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Healing the Gut Tribe: November

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Link to previous thread: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=350068

How did everyone do last night? I didn't even have candy in the house, we were at my mother's until early evening, so I turned off all the lights and didn't give any out this year.

Welcome to the Start of the Holiday Season -- we have to be stong!

Remember: a moment on the lips, a lifetime in the gut!

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i cheated :

we went to a friend's to trick or treat and her other friend's ds has severe allergies to several things and she had special candy for him and some of it was ok based on our allergy testing so i had a bite or two. but definately scd illegal it was sooo good though.

re: the psychological aspect, i know it's sure doing a number on me. i feel so deprived. even when i have yummy food to eat, i still miss quesadillas and pizzas. not the gourmet almond flour/goat cheese pizzas, i'm talking big old greazy ones from disgusting pizza places

max is itchy and flaring up today so i guess yesterday was a mistake. i'm back on track and just hope to make it through tomorrow. we're very low on legal foods and i forgot dh needed the car tonight and i need to bring all our meals with us tomorrow because we're out all day. we'll see how it goes. i just hope i don't pass out
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Well, I started the diet today. I am soooo hungry. Knowing I can't have food just makes me hungry even if I am not really hungry KWIM? I have done pretty good today though considering my weekend binge (don't even ask about last night ).

I couldn't just do the intro diet as is though. I added coconut milk to my broth and ginger, but don't really think that is too bad since they are both legals anyways. They only thing I cheated on were some cashews that probably had starch on them. At least I made a step in the right direction.

I am going to plan the next few days menu but I am wondering about all the nuts/nut flour. Can my dd (11 mo) have them or do you still wait till older? Allergy wise (her cousin has a peanut/nut allergy) I believe you are not supposed to do them until 2 or 3? What should I do? Will my eating them tons affect her too? This is so confusing.

As for the psychological effects I think if you explain things to them on why they can't have certain foods they will be ok with it. At least my neice is who can't have soy. She is 2 1/2 and now she will point to food and say "Soy?" and you just say yes or no and she knows she can't have it. Sometimes she walks over to my pantry and says soy, soy, soy. Like everything has soy in it. She is so cute. My sister has just always told her she can't have it because it has soy in it and soy makes her sick/makes her belly hurt. Although lately she now points to your food and says "I like it" and nods her head. If you say no, then she looks crushed and says "Soy?"
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Ok, I have another question.

How do they make the dry curd cottage cheese? I thought I read somewhere that it was also called Farmer's cheese? There is a recipe to make Farmer Cheese in Wild Fermentation and I am just wondering if it is the same or not. It is just milk and vinegar. Anyone know?
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We cheated at a Halloween party on Saturday night -- I split a small slice of illegal pumkin pie with ds, figuring that at least it was pumpkin pie, not candy. Boy, has his sleep and behavior been a mess since! He had no candy on Halloween (I feel like I should have made some, but didn't get around to it), but we did have a fast food taco (just meat and cheese, and tossed out the tortilla) after going to the local mall to see the trick or treaters. And ds had diarrhea today! Wonder if it was that or the GSE I took yesterday to try to kill the yeasties (he is sensitive to citrus and is still nursing).

As far as alternatives to almonds, the book lists filberts (I think), pecans, and cashews instead, which you can grind yourself to make flour. My ds gets a nasty diaper rash with almonds, even organic ones. So we use cashews and pecans instead. I was thinking of trying him with almond flour after a month on the diet, since it's from blanched almonds (so I was thinking since we've never tried them, maybe it would be different), but since we cheated we'll have to start all over. Sigh. Almonds are cheaper than pecans and cashews.

Anyway, happy November everyone!
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Hee hee don't even ask what we are eating over here....

But I do need to get new probiotics. I was going to order this one, and was wondering if it is ok:

It lists inulin as another ingredient, is this in all probiotics now?

Actually there is another one, maybe this one is better?


Okey dokey thanks for your help!
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well, trying to get back on the wagon here. I feel for you ladies starting the diet I remember the horrible cravings, still have them- that's the reason for the binge.

I didn't know you could make the DCCC. It is also called farmer's cheese, but there are 2 types of farmer's cheese. Jane had posted a link to what the different kinds look like in the Oct thread.

I have no idea about probiotics, but am interested as I will need to get some more soon. I could have got them through the ND, but thought I woudl see what you guys thought was the best. So, I am interesteed to see your replies LIane.

We saw the ND. We are still on the enzymes and 2 pills that are supposed to help with the yeast. She is concerned about my weight and wants me to try and eat more complex carbs. I don't want to try anything until this yeast infection goes away. I am going to try Luke on solids again if we can get 2 good weeks, so I have to be very good.

OH, and there is a possibility I could be pregnant. Everyone knows that we want a baby bad, but were kind of trying to avoid because I don't want my milk to dry up. I finally ovulated on day 41 of my cycle, right after we had sex. I am on my 5 day of temp rise now, so we will see....

OH, the ND recommended this new supplement. Ugh I cannot remember the name. She said she wanted Luke and I both to take it, but only 1 place makes it and they have a patent on it. I wanted to get some outside opinion though before started this..

ok it is AMBROTOSE

ANY one know about this?
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I guess I'm in the minority here not feeling all that deprived. I'm sad about not being able to eat certain things (Indian food is my big one) but I feel so darn good that it just isn't an issue for me. It's definitely a mindset thing, I think. I don't think about NOT being able to have XYZ, I think about all the yummy stuff I can have. I know Quillian's okay with it too. They had a halloween party at his school and I brought cool things he could eat. Two interesting things happened. All the other kids wanted his food (homemade looked better than a plastic bag of cookies apparently!) and he stopped his teacher when they gave him OJ and asked for his special juice because "this makes me feel yucky." The teachers were completely blown away. I was very proud. He isn't even three yet! So I think it's all in how you present it. He loves his special juice (apple cider) and it really doesn't occur to him to eat things that aren't right for him right now. This is especially interesting because he IS allowed to have OJ, he just knows that at school he drinks the cider that I bring for him. I found it helped me to go to all the SCD legal sites for ideas for food, it gets me excited and I think we are eating better now that ever. I hope that this isn't too annoying and peppy for anyone
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I think Moneca was trying something like this on Sierra. I found a couple links on it... it is comprised of several different kinds of sugars:


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Making dccc with just milk and vinegar would leave the lactose/milk sugar intact.

Friendship's dccc doesn't have any lactose and that is why it's allowed on the SCD:
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This is an "undigestible" sugar. It is supposed to "selectively" feed the good bacteria and thus is added to probiotics b/c it is thought to increase their number. However, it also feeds the baddies:


Culturelle also makes their probiotic without inulin. We get ours at CVS, this version is in the wide boxes (the narrow boxes have the inulin). http://www.cvs.com..Query=culturelle

I have tried it with DS recently b/c I was losing my mind wondering why he was getting worse. It had worked in the past with us to stop diarrhea. Elaine had approved L. casei as a probiotic and that is what it contains. And Culturelle has hundreds of studies; it is well known for being good for bacterial problems. It didn't work.

Kirkman Acidophilus
That was the one I got for DS. It didn't do much for us I don't think but DS is a special case. Incidentally he is doing GREAT on yogurt right now. I even ran out of goat yogurt and gave him some of my raw cow's milk yogurt.... several days now, no reactions, things are getting better!

(I've also pulled the epsom salts baths and cut down his enzymes, I think they were too much for him... too much detox/die off at once maybe. Epsom salts are supposed to help but it seems he really didn't need the extra magnesium and it was causing loose stools instead. And me being dense just kept on giving them to him b/c they were "supposed" to calm him down and help with die-off. )
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Originally Posted by elisabeth
All the other kids wanted his food (homemade looked better than a plastic bag of cookies apparently!)

I hope that this isn't too annoying and peppy for anyone

No, we need more pep talks! At least I do, for DS. For me, I don't even think anymore, I'm happy to be able to have some semblance of treats/desserts once in a while AND get better at the same time.

What did you make?
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Also wanted to mention if you cannot find DCCC or don't want to use it, dripped yogurt is a perfect substitution.
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Crunchy_mama-- What enzymes are you taking for the yeast? I would like to start taking some, but unsure which to try.
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The pumpkin cookies from BTVC with walnuts. They are SO good! The recipe makes a ton and I just stash them in the freezer and pull them out as needed. They don't fully freeze, so they're just cold and fabulous.
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Yes, inspiration is always good! I have a 4 quart batch of yogurt in the oven, so am hoping to make some yogurt cheese and try the cheesecake.

I FINALLY got my book! I really like the recipe section. I made raw cranberry relish today and liver pate yesterday.

Jane- Thanks for the links. I am thinking that we will not buy the stuff. I am pretty happy with things now. I think that what we are doing now seems to be working.

You know what is amazing to me all the things the Lc and I thought he was having issues with I am eating now, no problem. Seems like it was the gut/grains all along.

Can I just say I have felt amazing today! IN such a great mood, kind, loving, and patient! Don't know the exact reason, but it was so nice!

Aristicat- Here are the supplements I am taking.
Formula SF722

A Thorne innovation, SF722 containing undecelenic acid in a base of olive oil, aids in the establishment of a healthy gut flora, and has been one of our best selling products for over a decade.

It may be useful as supportive therapy to help alleviate the symptomatic effects associated with intestinal overgrowth of Candida.

Sensitivity to Candida can cause a myriad of symptoms such as

* chronic fatigue
* allergies
* hives
* rashes
* irritability
* brain fog
* depression,
* mood swings
* itching
Candida Control Support, Fungus Control Support, Gastrointenstinal Support, Allergy Relief Support, Depression Control Support, Colon Support, Intestine Support
Citramins is Thorne Research's highly bioavailable citrate-bound multiple-mineral formula.

Perma-Clear™ [TR SF741 ] - Leaky Gut Support
This product is for normalizing intestinal permeability. Intestinal permeability is often altered by dysbiosis, food sensitivities, pharmaceuticals, etc. In some cases it will spontaneously normalize once you have corrected the above mentioned causes. In other cases you need to supply supportive nutrients to normalize altered permeability. I test this product once dysbiosis is corrected. It contains glutamine, N-acetylglucosamine, saccharomyces boulardii, lactobacillus sporogenes, quercetin, chalcone, and ginkgo.

Bio-Gest® is a broad spectrum digestive aid, containing: Betaine and Glutamic HCl to increase gastric activity; Pepsin for proteolytic activity in the stomach; Pancreatin providing enzymatic action to break down protein, starches and fats, and ox bile for enhanced fatty acid absorption. Each Capsule Contains Betaine Hydrochloride .... 240.0mg Glutamic Acid Hydrochloride .... 240.0mg Ox Bile Concentrate .... 40.0mg Pure Pancreatin .... 70.0mg Pure Pepsin .... 35.0mg
So, I guess I remembered wrong- 2 supplements for digestion and 1 for yeast. I am also taking a Pro-Biotic and Prenatals, along with Cod Liver Oil.

The ND stated that I obviously need the ensymes because I didn't notice any problems with taking them and people taht need them often need them forever. Anyone know if that's true, how depressing... and expensive..
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crunchy_mama, that's so great that you've been feeling good, maybe it's the diet or the supplements or your biorhythms (sp?). I've been down myself, nice to hear that others are doing well. Oh, and as far as the rest of your life on enzymes -- well, supposedly with the SCD program, you can heal your gut, so I would think that would mean you wouldn't. Makes another case for the diet vs. the enzymes, that's for sure.

Happy November everyone! Elisabeth, I will have to try those pumkin cookies, just so ds can have some cookies. He's always going on about what he can't have
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Thanks pookietooth! I am very conflicted at this point. Trying to stay clean, but wanting to take the "easy" way. I wasn't terribly unhappy with my heatlh before, I just started down this path because of lil' man.

Jane- I missed that earlier- you said your lil' man is doing cow milk yogurt, how awesome is that! Oh, I am so happy for you! Sounds very promising!

Well, today lil' man was bonkers. Probably because I had Oatios yesterday, with milk. Yep, that's wrong on so many levels.... Did take enzymes with it. Actually had it Tuesday with no ill effect seen. So, perhaps today was die off, who knows. His stool was fine though, just hyper.

OH, as I was sitting there eating some frozen pureed banana(which were extremely ripe when I froze them) for dessert lil' man was begging for food. So, I decided to go ahead and give him some. He gobbled it up. He ate more then he used to eat in a 3-4 day period. He kept saying bite, bite. No bad effects noticed so far. He pooped not long after that, so I was terrified it would be green and all mucousy, but nope it was good! I am so excited!

Still battling this horrendous yeast infection. Waiting for my yogurt to finish, 45 min to go in the fridge. I have also been doing garlic suppositories at night, but think I will do a yogurt soaked tampon tonight.

Oh, and still counting down to POAS, 1 week to go!
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Well, on day 3 of the diet. I only did the intro for one day. Last night I ate dinner at my dad's and halfway thru I realized the little green things in teh veggies were soybeans. Oh well, at least it wasn't a deliberate cheat!
Other than that I have been pretty darn good saying no to a lot of things I would otherwise gobble up. Glad I have you all to motivate me!

I made the apple custard pie last night and yuck. I don't know if I did it wrong or what but it was way to eggy for me. Maybe adding more yogurt would have helped or honey or cinnamon. Anyone else ever try that one?

Yummm I bought almonds today just so I could try the pumpkin cookes Glad to hear that they are worth it.
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Just trying to catch up with the thread while it's still one page....

Easy halloween here since we are so secluded that we have seen nary a trick-or-treater in years.

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