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Happy November, all!

Jamie - keep us posted on Johnathan's lump. Sending you happy thoughts.

Deborah and fiddledebi - 8 and 9 pounds!!!!! Good job, mamas!!!

Caren - so glad about a good FP. It is good to be recognized as the expert you are!

We, too, have to introduce a bottle this month. I might have to go back to work much, much sooner than I thought -- we thought I was going to be able to stay home FT this first year, but got our first home heating bill this winter for the old government house we're in...translated = practically no insulation because it isn't "historically accurate" to put freaking storm windows on a house that sits on Lake Superior!!!

((deep breath//I hate stupid government policies))

Anyway, we tried a bottle for the first time since the Haberman Feeder our first week...and it didn't go so well. I also like the playtex nurser system with the drop-ins. So we'll see how it goes! Trying to be optimistic about this one.

Oh, and I'm also losing hair like crazy! I think my silly son is gaining it!
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Leila is 3 months and 4 days.. and lookie what she can do

Darn child rolled over twice last week, but when I asked her to stop doing it, she laughed and hasn't repeated it.. won't hold toys, isn't reaching for toys.. but she can sit in a tripod sit for over a minute at a time, and thinks it's awfully funny.
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Oh so much to catch up on!

Hi everyone, wow, babie trying to sit up and reach for toys? We are waaay behind you, though doing fine I guess! Nathanael is finally getting close to 8 lbs. Significant gain as he had lost down to 5 lbs 10 oz by almost month 2. He's becoming more alert and looks me right in the eye. He also holds my finger while nursing. I love it, it's so special. I still supplement. I had some sort of tummy bug one weekend, I was so sick and so I did more supplements than bf and he had way less fussing/crying/gas episodes. He tends to really like it too and I'm just happy that he feeds. He doesn't nurse right yet and I don't sweat it. I just go with the "flow' so to speak.

The big news? I'm going to be a grandma!!! OH lordy. My stepdaughter is pregnant (not married..in a mess..). I don't know whether to laugh or cry !!!
The good news for me is I have a place to send my baby stuff once I don't need them any longer.

I guess that's all! Sorry not to be keeping up in here. I"ve been involved on a down syndrome forum I found.

There's a "Mighty Quinn" in there too...I get SO confused.

OH about hair loss? It's usually a hormonal shift thing. I go through it after having kids too.

Have a good one! Kitty
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Hey Mamas...

Kitty: don't worry...we're no where near sitting up or reaching for toys! Owen holds my fingers but he still sucks at tummy time even. He HATES it. The doctor told me we needed more too.

He loves looking at toys and his mobile and light fixtures, but he hasn't reached for anything.

My baby is a grumper!!! Do your babies howl when they first wake up? Lordy...you'd think his toe was on fire or something. He must be a very hungry baby when he wakes, I guess.

I'm kind of at a loss of what to do with the baby this week. He is not ready for toys and games, but is getting interested in seeing and learning more. He cries if we're not moving around the house, but hates the car seat when we try to go out. It was also pouring rain here today.

Other than trying to get dressed before noon and household chores, what do you guys do with your babies all day? Are you doing little songs and games yet?

Here's a recent picture of Owen's smile.

Debbie--glad you stuck to your guns! I'm very proud of you! The medical system in this country is so screwed up!!!!!

Enough from me...take care!!

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Hi everyone!

About intro'ing a bottle -- keep trying! I think the Sears book suggests starting between 4 and 7 weeks, but i have no idea why that's the "magic time". We tried at 5 weeks and it was a disaster -- nipple flow was way too fast and there was lots of choking. Tried again a week later and everything went fine. Zoe takes a bottle maybe once a week, when I am out with DD1 or when both DDs and DH go off to playgroup.

Adrienne....I was just saying to DH this morning that i think Zoe must have been switched at birth, because she is SO HAPPY in the morning (and none of the rest of us are). She opens her eyes, looks at me, gives me a HUGE grin and sometimes laughs! It's a great way to wake up but quite a change from DD1 (you knew she was awake b/c she started crying).

Oh - and I would not worry too much about the tummy time. DD1 hated tummy time and we hardly ever did it with her. She does not seem scarred by that -- and she crawled and walked just fine (at 8 and 12 months, I think).

Kitty...should I congratulate you on your impending grandmahood??? I know someone who is going through the same thing - he and his wife were talking about having a baby (they have 6 kids but it's a "blended" family and none of the kids resulted from both of them, if that makes any sense) -- and while they were considering it (they're both mid-40s), their teenage son became a dad (not on purpose). I think they've since put the kibosh on trying for a 7th kid.

Zoe does want movement now. She still loves her mobile (infant stim-mobile -- she is absolutely fascinated by it!) and will sit in her bouncy seat and watch us do stuff. But if she's not sleepy you can't hold still (unless you are near a ceiling fan, which she also loves looking at).
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grrrr...I had my post all ready and went to go advanced to add a smiley I couldn't remember the code for and it made me log in again and I lost it.... :

Anyway, Johnathan is fine. The lump is a hydrocele, supposedly common and will go away on its own. Poor guy! Now he has two quirky lumps, but at least the belly button one is getting a bit smaller.

Kitty - congrats on your news! Hope your step daughter and baby are well! I always wanted my mom to have a baby the same time as me, but they didn't want anymore kids.

Cute pics everyone! I haven't been able to get any smile pics yet because he gets too intent upon looking at the camera that he quits smiling.

They don't let you put up storm windows on Lake Superior?? Brrrrrrrr! Our poor house has almost no insulation either, it's like huh? This is Minnesota ding dongs! We'd have to tear out all the plaster walls that have lead paint undernieth to add insulation, yeah, that's going to happen. I don't know what we are going to do this winter if gas goes as high as they say it's going to...

Neither of my boys will/or would take a bottle. I've earnestly been trying too, with no luck. We had to go to a dinner here a week ago and I left milk for him, but he waited patiently for me to get home so he could have a boob (I went home early and let MIL give him a pacifier). I had to go to the dentist a while back too and he did the same thing. Makes me feel like pumping is a big waste of time. I might just end up making bm yogurt or something....anyone try that as a first solid?
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About hair...My hair is falling out some too. I think it's normal postpartum.

Kate re: bottles; The LC I've been talking with recommends the Avent slow flow nippes and bottles. We introduced them at about 6 weeks and used them with no problem.

I am counting down the days until I don't have to bf anymore. I love the closeness and how happy she looks while she nurses. I'm not so thrilled about her eating formula made from corn syrup and look forward to when she can eat real food that is healthy.

Debi--Thanks for the thoughts on WAHMing. We'll look around for sitters.

OKay gotta dash...
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Hello All! We're doing pretty well here - it's hard to believe that some of our babies are already 3 months old! DS2 is a happy guy, mostly smiles when he's awake.

I hear ya on the weirdness of him being happy when put down. DS1 was the original velcro kid - didn't sleep not laying on me until he was 4.5 months old! DS2 loves the bouncy seat or laying next to us on the bed or couch. In fact our morning routine is going great because of it - dh gets up w/ds2 and showers while he sits in the bouncy seat and coos. Ds1 and I have gunk (nurse) until dh is done in the bathroom and then I go in and ds2 is STILL happy in the seat! Ds1 hated the boubcy seat, the swing, the sling, the car (well ds2 isn't too fond of it either) everything but my arms. It's just such a change.

We had a great Halloween, went to Boo at the Zoo on Sunday, had a party w/our "nursing buddies" on Monday and ds1 loved handing out candy to all the kids. He'd yell "Happy! Happy!" at them. And if they didn't say thank you, he'd yell that at them too! It was funny. VIsited w/mil, sil, bil & nephews and came home to pass out in bed. A fun day!

Here's pictures...

Funny story about the first trick or treaters we had (and pretty indicative of our house these days;
Ds2 is in the bouncy seat, I'm changing ds1's dipe. He's in a fuzzibunz, I'm going to put him in a pre-fold only I can't find the snappy - oh yeah, it's in the family room. So I tell ds1 to stay there and I rub to get the snappy. The doorbell rings, the dogs go nuts barking, ds2 starts crying. I run back into the front room and I see 2 grown men just about peeing their pants on the sidewalk. I scoop up ds2 and go to the door to see ds1, naked from the waist down, banging on the glass door yelling "Happy! Hi! Happy!" and two horrified little girls holding out their plastic pumpkins for treats. Just another moment of chaos in my day!

Hope everyone's afternoon goes well...here's to long naps and happy babies!
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Fiddle- I'm glad that one of the doctors finally figured out it was an ear infection. I hope your little one is feeling better.

HH- I'm so glad to hear that nursing is going much better for you and that the baby is gaining wt! Yay!

Heidi- Lol, your son won candy again this yr??? Maybe you should ask him to pick #'s to play the lotto with!

Kate- It's so funny that you mentioned your baby likes the floor better. Jonah has also been terribly fussy, but lately he REALLY prefers to be on the playmat. We can actually eat a meal w/o someone having to hold him or hearing him scream. It's been a nice break to be able to put him down, b/c my arms feel like they are going to fall off. The slings have helped, but I can't always sling him for everything, esp since he spits up a LOT! It's so cute to see him batting at his toys, I was starting to think this kid would be glued to my arm forever.

Anguschick- Lol, too funny of a halloween image. I guess it's just the day and life of a mom with kiddos.

Caren- That is so awesome that you found a holistic MD. They are hard to come by, and so nice that they are fine w/ whatever you want to do about vax. I keep thinking we will be looking for a new doctor soon too.

We didn't end up bringing our toddler trick or treating, b/c he had a cold. In fact, I got lazy and didn't take pics of jonah in his halloween outfits either. I think we are going to stage some pics this wknd. Things are slowly getting better for us. Jonah is still a high needs little guy, BUT he's starting to enjoy playing with his toys and he even looks at his older brother with interest now too. As for introducing the bottle. Ugh, I tried sooo hard with my oldest to introduce the bottle, he screamed bloody murder everytime we tried, and I tried all the different ways that ppl suggested. I half heartedly tried a bottle with jonah when he was about 5 wks old and he was not happy with it. I might try again, honestly for me it's more trouble than it's worth. Luckily I am a SAHM, but what stinks is when I go out to grocery shop or run errands w/o the kids and I have to rush back to nurse jonah. It would be nice if he *could* take a bottle for situations like that. DH and I are already trying to figure out how we are going to see the new harry potter movie. It opens on the 18th, and I REALLY want to see it. He says that I should go to the last showing, after jonah is down (he usually sleeps the longest after you put him down at night, like 4-5 hrs), and I think that is going to be my strategy. I used to be such a chicken about going to movies by myself, however now I'm thinking it wouldn't be so bad just to have some time to myself. I may sound nuts, but I went to the dentist for a checkup two wks ago and I was telling the dental hygienist how nice it was to go there and not have to deal with the kids and she just laughed and said a few yrs back when her kids were younger, she felt the same exact way. Anyway, DH and I do not have reliable childcare, so basically if we do anything, either we ALL go together or someone stays home to watch the kids while the other one goes out. I had to admit, I am not really too crazy about the baby period. I mean, yes they are so cute, but I guess I'm more excited about the pre-school age where they can talk, and interact more. My toddler is getting closer to that phase, but still not a big talker, so he does get whiny at times, b/c I think he gets frustrated. The sign language has helped a lot. We got him the signing time dvds and they are WONDERFUL! I am going to order the ones we do not have, in fact there is a co-op here if anyone is interested. I highly recommend it, my toddler took to them very quickly.

OK, jonah's fussing, gotta run!
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great news on the weight gain deborah!

fdebi,i hear you on being your dc's best advocate - i had to practically push adrian's doc to try zantac, and luckily another ped there is much more aggressive. she agrees with me that it is NOT normal for a good nurser to gradually decide not to eat. urgh.

i'm just hoping the zantac helps - he is a bit better but it is still a struggle to get him to eat well, even when asleep.
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Originally Posted by farmlife3
chasmyn - we are in the medium bummis also. what size prefold do you use? infants are starting to seem a bit small for him but the premiums are overwhelming. today was one of the last days for our 3-6 month outfits. another person today asked me if I was worried he would be obese. He is 9 weeks old! And at this point exclusively breastmilk fed! obesity :
We're in the medium - I guess premium? Literally 2x the size of the smalls! I have to fold over the front to double it up like we did when he was newborn with the smalls. They are huge!!! But I guess he'll grow into these, too. If these are medium I cannot imagine the large ones
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Originally Posted by Adrienne
Hey Mamas...

Kitty: don't worry...we're no where near sitting up or reaching for toys! Owen holds my fingers but he still sucks at tummy time even. He HATES it. The doctor told me we needed more too.

He loves looking at toys and his mobile and light fixtures, but he hasn't reached for anything.

I'm kind of at a loss of what to do with the baby this week. He is not ready for toys and games, but is getting interested in seeing and learning more. He cries if we're not moving around the house, but hates the car seat when we try to go out. It was also pouring rain here today.

Other than trying to get dressed before noon and household chores, what do you guys do with your babies all day? Are you doing little songs and games yet?

Kiernen is the same - hates tummy time. Tolerates it for about one minute before he is done. We don't push it too much but I wonder if there is some way I can make it better for him so he'll do it more.

I know what you mean about being at a loss - Kiernen has decided recently that nursing while sitting still isn't always tolerable, and he will fuss to be nursed rocking in the glider rocker.

He LOVES to be walked around the house, but I have a terrible back (degenerative disc) and can't do it for very long. I am praying that my back gets stronger before he gets much more demanding.

We went for a walk in the partial sunshine today, which he seemed to enjoy. The forecast says rain for the rest of the week and weekend, though, so there was our outside time for the week. Living in the Pacific NW isn't very conducive to outside time this time of year, unfortunately.

Inside I make eye contact and sing and tickle him and play little exercise games. Luckily he still spends a great deal of time sleeping and nursing, though. I really need my own transportation or DH needs to start taking the bus, because I'm going stir crazy.
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Hello! My name is Kimberly, and I'm looking forward to joining you mamas.
This morning we received our referral (a photo is in my blog) for our baby boy (Adam) who was born on August 14. As of October 10, he already weighed 14 lbs, so he's a big baby. We hope to be bringing him home from Seoul in the early new year.
Now I'm excited to start buying baby clothes. Anyone know where I can get baby t-shirts (rather than diaper shirts)?
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kimberly welcome!!
My aunt just recently adopted a girl from china....I loved getting to watch the story unfold!! How exciting about your own adoption!!
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Kimberly - Congrats & Welcome!! Glad you decided to join us! When do you get to take him home?
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Thanks for the warm welcome, mamas!

Originally Posted by heldt123
Kimberly - Congrats & Welcome!! Glad you decided to join us! When do you get to take him home?
We hope to be bringing him home in January or February (hopefully January!) -- now I get to go crazy buying baby stuff.
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Welcome Kimberly! That's so exciting about your little boy--he's beautiful! When I was in college I nannied for a family with 2 girls adopted from China, and ever since I have been interested in international adoption.

Adding my 2cents about development: Clara seems to reach when she's on her back on the playmat, but I can't really tell (so I'm probably imagining it!) She does like to look around a lot, and if she's awake she either wants to be walked in the sling or standing up with someone's help. She loves to stand! She holds her head up high and looks around and looks generally pleased with herself. It's cute! She's laughed a few times, but not consistently yet. We live at a boarding school (my dh teaches) so we have a rhythm to our day that goes like this: sleep in and loll around in our pj's on MDC till it's time to get ready to go to lunch (11:30). We go over and meet Papa for lunch and then come back and play for a while till nap time. We usually go out in the afternoon, for a walk or to the store or something. Clara loves the car as long as its MOVING! Those 3 seconds from when I clip in her seat till I run around, jump in and start the car are brutal!

She has a little cradle cap now. I know that's normal and all, but I was somewhere on MDC and saw something about that indicating a diet problem (?) Does anyone know anything about that? I can never find a post if I'm looking for it!
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Welcome Kimberly!

more cradle cap over here....i am interested in dietary links if anyone knows any?
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We've got the cradle cap (hard not to say "crap"!!) here too! Just a little bit on the side of his head. I'll let you know if I find the info.

Welcome, Kimberly! Congratulations! You must be counting the minutes until you get your hands on that little boy!! Have fun getting everything ready for him. I'm sure he's a lucky boy to be on his way to you.
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Ds2's cradle cap (Adrienne, I even have a hard time not typing cradle crap!) is clearing up. Ds1 had it and we tried a bunch of things, massaging olive oil in, combing w/a small-toothed comb, scrubbing, shampoo, no shampoo, squirting breastmilk on it and eventually (like at 8 months or so) it went away. Ds2, we've done nothing and it's clearing up on it's own at 8 weeks. Go figure.

Kimberly - Congratulations on your little boy! I just bought some long-sleeve lap t-shirts at Under The Nile. http://www.underthenile.com/underthenile/index.php My cousin has adopted two children, one from Russia and one fron Romania and they are now looking at South Korea. How long do you stay in South Korea before you come back to the states?

Anyone having difficulty deciding what to get your babe for the holidays? I'll be getting ds2 a rattle and making him some fleece pants, but relatives are screaming for a list. He's too little for most things right now and we still have all of ds1's stuff. What are you asking for? Oh - and I tried savings bonds and that's a no-go as they aren't "fun." If they wanted to get him something he thinks is fun, how about a third breast for me? He really likes the ones I have, 1 more could only be better right?
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