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Beth, I would feel frustrated too. I'm sure you'll figure it all out, but don't think you're a bad parent cause you haven't been feeding him JUNK! Moderation is good, only hard to achieve. Megan's story is helpful....just finding the right combo of what works for you will be the challenge.

Jstar-as far as a car, we purchased a used Toyota 4Runner after G was born and have mostly been happy with it--except for the price of gas, but a 4Runner doesn't get quite as poor mileage as other SUVs. If we had to do it all over again, I think we'd try to get by on an overall smaller vehicle, but this works for now. I've heard good things about Saturn VUEs and Toyota Matrix.

elsanne-thanks for thinking of me while you were in the airport! We only live about 30 minutes from there. I'm glad you're back home and things are going well for the little fam.

Sherri-glad you had a good visit with your mom. Your holiday sounds idyllic! Very cool.

We do limited TV, also, and try to keep it off for the most part until after G goes to sleep. Though, he does like Teletubbies and Sesame Street (though SS is on at 7, so we rarely are up and ready enough to watch). Don't know when boohbah is on. I also watch "Oprah" if we're inside doing things at the time, but not every day. TV is a big weakness for me, so the fact that we're limiting it as much as we are is a triumph. It's about small steps, mamas. When my brother was here, he had the TV on non-stop all day. That was kinda annoying, but he doesn't have a TV at home and now I know why. That's all he'd do! I'd prefer to have a TV and watch it sparingly than go without and go all crazy for it when I'm around one, ya know?

Okay, he woke up, so I better go. I wish he'd take naps longer than one hour, but at least he's napping.
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Hi I'm new to this thread. So please fill me in
Sahm angelina 7 months owen 2/12 years old. : who lives on :2bfbabe:
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Welcome 01veganmamma!!! Just jump on in on our conversations. We're chatty and quite silly most of the time. But also a supportive and loving group of mamas.

Fiddle- I hope you can achieve a balance that feels right for you. I can't see where feeding a kid straight junk food would be all that healthy, but perhaps an oreo or two here and there might work?

gotta go-hubby on the phone...
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hi 01veganmamma! we are crazy group of funky mamas of babes born in May 2004 and this is just a chat thread where we talk about the latest goings-on in our lives and such. does that answer your "fill me in" question?

glad to hear you made it back home safely, els!

and to everyone else! MMF!

there is much i want to say, but i think i will take it over to the yg later tonight, since that seems to be where the serious discussions are happening right now...

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Elsanne- believe me, I have had visions of packing up the car and heading to Colorado to hang out with a best friend, meet KK in person, and avoid the stupid FTT team here in PDX. But sadly, I think they've got my number and I don't really think it's an option to skip town or even do alternative therapy.

Megan- thanks for the story. It's easy for me to feel polarized on issues, and as Sheri said, perhaps there's a place for moderation here. At least that's what my dh keeps telling me. D&%n that man is wonderful. Even when we disagree, he's so good at being respectful about it (me not so much )

Claudia- hello you wonderful mama!

Jstar- I really appreciate your thoughts. I think I need to stop thinking of needing the tube as a failure or as torture to Luke, but as an option. And if it's between weaning or the ng tube, I pick the tube. Part of me thinks, am I taking this EBF thing too far? I'd rather have my son on a feeding tube than wean? But then again weaning is no garantee of avoiding the tube, and weaning is forever. And nursing is so wonderful in so many ways and I'm not feeling ready to give it up and I KNOW Luke isn't feeling ready. Right now when he has a cold I so much appreciate how it is warm liquid, it is medicine, it is calories when he doesn't feel like eating, and it is comfort, all rolled into one. Give that up? No thanks, not ready.

Jacqueline- I'm kinda like your brother. We keep our TV behing a closet door because I physically cannot turn it off. DH has to. Congratulations on discovering your ability to be moderate with it.

Whew- got my may mama fix. I can face the night.
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Beth-I'm freaking out!!!!! This goes against everything I know about weight gain and nutrition...all junk food does is put on an unhealthy weight in my experience...and that ffod is loaded with all sorts of things that are very harmful (partially-hydrogenated fats, artificial colors, MSG, GMOs, the list goes on...) I think you should totally follow your gut, increase the amount of HEALTHY fats and calories in Luke's diet...add oils like olive and hemp to his meals? Try whey? I don't know if he can do that stuff, but it would seem that anything's better than junk...especially CHEETOS, jesus! Anyway, big hugs and hope all works out...we're at each other a bit over at my place, basically I asked for Ben to watch Tao while I teach (it's a total of about 3 hours a week) and he's hemmin and hawin and BSing about how difficult it is and all that mess...I feel like clawing his eyes out sometimes. Does this sound strange? Do any of you get a break? Am I crazy?!
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Aasalik---bs indeed! Early on I didn't get much in the way of breaks,but more and more as she is older. DH takes over after dinner and does the bath/book reading routine. And usually one day on the weekend I'll go out for 2-3 hours to shop/window shop/drive/do nothing! 3 hours to teach a class sounds more than reasonable---are there specific concerns he has or does he just need Tao's routine/likes/dislikes spelled out for him? I used to have to leave specific meal ideas, eating times, toy preferences, etc. but he has the hang of it now.
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Hey all, I started our new thread (wow!) You can get to it here:


Last year, when I took the work out of the home role that is traditionally the husband's and my wife was the SAHM, I can say that I would have been beaten to death if I so much as hinted that my wife shouldn't take at LEAST a few hours a week to do whatever she wanted. So, if you are feeling at all guilty for asking for some time every week, Asaalik, I say DON'T. If you want to know how to get your husband to step in without complaint, I can't help you except to say that he probably needs to vent through the transition and express his frustration with how difficult it is. It IS hard, but given time he will likely be totally happier that he is taken a more balanced approach to his partnership in parenting with you.
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