important, but it is. I've lost in my waist and abs just doing the TWO. When you're constantly contracting muscles, it's hard not to lose in that area. I've also recently added OIP/HF to my daily routine as part of the 10-day OIP/HF challenge at the T-Tapp forum so that would be one exercise I recommend for helping to reduce that post-pregnancy belly sag. You could even benefit by doing the OIP/HF right before a set of crunches. The skin brushing has also helped firm my skin.

I also have a different perspective than you. While I'm not completely out of shape, I'm grateful to T-Tapp because I don't have to take a big chunk of time at the gym anymore. In fact, I'm so pleased with what T-Tapp is doing for me that I've cancelled my gym membership and that's now saved me $80+/mo. I appreciate your interest in other exercises and I'm sure you'll gain more from them by incorporating the T-Tapp techniques.

As for T-Tapp being too easy because of your fitness level, you should read about Esther. She was fit to begin with and now does T-Tapp exclusively. Hope that helps.

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MyCelia: Is the OIP/HF on Instructional #2? I'm still on Instructional #1.

I probably am too sensitive with the sound volume, because I can't turn the volume up because I'm afraid it will wake up my daughter. So I try to keep it the lowest possible to be easy to listen to, and I simply can't hear much of it. Then again, it could be hearing loss from the loud concerts in my youth!

I didn't say T-tapp was too easy -- I simply said I don't get sore from it. I do find it a challenge. Thinking about what I am doing and keeping the form correct is mentally challenging, and the bent knees, knees out is definitely a physical challenge.

I'm not knocking T-tapp in any way. I simply want to get the specific results that I need. I never measured before I started because I don't feel I need to lose inches. I look fine in clothes -- it's just the naked aspect I don't like!

One thing I don't want to give up is the "endorphin rush" of cardio. I find it makes me a much better mama when I have released all of my stress running. So I probably won't ever rely totally on T-tapp.

But I appreciate all of your responses and help!
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loveandkindness: Good to hear that T-Tapp is challenging even for the fit like yourself. For my own curiosity, I did some searching in the archives on why some folks don't get sore and here's what I found. Pretty reassuring for me because I've been less sore for the past few workouts though I've really been pushing to my max.

Anyway, the Organs In Place/Half Frogs (OIP/HF) routine isn't in the Instructionals. However, the step-by-step instructions are on the website for free and it's on the bonus DVD in the new book. The key to success with this routine is keeping the lower back pressed to the floor, abs tight and lats engaged. Really concentrate on doing Position V correctly, pulling from the abs. Personally, it was easier for me to understand OIP/HF by seeing it on the video. If you do follow this with crunches, it's supposed to make them more effective.

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Thanks for the link to the instructions! I printed it out and will start today!! I probably should find a half hour to spend on the website -- I'm sure there is a lot of info there that would help me. Thanks again!
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I've been following this thread and really want to try it. I'm thin, but flabby, kwim? and the only working out I do is walking.

Anyway, would the basic plus workout be enough or should I get the total workout? When ya'll talk about boot camp is that only come with the tw? I'm thinking I want the the tw but it's $80 and I'll have to wait a bit longer to afford it and like all good Americans I don't want to wait, lol!
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anniegirl: Basic Workout+ is good in and of itself. It's actually part of the TWO package as well as, the Total System. I got the Total System because that comes with the CRT Skin Tightening System which includes a stiff plant-based bristle brush, the premium-blended alfalfa, Fibertox, an audio CD, "The Truth About Cellulite" (very informative) and the CRT video which has a brushing demo, the Awesome Legs routine and Jog Rocks routine.

I've been brushing for a few weeks and have definitely noticed my skin firming up. No doubt that Tapping is a major player too. Just a word of warning though, if you suffer from cellulite and you do decide to brush, it may get worse before it gets better, which is the stage I'm at now. How quickly one sees results varies. For me, it's hard to describe, because though the cellulite in places appears worse, overall, I look better and have definitely noticed an improvement in my knee sag.

BTW, loveandkindness, I found a post about doing CRT and OIP/HF for a "poochy belly". Thought you would be interested.

Anyway, as for bootcamp, from the instructions that came with my package a bootcamp is: I#1 and the first part of I#2 (up through Thread the Needle) or; I#1 and I#2 back to back; or BWO+ and I#2 back to back; or finally, just TWO. Hope that helps you decide what to get. Remember, if you already have the book, you can use the 30% off coupon for your next purchase.

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Thanks for the info I'm pretty sure I'm going to get the total workout.
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OK, subbing. We're broke right now, but I'll check out the free clips and do some research on where to start. That's confusing me right now - what I'd need to order. Keep talking, ladies. I'd love to hear more!
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Quick question: what's the general consensus about the book? I have to order something from Amazon for dh for Father's Day and could throw that in to get free shipping (justifies it somehow in my mind!).
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Originally Posted by yitlan
OK, subbing. We're broke right now, but I'll check out the free clips and do some research on where to start. That's confusing me right now - what I'd need to order. Keep talking, ladies. I'd love to hear more!
I'm a total beginner (just did my first workout yesterday...i'm sore!). But I was really confused by it too. If I were you I would skip the book and save your money for the videos, the moves are pretty complicated and I think it would be really hard to learn from a book unless you were already fsmiliar with the moves.

The videos: I think you'd want either "15 min basic plus workout" or the "total workout". The basic plus comes with a 45min instructional video that teaches you the moves. So you do that one until you really have it down and then you switch to the other video which is just the workout without the instructions and is only fifteen minutes. The total workout videos comes with all the stuff I just said plus another 45 min instructional with more moves...when you've mastered all that you graduate to the total workout which is both workouts back-to-back.

I hope that helps! The website could be clearer and more straightforward IMO. The first time I went it just seemed so jumbled I didn't even bother.

FWIW I got the total workout. I'm pretty excited about it; I think it will be a while before I graduate to it, but I really like that...I like the challenge of it and that there is a lot of new stuff to keep me interested.
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yitlan: If you want the most bang for the buck, I would recommend you get the Total Workout or Total System. If you get the BWO+ now, then later decide to get the TWO, you'll be wasting your money since the TWO already includes Instructional #1 and BWO+. Also, if you decide to get the book, remember there's a 30% off coupon in there for your next purchase!

You should, by all means, continue to do the free workouts. That's the major reason I ordered the Total System because I was actually starting to see and feel results just from the free videos!

anniegirl: I'm a visual person too and find the videos more useful for learning but the book has great form tips that I seemed to have missed while doing the workouts. Besides, the book also has the bonus DVD for OIP/HF, which helped me get the moves right. The free article is great, but the video really clarified it for me.

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anniegirl, thanks so much. So it looks like this is a good starter:
And if I have a little more money and really feel like I'll stick with it, this looks like the next step up, right?
This is the one you got, right? Update us as you go along!
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Just an afterthought. I never bought a single workout video before this, so I'm actually grateful that I didn't waste my money on them. After doing TWO for about seven weeks now, it was money well spent - I'll never need another workout program again. I have a list of wanted videos (especially the Ladybugs workout coming out this summer (the Ladybugs POP is available now)), but the TWO is all I really need.

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MyCelia, so it sounds like you feel the book is a good companion to the videos. And you also think the Total Workout is a good idea. Maybe I'll get the book, use the freebies and see if I want to invest more....
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