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AF early or implantation bleeding?

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I am ttc this month and had some bleeding after bding last night. On one had this is a good sign for me because I had the same thing happen to me before with the baby I m/c but am worried about the same pattern because it ended badly the first time.

With the m/c I had some bleeding so thought I wasn't pg and then when af didn't show up I tested and voila! I guess I am approx. 1 week after O. And af shouldn't be here for one more week.

But...this would be my second af after m/c was wondering if cycles can be erradic for awhile. My first af was almost exactly 4 weeks after m/c.

Long and winded, I know. I'm sorry. What do you think? Don't know whether to get upset or be ecsatic!:
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i think spotting can happen at any time...especially after bd-ing. I guess if the cervix gets bumped or something. I don't know what to say to you but I hope that you get the result you want!!

On a side note...didn't you m/c in Nov sometime? I m/c'd Nov 19 and I'm still waiting for af!
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Yup, I m/c on November 17th. My first af showed up on the 17th of December (slightly over 4 weeks). If my cycle is like before the m/c my next af should be in a week.

My mw said to expect af 4 to 6 weeks after m/c. I am surprised you haven't had one yet? I guess we are all different.
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You aren't the only one wondering where af is! I figured that I would just start back where I left off but I guess not. We are nopt actively ttc and we weren't with the lost baby either. It just happened.

I'm kinda wondering what is going on with me. I'm starting to feel like I did before i found out about the baby in November. I guess if I don't start in a week I'll test or something...or I might just wait. I have no idea. I asked a ? about cervix lenght. Did you see it? What do you think?

Did you test? How are you feeling?
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Haven't tested yet. Think I'll test on Friday if af doesn't show up by then. It isn't really "due" until Monday but I am leaving my dh for 12 days and would like to share it with him if I am. I feel fine. Hungry right now but good otherwise.

I also had no idea I was pg with the last pg. I really felt "normal" for the first few weeks.Don't know if that is necessarily a good thing though...:
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I'm right there with ya on the hunger thing! I have been starving lately. It's like by the time I eat I'm hungry again!

I'm starting to feel a little nauseated but that kinda goes with food.

Who knows! Good luck with your test on friday!!
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