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You guys are awsome! Jen, you were right! Thanks for recommending this thread. I am thinking, Jen, that yes, I am with ya. Let's do it! You have been very inspirational...I've watched you just shrink before my eyes. You look fantastic! Oh, btw, I am sure that your hair looks just bee-yoo-tiful! You just have to make friends with it again. I'll help. Can't wait to see it. When can we play?

Hmmmmm, why lose weight...? Well, I desperately want to get pg again. I had the misfortune of experiencing pre-ecclampsia with my pregnancy and am now on the border of chronic hypertension. I DON'T want to develop pre-ecclampsia again if I can help it (nor do I want to develop hypertension). I also was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a while ago (which basically leaves me in chronic pain) and losing weight and becoming more fit will lessen the symptoms. Let's see, what else? I harbor the delusion of running a race someday or something. It just sounds glorious! Right now, if I were to run, my breasts would detach and fall off...it wouldn't be pretty. Also, obesity-related diabetes runs in my family. And lastly, I want to look in the mirror and see ME. my cheekbones and my curves (which are there SOMEWHERE), not the Michelin Man (you know, the marshmallow-lookin' guy from the tire commericials )! I want to have more energy...go hiking, cycling, camping. Oh, I would like to shop for clothes that are NOT in the Plus size section. Anyway, I digress....

Yes, Jen, I am thinking that if I give myself permission to fall off the wagon one day every week that it wouldn't be so difficult to stay on track during the week. And of course with you as my diet buddy, well, things are already better!

Mamademaya, to help with my indecision with meals (which inevitably leads to my emotional eating and impulsive/frantic eating), I make up a menu every week (usually Sunday b/c of the Sunday paper ads), go shopping according to my menu and then stick to the menu. I also work outside of the home 2-1/2 days a week and it really helps to look at the menu instead of obsessing about what I am going to eat. I am also thinking that it will help with calculating points. I usually prepare meals from recipes that give the nutrition stats, so the point thing should be much easier. Oh, try to eat some protein with breakfast. It'll help stave off those hunger pangs.

I had an epiphany today at dinner....I was being assaulted by onion rings and clam strips and then it hit me...this really doesn't taste that great. SO WHY AM I EATING IT. So I stopped. Baby steps....

Ok (deep breath) here are my stats. I am joining WW tomorrow or Sat!

SW: 231
GW: 155-ish

My doc said that she would be jumping up and down for joy if I were down to 180 b4 ttc.

Does anyone feel upset that you have to do this to begin with? :

Thanks for reading my rambling.

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Yeah, Renee! We're doing WW together! And you're welcome. These women rock!

My motivations... in no particular order:

1. I want to be a fit mom.I want to be able to keep up with two babes who will probably be running in opposite directions.

2. I want to be fit so that my kids see healthy eating and food issues while growing up. I want them to love things like creme brulee but understand that it has to be balanced with vegetables and exercise.

3. I have insulin resistance that led me to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes when I was 50 pounds heavier. I caught it just in time from tipping over but I'm way too close for comfort.

4. I have a "bad back." So every pound I lose is one less pound my inferior discs have to deal with and puts off a major, painful, icky operation forever hopefully.

5. My DH has a yellow thong fantasy. Anyone need any other details on that?

6. I'm vain. I'd like to be thin so I look good so I want to get my hair done and wear pretty clothes.

7. I'd like to get a horse and I want to be kind to him or her.

8. Next summer I want to explore the outdoors with the family by camping and hiking and I want to go away for a very special week with Renee and all our kids and carting our crap to the site and setting up camp is exhausting!

9. I want to TTC next summer and frankly, I hate pregnancy. (I'm afraid I'm going to get pelted with granola and cloth mama pads for saying that at this site!! ) I just find pregnancy incredibly umcomfortable. No need to add to it with extra poundage!

And yes, Renee. This process annoys me too. Especially when I consider that being overweight is something I'm going to have to deal with my entire life. I'll always be prone to falling back into bad habits - heck I just gained 2 pounds in one week just because I didn't feel like losing weight. So even when I get to goal, it will always be there niggling at the back of my mind. Ack.
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Mine, in no particular order--

1. I want my kids to feel that healthy eating and exercise are a normal part of life, and not something that requires tons of willpower (as it does me).

2. I've struggled with weight all my life and I don't want to do it any more. I know I'll have to always stay on top of it, but I've done many hard things in my life and I don't want this to be the challenge I wimp out on.

3. I'm vain, too and I'm just sick of not finding clothes that fit! I want shopping to be a less painful experience, and yes, I want to look pretty!

4. I have so much more energy when I'm eating right and exercising, not to mention it keeps me from feeling depressed and lethargic.

5. I don't want to be a frumpy housewife!

6. When I get pg again (in about 18 mths), I don't want to start out overweight because that means I'll have more to lose afterward. I also *really* dislike being pregnant (lol, Jennifer). This last time was the worst--my body hurt so bad--and I know it's because I was too heavy.
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Hi y'all!
My sweet boy is actually napping without someone holding him in the bouncy seat so I can type...

Motivation...I lost 45 lbs on WW last year because:

1. Heart disease is what killed my dad at age 51, and that's a major predictor of my risk. So I need to live like I already have it, which means at a healthy weight.

2. I wanted to be in good shape for my 2nd pregnancy. I was! It was a million times better than my first...I felt good pretty much until I went past 41 weeks.

3. I was an athlete as a kid, and wanted to get that feeling back. I ran a marathon in January of this year and it was amazing. I loved seeing what my body could do.

4. Can I just say, size 6 skinny jeans???????? Now that's a GREAT feeling, not since high school have I worn that size.

So, my motivation this time is to get back to where I was. My clothes fit great, I slept better and had more energy, and about a thousand other reasons. So, from someone who's been to goal weight, let me just tell you, it is SO worth it. I'll just repeat it...it is SO WORTH IT!!!!!! You can do it mamas!

I just started following points again two days ago and it's going pretty well. I don't know when they're going to make me start paying so I haven't gone to meetings yet...I think they give you 3 months PP before you have to pay if you're not at your goal weight. Oh and if you're at lifetime when you get pregnant, you just register with them and they will "hold" your membership so you don't have to pay when you get back.

Anyway I think my little guy is stirring so I better go...good luck to all.
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Beth, thanks for showing us the "other" side. That is a huge motivation for me.

I WIed in today and lost 3.8 pounds. I am very happy with it. Too bad I can't lose that much every week, I could be at maintenance level in February. I am going out with some MDC mamas tonight and want to be able to have my favorite sandwich at Panera (18 pts ) so I had a fruit smoothie for breakfast (1 pt), garden veggie soup and wheat crackers for lunch (3 pts) and I will probably make a 1 pt smoothie before I go so I am not starving and can really savor my meal. We will then go to Caribou for coffee and I will have some herbal tea and take my own WW treat. Shhh....

My motivation in no particular order

1.) I want my kids to know how to eat healthy. I learned terrible eating habits from my mom who is not huge but needs to lose weight as well.

2.) I want to feel better physically. I have been having many aches and pains and I have to believe that it is connected to some extent with my weight. I am only 29 and should not have this many issues.

3.)I want to be able to shop anywhere. I am short and finding clothes in a 16 that are short is difficult. I do not spend a whole lot of $$ on clothes so my options are limited and finding my size at a resale shop is next to impossible.

4.) My sex life with dh has gone downhill drastically since we were married. Many contributing factors but my weight is a big issue for me.

5.) We have a cottage up north and spend a whole lot of time there in the summer. I want to look decent in a bathing suit and not feel that people are making jokes as I ride by on the jet ski.

6.) The most embarassing reason. Going back to the clothes issue, all of my pants are seriously frayed and most have holes in the thighs because my thighs are rubbing together so much.

7.) I want to enjoy exercising more and it is very difficult right now.

I am sure there are more motivating factors but those are the ones that came to me.

Unlike those of you that hate being pg, I am the opposite. I LOVE pregnancy, childbirth and nursing more than anything. With my last dd, I weighed 1 pound less than my prepregnancy weight when I went into labor with her. When she was 10 hours old, I was wearing shorts that I had not been able to wear for 2 years. Of course, over the next 8 months, I gained 30 lbs.
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Mamabeth, that was great! Do you mind if I ask how long it took to lose 45 lbs? I have 30 lbs to lose and I feel like it's going to take so long. I'd love to envision a light at the end of this tunnel.

Another question for everyone: What kind of exercise are you doing? I was walking with my neighbors, but ever since they started talking about listening to Rush Limbaugh, I'll admit my determination has wained

I raked leaves yesterday for over an hour and that was a good workout! My legs and rear end are feeling it! I need to hop on my treadmill more often at night, I think.
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Wow, tnrsmom...I really identify with ALL of your motivations! Also, I share your enthusiasm re: pregnancy. I loved being pregnant. LOVED IT! All of it. Even when I felt sick or sore or bloated, it was wonderful. Only the last week stunk and that was b/c of the pre-ecclampsia. I can only imagine what my next pregnancy will feel like once I am smaller.

Exercise, well, that's a hard one. I admit, I have a hard time motivating myself. Jen got me going walking for awhile. It was baptism by fire though (pardon the cliché). She said that the walk was "3 miles or so". LIAR! Hmmm, what was that? OVER 4? But you showed me that I could do it and not die trying. So thanks! I enjoy walking, swimming, yoga, pilates and basic toning. Swimming is a hard one...you know, the bathing suit thing...

Here's a question for all you mommas...how do you exercise with your children running around or being plain needy? Especially as the weather gets colder (in the Midwest anyway) and snowy and treacherous? I would LOVE a treadmill!

Tomorrow I am joining WW (they closed today before I could get out of work). I am leaving dd with dh (meeting with more than a little resistance) in order to do this. Yay me. I am feeling like my life is over, yet just beginning. Crazy. Actually, I am feeling quite cranky about the whole deal. Very overwhelmed.

Well, time to put dd to bed. Good night!
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Renee, you CAN do it!! We will all be here to support you on the rough days and congratulate you on the good days.

I really struggle with exercise. I am not motivated at all! Too broke for a gym membership. 5 kids around the house. Not quite sure what I can do to get motivated. I know it will help with the weight loss but I am really struggling. I raked leaves with dd 1 today for about an hour but I did not really feel tired after doing so. Living in Michigan, we have to take our good days when we can get them right now. Today was leaves, tomorrow will be a long walk.

So I went out for my splurge night and did OK. I had an apple with my sandwich (which was awesome) instead of chips. Water to drink and at Caribou I had black tea (needed the caffeine) and tried my WW treat but hated it. I though about getting a chocolate covered graham but decided against it and was fine.
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Hey ladies!! I'm here! I'm here! LOL

First I shall update with my weigh in numbers from Thursday..
SW - 218.6
CW - 197.8
Goal - 125 - 135... i think

I have no idea how but I lost 1.4 lbs this week. I am thinking that its my very very very hungry nursing toddler, LOL. she nursed constantly the last week it seems. So now I am 0.2 away from my 10% goal and hit my 16 week goal last week! Even better than that tho... I'm fitting into jeans that I havent worn since before I had dd1 (4.5 years ago) and I bought a pair of Organic cotton pants in size XL and they fit
being so close to 10% and hitting my 16 week goal has really boosted my spirits this week. Unfortunately I think my period is arriving AGAIN.. i swear that I just had it! So I am going to need you ladies this week to keep myself from splurging on chocolate lol.

as for motivations... I think all of you have already hit on mine. I made a major realization that I was dressing in sweat pants or really worn patchwork skirts and tshirts cause I was trying to hide myself or allow people to dismiss me as odd. I dont want to be that way anymore... I want to be proud of me and I want to teach my daugthers to love themselves and take care of themselves. So many of my habits are because we ate poorly as kids (my mom was single so it wasnt anything she could prevent really). I just dont want to give those habits to my girls.

Excercise is really hard for me still... and I have lost all of my weight without it. I like excersizing... but I cant go to the gym (even tho i pay for it monthly ) because Willow (11 months) screams the whole time. I have some videos but never seem to have time to do it other than 11 at night and by that time I ilke to sew or catch up on email. so im still strugging with that "key".

Anyway welcome to all the new mamas... i think we all need you as much as you need us because you help re-motivate us to our goals!

Congrats to everyone with losses too! The holidays are coming up... we are going to need each other
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Hi there, mamas! I did it. I am officially a WW member! For you mamas who are only nursing toddlers...do you take the extra 10 points allotted for nursing mamas or not? Maiya still nurses full time and tops off with solids.

I took a walk today with dd. It is such a gorgeous Michigan fall day, especially for Nov! We played in the leaves and took some really cute pictures of dd. Dh threw leaves at her and the picture looks like leaves are softly falling on her, with her just giggling away. Very cute.

I just realized that computing points is going to be SO much easier b/c I normally cook using recipes that already have the nutritional information listed. Sweet! I am loving my Moosewood Low-Fat cookbook!

Jen, the Saturday 10am meeting was great! Everyone was really nice. And here's the best part. Dh VOLUNTEERED to watch your dd and mine. Whoa. So, how 'bout it buddy? Sat is a good time for me to weigh in, so I can take Sat off. Usually that is the hardest day for me anyway. I might as well plan for it.

Dd is off somewhere playing with something and saying "ohhhhh". That's my cue.


Oh, congrats on your new "skinny" purchase, mama2kyla! Isn't that FUN!
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WOW! Lots of people to keep up with! Welcome to all those that started since I last visited.

Thanks Mamabeth for the information regarding lifetime membership and pregnancy. I am planning an FET in a year or two, so was wondering about that.

My motivations:

* to set a healthy example for my children
* to get rid of the achy back (have already succeeded in that!)
* to remain young and healthy so as not to embarrass my children as they get older
* to gain a sense of control in my life
* I love to wear clothes that fit loosely, and hate having to buy extra large sizes to make that happen

When do I exercise? I have a playroom set up that is next to the workout equipment, but gated off, so kids play while I workout. Sometimes I do it while everybody else is eating dinner.

Have some good news today...down another 2 lbs! I love the days when I break through a 10 lb milestone.

SW 208
CW 179
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Congrats on the losses, everyone!

Exercise... oy. Sometimes I am a marathoner (or it will feel liek that 2 kids along!) and sometimes I'm a slug. Right now, I'm sluggish when it comes to organized exercising. Chasing DD and tandem nursing are my only 2 forms rights now. It's too cold today!

I'm at my parents's for a few days and when I get home, Renee and I are going to spoil ourselves with "girl" stuff! Shopping fun!
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Just checking in. How is everyone doing?
I struggled a bit this weekend, still stayed OP but did not eat well. Lots of snack stuff. I really want to lose at a good pace though so I am determined to do better this week.

I made some cheesy veggie soup this morning that I will have with a baked potato for lunch. Not sure about dinner yet. I am trying to have all meals planned out ahead of time so I do less snacking and more good eating.

Does anyone eat whatever they want 1 day a week and stay OP the other 6 days? How does it work for you? Do you still lose weight?
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I haven't checked in for awhile. Last week i didn't do so well, up .4, but this week I decided to try core and lost 3 lbs.! That's my greatest loss since starting!

Saturday was my son's baptism, so I gave myself the day off! I ate the pizza, cake, wine, etc. Of course, I felt like crap by bedtime and was anxious to get back on OP.

So, for those of you on core, what are some lunch ideas. As I have mentioned before, I don't like salads, so what else do you eat? Also, my 15 year old is trying core this week with me and is looking for some lunch ideas. Hers is harder, I think, because she can't warm stuff up and needs something that travels well.

I am also working hard at getting 2 AP's each day. I try to do whatever I can, mostly walking outside and doing the walk away the pounds tapes. I also have the firm tapes, try to do them too, but they take longer usually and I get lots of "help" with the weights! I hate, hate, hate the cold, so as it cools down, I can't get outside and walk.

How is everyone else doing?
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I'm not doing so well on WW...I think I need to go back to the actual meetings and WI's before I'm really motivated, so that means in a few weeks. Does anybody know if they ask you for an actual doctor or midwife's note when you go back? I just can't keep it together knowing that I won't actually get weighed in yet.

That being said, I held it together pretty well considering my ILs were here and it was DH's birthday. But there were pieces of cake involved, and cookies, etc. : Oh well, on to a new week.
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Barb, congrats on the new loss. I need to look into core a bit myself. Maybe it would be a good idea to do once in a while as a jumpstart.

Hang in there Beth.
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Oh man! I can't believe I missed so many posts!

My dh told me he was getting rid of our cookies but I didn't realize that it meant I wouldn't get the notification of posts to this thread. So I just thought everyone was being super quiet, lol.

Jen, thanks for asking about me And congrats on your great recovery . I had a pretty bad week last week. I lost .4lbs which is great but my eating habits were pretty poor so I really needed to smarten up. I am only 2.2lbs from my 10% so that is my goal this week. The only problem is that I have a concert during my normal wi this week so I am sad that I'm not going to get my little gift in front of everyone. Talk about vain . I'll have to do the wi during the day and skip the meeting. Does everyone else get a gift at 10% at their meetings?

Suzetta, here is what we did last week for the little tastes: Our leader calls them BLT's (Bites, Licks, Tastes). She gave examples of some really simple BLT's like a sip of orange juice, a few chips and a spoon of ice cream. THings like that. Then she made us figure out how many points and it came to 14! The things she listed could easily be consumed in a day without tracking and you'd be behind 14 entire points. Really opened my eyes. So she gave us each a little baggie and told us instead of eating the BLT's the next week, collect them in a baggie. So that might help you realize what you are consuming. (Or you could just right down your BLT's on pieces of paper and put those in the baggie).

Renee, welcome! I think we have a LOT in common. Similar weight and circumstances. I'm glad you are here I also love to cook and eat. One thing that I find helps is to really try to convince myself that there will always be "blank" (insert cheesecake, burgers whatever) and that if I don't eat it today I can have it someday in the future. Sometimes I think I eat because I think I won't have another chance to eat that item, yk?

Anyway, I fell yesterday chasing my son who darted out of church unexpectedly and so my exercise will likely be non-existent this week due to a sore knee. Hopefully I can still get that 2.2lbs.
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Does anyone eat whatever they want 1 day a week and stay OP the other 6 days? How does it work for you? Do you still lose weight?
I make my weigh in day the last day of my week of tracking, and I make sure to save the majority of my Flex points. I always get up in the morning, do an awesome workout then weigh in. When I leave my meeting, I have a relaxed day of eating. I do not just pig out on junk food, but I will eat out and have a meal that I really like, without worrying too much about counting points...but I do tend to stay reasonable. I might even get a dessert to share with whoever I am with. I am doing WW to change my habits for a lifetime, so it is important that I strive for moderation 100% of the time- but you do have to live, and it is nice to just enjoy a meal every now and then without stressing over whether it was 5 pts or 6. I don't see that this practice hurts my loss.

I really worked out on Saturday. I did the treadmill for 25 minutes, then I did a full round of squats, lunges, plie squats, deadlifts for 35 minutes. I am sore, sore, sore today.
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Suzetta... ok you sound like me. Only thing is I've been freaking out about it even though I have still lost weight. I just can't seem to help thinking about not counting my points the evening after WI. All week I think to myself "You already used your flex points because you didn't count on Wed night... so now you *technically* only have your daily 28 points to spend." And if I'm really bugging I'll continue with these thoughts "And you know that food you slurged on was probably WAY over your flex points so now you need to be reeeeeeally careful you don't go over at all and maybe even just cut yourself short a day or two to make up for that overindulgence."

I probably just made myself sound like a psycho path But seriously, does anyone else have these mind issues?

Oh yeah... I forgot to tell you all my good news. I had to go buy 2 pars of pants yesterday because all 3 pairs of my jeans were literally falling off, suprisingly. Anyhow... I expected to go down a size so I grabbed a pair of 16's. I could take them off without unbuttoning them I am freaking out here... I am wearing a size 14!!! After losing just 15.6 lbs! I haven't been that in 8 yrs.
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Suzette, that sounds like a great plan. Thanks so much for sharing. I am still a baby with this.

Kristie, YOU ROCK~~~~

You are my inspiration for today. I can not wait to drop a size.
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