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Anguschick -- I just went to that under the nile web site and am getting the baby a vegetable hat. Too cute! I know what you mean about people screaming for a list. One grandma is making a hat with little ties, because all the hats we have now fall off in about 5 min. I asked people to get her some warm onesie types of things and some robeez. We have so much already that we really only need clothes. I also said they could donate to the college fund and they said that wasn't "fun." Funny how alike relatives can be!


Welcome and congratulations! My friends are in China to pick up their little girl as I write this. It's so exciting, isn't it?


I'm not a big fan of co-sleeping in the same bed. We usu have O in the cosleeper that is attached to the bed. I sleep better that way because I know I can't roll over on her. Lately, O and I have slept facing each other so I'm not sleeping as well. I always keep her between me and the cosleeper so DH doesn't roll over on her.

Last night she fell asleep in the car seat so we put the whole shebang in the cosleeper. She stayed asleep in the car seat in the cosleeper until her first feeding!!
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Deborah - Hanna Andersson pilot caps ROCK as far as not falling off -- they have little ties and cover baby's ears really well. I highly recommend them. and that's great about Olive sleeping that long!!

Welcome Kimberly and congrats on your baby!!!! I have friends waiting for a domestic adoption to come through for their second child, and relatives adopting from China this winter.

Zoe has cradle cap too, all over pretty much. I think DD1 did too. We haven't done anything and it's starting to get better.

Ah, holiday gifts....Zoe is getting a couple of sleepers and a Fisher Price ball toy (which is actually more for DD1 to play with and Zoe to watch, lol). Neither of my kids need anything for the holidays but I'm sure the g-parents will go nuts again. Last year DD1 got 30 gifts combined from her grandparents! This year we've agreed to put 2 or 3 gifts from each set of g-parents under the tree, and the rest goes in the closet and we'll figure out what to do with it later. From us DD1 is getting a doll-sized table and chairs, a doll, and Candy Land. I'm sure there'll be a couple more gifts on that list by the time the holidays are finally here, but I am really really trying to limit it. (It's hard because I'm a gift giver...if you've ever read "Five Love Languages" you'll know what I mean.)
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Welcome, Kimberly! What a beautiful baby you have - and I love his name. New Spring Arrives. That's lovely. Congratulations!!

I laughed at the Halloween story - I think it was yours, mags? - of your nekkid ds yelling "Happy!" at the trick or treaters. So funny!!

New success on the sleeping front... I've been trying to help ds fall asleep better at night - rather than the 3 hour crying/screaming episodes we have been having over the last few months, I just want a gentle way to help him lay him down to sleep when he's tired. We're on the 4th successful night in a row, but I'm establishing a quieting routine with him that seems to work, and then bath/jammies/books/nursing/rocking....and he's gone from crying uncontrollably for prolonged periods of time (!) to crying for progressively less time at night. 4 nights ago it was 1 hour. Two nights ago it was a half hour. Last night it was 15 minutes.


However, when he's been falling asleep, I've been so excited to have some "me time" at the end of the day, I've read 2 books at night in the last 4 days and I am freaking exhausted. Must sleep at night instead....must sleep at night instead....!
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Kimberly- Welcome and and congrats on your little baby from korea,how exciting! I might ask you about the whole process later on, if you don't mind. DH and I have 2 boys and we REALLY want a girl (and I have horrible pregnancies, so I am not thrilled with the idea of being pregnant again, DH is supposed to get a vasectomy). So we are thinking about adopting, it will either be from korea or china, b/c I am taiwanese american and DH is korean american. DH's co-worker will be getting their baby girl from china soon. They were supposed to have already gotten her, but there was some sort of chinese holiday that caused delays, and another friend of ours adopting from china said that they recently got word that there may be delays in the next coming months, so I think it's the whole chinese adoption system.

Angus- You know, I am having the same quandry about christmas gifts for jonah. On one hand, I keep thinking it is really not a big deal if I don't really get him a lot of stuff, b/c he's too young to know. However, it makes me feel bad too. I already got him some cute christmas bibs (which I will probably wash and use before christmas), and some outfits, b/c he is so big compared to his big brother, we are running out of footed sleepers for him, b/c he is wearing the ones his big brother was wearing when he was 6 mo old!!! For toys, joshua has sooooo many toys, I am NOT buying jonah any toys. I feel bad for the kid, but we are already literally drowning in toys, I am trying to think of a way to tell family NOT to go crazy getting joshua and jonah a ton of toys. My brother got joshua a, "my first christmas" ornament last yr, I might ask him to get one for jonah for this yr, at least that is something special that we can keep to remember his first christmas by. Maybe a cute stocking with the baby's name would be good too. Whenever I see a good sale on cute stockings that can be embroidered with our names, I think I'm going to order them.
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welcome kimberly!

i second the hanna pilot cap recommendation.
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Are you dressing the baby in fancy little oufits for Thanksgiving and other holidays? We have a very casual family, but I wonder if people expect special outfis on the baby. Hmmm...I'm such a clueless mom!! The little boy outfits look so uncomfortable.
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For Thanksgiving the boys have matching flannel shirts and brown cords. Haven't decided what I'm doing for Christmas this year. Last year I made matching vests for ds and dh and a skirt for me. I have a cute pattern for fleece pants, so I might make matching pants for the boys and then have them wear solid shirts. I'll have to see how much time I have to get any sewing done.

I totally agree - all the outfits always look so uncomfortable for little boys. I like the comfy rompers that they offer for girls, but I can never find one that's gender neutral enough to work on ds.
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Where do I get the Hanna Andersen hats from?
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We only do holiday-ish outfits for our holiday card photo...not for the actual holiday, lol. I have a red Santa outfit for Zoe and a red Santa dress for Sascha...I will either dress them in those or in (gulp) matching outfits that my stepmom bought them. (They're really cute outfits....just, I never thought I would be putting matching outfits on my kids.)

Since DD1 dresses herself, even if I did have plans for a festive holiday outfit, she might wind up wearing jeans, four shirts, a dress and two different shoes instead.
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she had an eye apt today to check her out - Eric's mother, sister, aunt and grandmother all had lazyeye, so my kids get tested early. I've noticed her left eye crossing slightly when she's tired - but that might be her age too, she's just barely 3 months.

They said she might have lazy-eye.. didn't see any crossing while we were there, but they said if I noticed it, it's probably there.. and she's WAY far sighted. Enough that they'd originally said they wanted her to come back in 4 months, instead of the 6 she'd originally said (to recheck the lazy eye and see if it was something she outgrew).. and that if there isn't marked improvement in her vision in 4 months, they'll get her glasses then, at 7 months of age.

It's still sinking in, and I'm so heartbroken.. even though it's not a major thing in the grand scheme of thngs, it's just still hard to hear your baby isn't perfect in some day.. and I'm trying to wrap my head around it all.

Anyone have a infant under a year old wearing glasses? I'm just wondering how I'd keep them on her, how often they'd have to be redone as she'd grow, etc. Of course, I'm hoping things are better at the next apt, and we don't have to deal with it.. but .. just in case...
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Jodi, I'm so sorry.

Can you tell me how they know so early about the farsighted thing? Dh and I were both in glasses super young, so I'm concerned about ds's eyes.
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Holy Moly, I'm behind. It's too late to read everything, but I will, promise!

Had my 1st afternoon "at work" today. Not ready to make it a regular thing, but the guys went to DC for a seminar and had to catch the plane, so I had to cover. CJ did so well! He's so good to me... he always makes it easy for me when I need him to. So it'll be just me and CJ this weekend. DH is scared CJ will forget him (they come back Sun night). Nobody come over to my house. It'll be messy, K?

Good news: So remember how I lost one of my kitties the day CJ was born? Well I had put flyers in mailboxes in my neighborhood a few days after that. I had a note on my front door yesterday that he's still alive!!!! He's apparently hanging out on the ridge/creek area that lines the backyards of the houses on my street. The lady was sure it was him (he has no tail). So Dh and i went out calling for him that night (the neighbors watched CJ) but he didn't come to us. Poor guy is probably so scared. I would put out kitty food but there are so many coons and possums back there that who knows if he would get it. He's declawed in the front so I'm so surprised he is still alive. I really hope we can get him back if we are diligent about calling for him every night. Poor CJ was so shocked at being left with basically total strangers for a half hour, he cried himself into a frenzy apparently and puked on my neighbor. I felt awful. When I got there, he was doing that quick sucking-in-breath thing that little kids do when they've been crying hard and calmed down. He was glued to my breast for like an hour after that.
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That stinks, Jodi. It's so early!! How can they test for vision so young? Sorry you have to deal with this--hopefully it's something they are being over cautious about and/or something she will grow out of. My little guy kept one eye closed for weeks, but it's finally ok. It was the side where he was born with his hand up against the side of his face.

I have one more week of maternity leave!!! I don't see how I'm going to get any work done (WAHM). Owen was in arms almost all day today. My job is loaded with pressure and accuracy scores and productivity rates every minute of my day, too. I'm getting scared!!! I think I'm going to need someone to come to the house and help at least part of the time. Oh,well...I also got some adorable smiles today...so it's worth it.

Night, everybody!!! Hope you all have a great Friday with your yummy babies!
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Kristin...good luck with the kitty!!! I'm sure he or she will be soooo glad to be home.
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My sister is dropping off her 16 month old today for the weekend. My sister and her hubbie are going to Boston. Oh my God! I am going to have my 26 month old, her 16 month old and Emmett ( 11 weeks ). I hope I am still standing after Sunday. What is going to be interesting is nightime. There are going to be alot of kids in the bed!
- Kerri
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Kerri- goodluck! That sounds busy! I have a question about the HA pilot caps--I'm looking for something to stay on dd's head at night b/c we love in a drafty old house and our room gets cool at night. I mentioned to my grandmother about wanting something that tied and she absolutely flipped out, saying that they don't even want babies to sleep with blankets b/c of SIDS : Anyway, I'm just trying to picture how dd would be endangered by the little ties. I mean, she's not in a crib so they aren't going to get caught on anything...
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Another good reason to swaddle!

Just to put it in perspective, my baby wears her hanna hats ALL THE TIME outdoors and she is often sleeping in her stroller, carseat or the sling and the strings have never been a problem. We are outside every day for at least an hour walk and then for maybe one or two errands or big sis's activities after school. I make sure and tie them all the way under both her chins so they stay put.
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Can I just say: my baby's laughter has got to be the most beautiful, musical sound I've ever heard. Dh and I are putty in his hands.

I just can't believe how fast it's going. (Wow, I'm just full of Deep Thoughts today. ) But seriously, it blows my mind that just over two months ago, ds couldn't suck his fist, and wasn't really into eye contact, and was all small and curled up... and what's most amazing to me is how hard he works at developing new skills (and new muscles--if only my stomach muscles were in half as good shape as his!) Anyway, he's lying here beside me, snoozing. Can't wait until he wakes up so we can play again.

Oh, for anyone's DH or DP who isn't into babywearing--my DH is a babe magnet when he's wearing ds. Yesterday he had lunch with a friend at Sylvia's in Harlem, and he said he got mobbed by the waitresses, the huge table of seniors sitting next to them, random people on their way to the bathroom, and Sylvia herself. It took them a half hour to walk out the door after they'd gotten up to leave. (Of course, whether it's ds's cuteness or dh's cuteness or some combination of the two is hard to tell. I think they're both pretty darn adorable. ) At any rate, dh has a new theory that BW is the best way to meet new women in the city. I'm thinking about finding him a button that says "Real men wear babies" or some such thing.

Back to work for me. So much for working while the baby naps. Pshaw.
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my kids all get checked around this point because Eric's mother, sister, aunt and grandmother all have lazyeye.. so we take them in early.

they look at their eyes through various lenses, and watch how the light reflects, I think it is.. she tried to get her to follow a movement, and Leila wouldn't look at her at all.. then they dialate their eyes and repeat the lense thing.

They said some degree of farsightedness is typical at this age, but she scored really really high.

Apparently, from what I've read, if we DO go with glasses, it potentially could help strengthen her eyes and she might not need glasses forever..

if you've got a family history of eye problems and/or early glasses, they recommend taking them in prior to their first birthday.
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