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I want to say "hi" and join.

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Hello, my name is Kaitlin and my husband is Jeremy.We are having our first baby in June. My due date is June 16th. We are very happy and can't wait to meet our little one.I am 18 and my husband is 20.I am glad my mom told me about this place, I have learned so much already.
I plan to have as natural of birth as possible.We will cloth diaper,will not vax,breastfeed,co-sleep and all the other things I have been reading about here on this board. I would really like to have a homebirth after reading so much here today. My husband big concern is that we live 35 minutes from the hospital if something went wrong. My mom knows a few midwives here adn I am going to call one in the morning to get some info. I am also thinking about Nashville's only birthing center.I do like my OB though, she seems to be very cool and I heard from a friend today that she tries to get women to have natural child birth.
It is so great see so many moms due in June. I will see you all around.
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Welcome Kaitlin! I feel your concern about the home birth. This is the route we want to take but also live 35 minutes (up a very very windy bumpy road) from the hospital.

I wish a nice birth center were an option. Definitely check it out and keep your options open.
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Hi Jo,I like you cats name.My little sister is named Sabri.The birthing center here is free standing and ran by some great mid wives.My friend had her baby there last year.We are goin got look at it next week, they take our insurance.

I pray you have a safe and healthy pregnancy
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Welcome and congratulations! We are either going to homebirth or use our birth center...still haven't decided! Glad you found this board
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Hi Kait! My brother lives in Nashville - small world! Our distance from the hopsital & some health issues I have were why we opted for a hospital birth. Last time we were in a hospital & there were many things I disliked about the experience. This time I am going with different OB w/ much more natural philosophies & a much more progressive hospital that has a birth center w/ whirlpool tubs, birthing balls, special birthing beds, no routine iv, monitoring, episiotomies, etc.

I think it is possible to have a natural birth in a hospital setting - I know several women who have - good luck!!
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Welcome Kait and congratulations!
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Welcome to the group!!!
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