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my cd is done!

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finished the track list for my labor cd! yay!

here comes the sun
dear prudence
across the universe
mother nature's son

dont panic
we never change

jeff buckley:
lilac wine

mazzy star:
fade into you
blue light

the sundays:
wild horses

john lennon:
beautiful boy

rolling stones:
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Is that your labor cd? Sounds like a good one
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yes! i tried to pick from my favorite albums.....and keep everything in the same sort of mood.........it was actually harder than i thought.

now i can't wait to LISTEN to it!
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OMG!!! You have soooooo many of the same songs on your labor cd as I do! I'm going to have to make yet another cd, though, b/c I completely forgot about Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah! I LOVE that one!
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oh really?! well then you need to tell me what's on YOUR labor cd, because maybe you have some songs that I forgot!!!
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Hmmmm...let me think...(I made three, one's a little more upbeat!)...Oh:

Wilco: Jesus, etc. & Reservations

Loose Fur(More Jeff Tweedy): Chinese Apple

Ben Harper(From the I Am Sam ST): Strawberry Fields

Ben Folds: Tiny Dancer, Narcolepsy & Rock This Bitch

Patsy Cline: Back In Baby's Arms

Bob Dylan: Forever Young

Lenny Kravitz: It Ain't Over Til It's Over & Just Be A Woman

Frank Sinatra: Under My Skin

Nina Simone...can't remember which one!

I am also bringing a few cd's that need no alterations, I like them in their entirety: Damien Rice *O*, Gillian Welch *Soul Journey* and Jim Donovan *Indigo*. Jim Donovan is/was the drummer for Rusted Root, Indigo is a very meditative drumming cd.

That's all I can think of!
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I love Mother Nature's Son by the Beatles, but I can't find it on any CDs except the ones that cost over 25 dollars! Great tracks, mama. Would dig a copy if the price was right.
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Bex80: Have you tried iTunes? You can get a song for 99cents there.

Were you interested in BabyKaoss' labor cd or mine? I'd be happy to burn a copy of mine for a mamma in need, just PM me your address!
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Originally Posted by babykaoss
finished the track list for my labor cd! yay!

Oh good god, talk about pregnancy brain! I totally read that and then posted my question like a dumbass anyway!! My brain has been eaten by my baby. I'm pretty sure he hotwired the placenta to steal brain cells!

peacefulmommy-I love ben harper's cover of Strawberry Fields! It's strange but I think Beatles songs are just good birthing songs! What's the deal?

I'm planning on putting the Ipod on random and seeing where it leads me. I always pictured going through transition listening to Dirty by Sonic Youth-but I don't think Finn would appreciate that very much...not to mention everyone else
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Originally Posted by momma2finn
My brain has been eaten by my baby. I'm pretty sure he hotwired the placenta to steal brain cells!
ROFLMAO!!! Wow...that's a good one!

I'm the same way with Ben Folds *Rock This Bitch*...I'm going to be in transition when it comes on, I just know! Right about the time he says he wants to "Rock this motherf*#king beeeeatch"...hehehe. I've already apologized to my mother in advance for that one!
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Peacefulmommy, I am LMFAO!! And Sarah too. I lose my train of thought in 2 seconds flat. Most of my coversations are me stuttering..."Uh, uh, What was I going to say? I can't remember. Dammit!"

Actually, I would take a copy of both or ya'll's CDs, peacefulmommy and babykaoss. I don't know how sacred they are to you, so if you don't want to I completely understand!

I have a random array of music, I posted many of the CDs on another thread, but I figured I could shre them here too?

Norah Jones-Feels Like Home, Come Away With Me
Wynton Marsalis-Standard Time Vol. 3
Fiona Apple-When The Pawn, Tidal
John Mayer-Room For Squares, Heavier Things
soundtrack to 'The Messiah'
Dave Matthews Band-Everyday, Under the Table and Dreaming, Crash
The Verve-Urban Hymns
Enya-A Day Without Rain
Adam Cates-Bread on Water
Shawn Colvin-A Few Small Repairs
The Cure-Galore
Indigo Girls-Swamp Ophelia, Rites of Passage
Sarah McLachlan-Solace, Surfacing
Joni Mitchell-Greatest Hits
sountrack to 'Mona Lisa Smile'
James Taylor-Greatest Hits
Edie Brickell-Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars

Wow, after typing that out it sure is a random bunch of music! I don't know what I'll be in the mood for, so I think that's why there's so much variety and quantity. I wonder if I'll even *want* music? It might piss me off, much like I thought I would *love* to be massaged in my last labor, but when I was in it, I couldn't stand to be touched.

Anyway! Enough about me.
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We have Rhapsody so I am just creating different playlists to play on the laptop in the room. Kinda hard to imagine if I want rock out music or if I want calming, soothing stuff. Need to get on the ball and make both, I guess.

Thanks for the inspiration!!!
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Bex80: PM me your address and I'll send you a copy! Sentimental value is high, but I'm always willing to help make another mamma's labor easier if I can!

Gunter: That's why I've made 3 different cds, plus stashed away a few others to take...I have NO IDEA what I'll be in the mood for!
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bex80- i think that would be great, i'd love to share my cd w/ you.....you'll just have to wait until i'm not so pathetically broke that i can actually MAIL it to you.

mother nature's son is off the beatles White album which is probably why you can't find it for less than $25!!!!! i'm not surprised! and as far as Itunes, you won't be able to find any Beatles there unless its a cover version. Apple music has refused to release any Beatles tracks via MP3, so you can only legally purchase hard copies.

and I just had to chime in- i'm a HUUUGE Cure fan, although Galore was the first cd I ran into by them, it's now my least favorite..... You should check out "Faith", my personal favorite, or Seventeen Seconds, Pornography, or Disintegration. IMO those are the best albums!
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Ahhhhh...didn't realize that about iTunes/Apple Music. I wonder if you could find it at the library?
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now, you actually may have some luck there. i know for a fact my dh checked out some beatles cd's at our local library once!
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Thanks mamas!!

I'm PMing you now, peacefulmommy. Sarah, no worries, I can relate! I was introduced to The Cure by my main squeeze in high school, though that album was Staring at the Sea. I haven't listened to them in a while. Sometimes I have to be in the mood. Not THE mood, but, you know what I mean. I will check out the other titles. And also the library!
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Originally Posted by momma2finn
Dirty by Sonic Youth
i meant to say, GOOD album. i love noise........i was on a huge atari teenage riot kick for awhile there, i just somehow feel like labor is like tripping, you have to be careful what you listen to because it can take you to a place where you don't want to go if you kwim?

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