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last time i whent out me and a few girlfriends were about 21-25 and had those little sexys costomes on it was after all the little ones whent to home we hit all the single guys house we had fun.

One of my cousins use to go out for me a few years in a row with her red lab because i was to sick to go out. She was at least 25 at the time, Everyone new she had a little cousin and i was not with her so she got a tone of candie. Pluse she picked up my goodie bags from all out family friends for me that night
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All the teens we got were really nice. I had candy for the older ones and mini tubs od play-doh for the little kids. I was amazed at all of the teens who said "Oh, play-doh, can I have some please? Pretty Please! I haven't played with play-doh in years" I think I gave more play-doh to teens than kids.

Then there was the 4 year old who yelled in my face "What is that? I can get play-doh at home, I want candy!"

To the pp who was upset about seeing both parents out with the kids TorTing. For the first hour dh and I were both out, we put a sign in the driveway that said our treats were at the neighbors. We were out with 4 other families, all of which had both parents. All of which also handed out treats. We left ours w/neighbors, two had grandma come pass out candy, and one actually paid their babysitter to sit at their house and pass out candy!
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We give candy to those who knock on the door regardless of age. We've not had anyone really rude, though Dh did mention one boy not liking the kind of candy we had toward the end of the night. I think the idea that trick-or-treating is only for children is a shame.
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I totally agree with you! I think its wonderful for preteens and teens to go trick or treating. I have a dd just turned 15 nov 7th and a ds who is 11. I have 2 reasons why I like it. First and most important I dont want them to grow up! I feel like I am loosing my babies. They grow to fast. Second It keeps them out of trouble. They could be doing lots of other stuff that is far worse. So mama, I agree and thank you from a mother of a preteen and a teen for thinking about them!
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