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Hello ladies! I have been bad about posting to our little thread here lately! Guess we don't have as much to talk about with toddlers, huh?

We are doing well. Bash is just so much fun right now. He has boundless energy and constantly cracks us up! He loves his big brother and tries to do everything he does. I mean he even will watch Ezekiel throw himself on the floor in during a tantrum and quickly follow suit! He also loves big trucks and school buses (well really whats not to love? They're big, yellow, loud and full of those super cool older kids ). Loves animals, especially ducks. We are have some slight issues with him throwing whatever he can get his hands on, but for now I just try to redirecting him to a ball he can throw. Still doesn't have many words. "mama" "duck" "fish" "shoe" "water" "woah" (means truck). He does often yell "ubba!ubba!ubba!" which means up and/or help. Still nursing lots but also *must* eat anything I am eating.

Bash is getting into books, too One of his favorite places to go is the bookstore.

Christine great pics! Thanks for sharing.

katje: wow thats a lot of teeth! poor guy! We've had a bit of a break from teething here, thankfully.

Bears: ouch, corneal abrasion does not sound fun! Glad he's ok.
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Twas a very happy and fun thanksgiving around here. Baby had lots of friends and cousins over. She didn't eat much turkey, but she liked the stuffing and the homemade yeast rolls.

16 months and she runs around alot. Falls sometimes, had a nasty bruise for a few days, and I felt sad everytime I saw it. She is such a happy go lucky child, I have to hug her a hundred times a day. Still nurses a fair amount. My mom and sis are here for a few days and the last 2 nights, baby slept with them! All night. She usually wakes up 2-3 times to nurse and goes back to sleep, but with them she just woke up, babbled a bit and went back to sleep. It was heavenly to have the whole bed to myself and dh! Plus I'm so happy she is learning to sleep thru without nursing!

I think after they leave I might have her sleep on dh's side of the bed and see if that works too.

So. What are you getting these babies for christmas? I know they are really toddlers, but I still call her and think of her my tiny baby. She is rather petite, exactly 20 lbs, and can still fit into some of her 9 months clothes!
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linc is getting an art table from costco, a rolling lawnmower-type wooden push toy, possibly an aquadoodle, some books, some felt food, felted slippers and another knitted ball. i'd like to buy or make him a little dolly, too, but time and finances are not looking good for either... maybe if a relative asks for hints, that's what i'll ask for. any reccommendations for a good doll source?

he's picking up words all over the place... was chanting "cracker" the other day ("cack-coo, cack-coo!"). he hates being bundled up but it's been in the 20s and 30s.

he is so much fun these days! everything is a game or song or dance to him. he does push limits, though... lord only knows what he's gonna do with a christmas tree. we'll find out soon enough!

i hope everyone else puts up what their little guys are getting for the holidays... i can always use ideas!

stay warm, everyone...

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Hi Katje-

Just a quick chime in here after I read your post about Christmas gifts. I am at a loss for the little one. A few wooden toys, but I have yet to decide on which ones. We are simplifying things even more around here this year. Finances and just a general sense that Christmas to the extended family has lost it's true meaning. Going to try to focus on the tradition-type things we do. And just a few gifts...

More when I can. Anyone else feel this way about Christmas this year? I've always felt this way, but I really feel it now for some reason. I'm sure a very tight budget has something to do with it! :
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Oh Laurie, how sad. I wish there was a way to make things easier for you. It sounds like you are going through a helluva lot. Warm hugs are being sent your way.
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Daphne's already four months old? Time flies.
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I'm experiencing trouble getting the subscription notices. I know many of you complained about that a few months ago or so. Hmmm... any suggestions? I have more pics.... www.soontobefour.blogspot.com

Thomas is trying to do anything his big brother does. Including giving the dog her treats. If he sees Ben do it or me do it. He reaches up so I'll give him on to feed the dog too. More later.
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