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forgot to add this question: If I mix flour and eggs as for pasta, and let it sit for a day or two in the fridge before I roll it out and cook it, would that be considered soaked-grain pasta?
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"Sweetbreads are neither sweet nor bread."

Talk amongst yourselves.

In other words, subbing to the thread...
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anyone else frustrated with the lack of editing or whatever you call it in the NT cookbook? I go looking for something and it has the wrong page number or isn't accurate and I have had change several of the recipes but her directions aren't in depth enough or just didn't work for me....
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Originally Posted by Hibou
Anywho, I have a couple questions. First, I started making yogurt earlier in the week, and it was going to be 24 hr yogurt, but I sort of forgot about it sitting there quietly wrapped in it's heating pad, and it ended up being more like 36 hr. yogurt. It looks fine, but I haven't tasted it yet. Has anyone else done this? I'm assuming it's fine to eat, just more "cultured" but thought I'd ask here for input.

Also, I'm wondering about cocoa vs carob. Is one healthier than the other? Is there anything wrong with eating cocoa? How was it used traditionally?

Thought I'd add that I lent my NT cookbook to my folks, which I'm really excited about. My dad had a heart attack a couple of years ago, and my parents have since been bombarded with all the politically correct type diet stuff.
From the yogurt FAQs at the SCD diet site:
4. What happens if I leave it in too long?
Up to 29 hours is fine, but after 30 hours, it starts to kill the good
bacteria. After 36 hours, it will not last as long in the refrigerator.
I think NT recommends carob over cocoa simply b/c it doesn't contain caffeine.

That's awesome re: your folks!! My parents have always been very healthy eaters but won't listen to me about fat & eggs. I still hold out hope. At least I got them to stop the Crisco and margarine a long time ago.
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Very interesting new article at WAPF:

Dioxins in Animal Foods: A Case for Vegetarianism?

I'm not even halfway thru yet, it's a long one!
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Originally Posted by Gale Force
"Sweetbreads are neither sweet nor bread."

Talk amongst yourselves.
Too funny!

I'm here too! Have been busy with our outdoor wood-fired bread oven. We also have wild turkeys that someone gave us for free (they had apparently been breeding on their own, and were hanging around someone's barn too much, so he wanted them gone). Had a nice visit with a cyclist from England on his world tour. I think that's about it.

welldone, Korean grandmas are the best! My grandma is Korean too, similar situation with language barriers. She makes the best changatchi.

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A butter tip I heard: If you can't get/afford organic/raw butter, buy cheap unsalted regular butter, and whip in some yoghurt whey, and leave it out in a jar/crock to culture.

Just how long does cream or milk keep in the fridge? (Raw, I mean.) I found a jar I had labeled "sour milk" in there with no date, and a jar of cream that I think is about 2 or 3 weeks old (from the time of milking). It smells slightly cheesey, pretty much like cream I have left out to culture for butter.

For anyone interested in my ongoing butter-making problems... I'm finding that if I culture the cream by leaving it out, and then blender it at room temp, it doesn't form properly. I suspect that it is too warm (the blender also heats up quite a bit). I have had more luck culturing it, then chilling it again. I made interesting butter once, I put the cream out a few times to culture and get a bit warmer than fridge temp, but then had to put it back in the fridge because I was too busy to make it. So I think it cultured for a long time -- the cream was quite thick and strong-smelling by the time I used it for butter. The butter wasn't really smooth and creamy, and I ended up straining the buttermilk out with cheese cloth, since the butter wasn't really holding together very well. Then its texture was a lot like yoghurt cream cheese, kind of spongy almost, or crumbly, I can't quite describe it. But it had a nice flavour and melted in your mouth. I think if I try to make butter again (I have started buying from a farm that makes it), I will try using a hand mixer instead of my blender.

Anyone make egg nog? Non-alcoholic? I'm looking for a tasty, filling, "special" drink to replace our morning cocoa. It doesn't have to be warm, but that would be nice. We do sometimes make what the boys call "cinnamilk," just some milk with honey and cinnamon, warmed on the stove.
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I have never made egg nog but I know my mom has a recipe that is really good...

I love making butter but been a while since I have done so...we are drinking the cream in our coffee....hehe
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Mmmm...Brisen that cinnamilk sounds nice.

Okay, sorry about all the questions, but here's another (I've been offline and have had all these questions pop up, but I never wrote them down, so I'm just asking as they occur to me). We've been taking the Nordic Natural CLO, but it's about twice the price for half as much as is in the other bottles (Norwegian something or other is one I saw)... so of course I'm wondering if one really is any better the other or if I'm getting ripped off.
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Hi everyone, I am going to sub to this thread. I have just signed up for Susan Weed's Coreespodance Herbal course and one of the books I am getting is NT. I live in Ontario Canada and I can't seem to locate a source for raw milk (it is illegal to sell it here). Am I better off just using organic milk to make my butter and yogurt, or should I not use any pasterized dairy? Thanks for any info.
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Hi Sebrina!

My friend found one farmer when she was chatting with a health food store owner and complained that she couldn't find raw milk anywhere. She also recommends that if you are driving in the country and see a farm with a sign like "eggs for sale" that you stop in and see about buying eggs, see how the farm is set up -- if it is a smaller farm and they have cattle, they might be willing to sell raw dairy. Since your average Joe likely doesn't know it is illegal to sell unpasteurized dairy, I wouldn't feel silly asking.

Also, some health food stores I believe sell yogurt from raw dairy. I'm not sure how they get away with that. In the organics section of my local Loblaws (Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm in Ontario as well) they sell organic cheese and the label doesn't say "pasteurized milk" like other cheeses and products do. I believe that the skim milk mozzerella does, though. So I assume that's raw cheese. They also sell a cultured butter (not organic) that IIRC didn't seem to be from pasteurized milk. Imported cheeses are often made from raw milk.

Whether or not to just avoid dairy entirely if you can't find it raw is, IMO, a personal thing. Some people digest it better than others. If you aren't getting good bacteria from much else, I would say it is worth it.

Oh, and you might try goat's milk. They don't homogenize it, and Loblaws carries it organic. The homogenization does bad things too. I have heard that there is a company supposedly starting to sell pateurized non-homogenized milk in Ontario, but I haven't even heard the name, let alone where to buy it. I stopped looking once the farmer I contacted had enough milk for me.
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We had egg nog last night... and again this morning. It is so good! We did it cold. The boys said they would be happy to have it every day. It's a good thing I've found cheap free-range/organic eggs, we're almost out already.

I have a SIL who moved to Calgary recently, she has tried to find raw milk near her in the past (in Ontario). I know there are a couple of Albertans here... anyone have any leads for her? I don't know what part of Calgary they are in, her dh is teaching at a college I believe.
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Originally Posted by cobluegirl
Hey can you freeze whey??
I don't know if someone else has responded already. I don't know if you can freeze it -- I don't see why not, I think freezing problems with milk are due to the fat/sugar/water all freezing/melting at different temps and separating -- but doesn't it keep for something like 6 months in the fridge?
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Hi everyone,

I haven't posted in a few months or more but I caught up on reading the Oct and Nov threads. We moved a few months ago from state to state and I've been getting settled in and finding sources for my meat, milk, veggies, etc. I am in the process of buying a naturally raised lamb and some grassfed beef and getting back to using my coconut oil and having fermented foods daily. It's hard because I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant and feeling kind of lazy.

Right now I'm fighting with the Halloween candy my DD got trick or treating. All those colors and sugars. She was SO happy going out with Daddy though. I made the worst ones disappear from her bucket and give her only a few a day, but she keeps harping for more. I can't wait 'til they're gone- no more junk in the house!

Someone mentioned chocolate/cocoa. I have been mulling around whether to try raw cocao nibs in place of my usual dark chocolate that I crave from time to time. Has anyone tried it? Here is a link: Raw Cocao Nibs Note: it's from a raw food vegan site, but there are a few overlaps in diet with NT.

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ooh those sound good.....
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Uh oh, did I kill the thread? Looking forward to my organic turkey for Thanksgiving and all the leftovers... soup, etc.

Does anyone have some good NT side dishes to share for (U.S.) Thanksgiving? Or to accompany turkey if you're not in the U.S.

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hehe...I think we have just been really quiet the past few months...I don't have any NT recipes right now to share..hehe..
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Originally Posted by sebrinaw
Hi everyone, I am going to sub to this thread. I have just signed up for Susan Weed's Coreespodance Herbal course and one of the books I am getting is NT. I live in Ontario Canada and I can't seem to locate a source for raw milk (it is illegal to sell it here). Am I better off just using organic milk to make my butter and yogurt, or should I not use any pasterized dairy? Thanks for any info.
Hi, I'm in Ontario too. I know what ya mean about finding raw dairy here. I joined a raw dairy group on yahoo to learn more about it.
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Hi all. you all don't know me well, but just wanted to post that I was at the Wise Traditions conference on Friday (could only afford one day!) and it was fantastic. I LOVE meeting so many like-minded people! I spent the morning learning how to make lacto-fermented soda. Then I spent the afternoon in a Fertility Awareness workshop with Katie Singer ("Garden of Fertility"), and then caught the last 45 minutes of Sally Fallon talking about how to incorporate Nourishing Traditions practices into one's life.

This was my second conference (went 2 years ago). And I always love it. I actually got my DH and parents to come this year.... they were in with Sally the whole day (I called it "Nourishing Traditions/Weston A Price 101", and though my DH was groaning about spending "all day in a boring lecture" before hand, by the end he says to me "Honey, I really want to go for the whole time next year". And now he is asking things like "Is that butter from grass-fed cows" (yes, it is!), and "We really need to find a good farm for raw milk before you get pregnant."

Who knew the stuff I've been saying to him for 2 years, wihch he just blindly goes along with most of the time, would be coming out of his mouth with such fervor!!!
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Holiztic -- i thought about the conference several times this weekend. What a great opportunity! It's a huge shlep for us, but perhaps next year.
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