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~Happy Third Birthday!~ Nov/Dec 02 Kids

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Unbelievable-- They're turning three!!!
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Oh my goodness.

"I have a 3 year old son."

That sounds so strange... He still loves to be my snuggley little baby!

Elwynn is so darn cute, Fern! I loved the hat and pants. I made the kids' costumes last year (a scarecrow and a cat), but this year we bought them. I feel so lazy!

It was nice to hear from Amy again... And where is Mama Jaz? And casina?

Zachary was a trip today. He was very whiny and clingy and generally annoying. I had to give him my undivided attention today, and while I loved having a little love monkey attached to me all day, it was exhausting! He made me a bed of blankets on the living room floor and we pretended to sleep, and we snored. It was nice and comfy. Then he helped me cook dinner. (Dh hates that- he thinks the kids will get burned and scarred for life.) Do any of you let your kids sit on the counter and cook with you? Is this totally irresponsible of me, and completely dangerous? I tell them to be careful, don't touch the stove, but sometimes they get brave and grab a spoon and start stirring, or ask to shake in a spice. DH thinks they will end up in the burn unit at the hospital. What do you all think?
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pardon me for not being around much, i just feel perfectly lousy :cry
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Yesterday was Christopher's third birthday. We cooked what he wanted for dinner, and he received two CDs from us. His big present (skateboard, Yes! we are crazy) will come at his birthday party on Saturday. We got him the Laurie Berkner Buzz Buzz CD and the They Might Be Giants Here Comes the ABCs. He loves the Buzz Buzz CD!

David is miserable sick right now and I am hoping that Chris doesn't catch it. Thank God for Hyland Cold Tablets +C!
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Punk, , feel better soon.

BeanBean had his first swimming lesson tonight. It was horrible-- he freaked out when the instructor touched him and wouldn't even calm down enough to tell me what was wrong for an age. He spent most of the lesson sitting by the side watching the other kids. Absolutely insane! I'm hoping that next week, things go better.

Leah-- BeanBean cooks with his grandmother all the time, nearly every weekend. He absolutely loves it. I think she's brave. The truth is, our kitchen is too small and cooking is more chore than relaxation for me, so I'm likely to be tense going into it. Grandma is much more relaxed (she actually enjoys cooking!) so it's a lot easier all around there. BooBah will probably start "helping" later this year.

It's amazing how much kids figure out on their own. When a child gets near a hot oven or stove, for example, they feel the heat coming off of it and learn very quickly not to touch it. BeanBean's grandparents have a flat cook surface, but grandma showed him the little red light that comes on when the stovetop is hot, and he got it right away-- hot surface means don't touch. Simple, right? It's all good. Perhaps your husband is paranoid because he himself is uncomfortable in the kitchen?
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i haven't posted here before but ds3 turned 3 october 18th and I am with you wondering who stole my baby and put this giant in his place. he has little tantrums and tells me no sometimes he is generally a delight and the talk of the town, and out of my four children the most empathatic and kind and sweet-natured but he is changing in all sorts of ways and and hope mixed with that sadness and concern
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Carrie, we know how busy you are, mama!

I will still cook with the kids. I might be crazy, or stupid. Either way the kids love it. I can't even set foot into the kitchen without one or both of them following me saying "Up here!" (their command for being plunked on the counter.)

You know what I miss? Shopping for fluff! Even though I am so happy that the kids are potty trained, I still miss trying new stuff. And I see all the ads here on MDC- I am so lost with all the new brands. That's one of the things I am most excited about when we have our next baby!

Have a good night, mamas!
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Originally Posted by DecemberSun

Elwynn is so darn cute, Fern! I loved the hat and pants. I made the kids' costumes last year (a scarecrow and a cat), but this year we bought them. I feel so lazy!
i didnt knit the hat and pants, but i did add the stem and vines to the pumpkin hat i bought them from the tp a while back and decide dthey would be a perfect pumpkin costume.

all is well here. i know how you all feel about having a huge almost 3 year old.. elwynn is seeming more grown up everyday. he is still such a little guy though.. i just love kissing and snuggling him. yesterday he kept saing " i love you sooo much" to me and when he is being serious he calls me fernie not momma..

he is so looking forward to baby coming. he asks daily if the "baby comed yet?" and i tell him that he will know whan the baby comes. soon i hope!

BUt, he came down with a bad case of pinkeye last night so we are trying to clear that up before baby comes.. and im feeling a bit sick as well.. sore throat, sniffles..blah. so hopefully baby will wait another week or so now so we can all get better.
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Fern, is your baby's name pronounced "guy-oh"? Please forgive me if that's incorrect, but I have been DYING to know!

Sending healing vibes "Fernie's" and Elwynn's way...

Zachary says the CUTEST stuff these days, I can't even keep up with it all. I've started writing it down, and I want to add all his little quotes to a page in his baby book. We went to the mall today- the kids love to ride the carousel and play at the indoor play area, and I like to meet my SIL for coffee! So, when we got back I was just relaxing, scanning the Rosie Hippo's catalog, the kids were playing, and Zachary comes up to me and says "Mom, thanks fer takin us to da maw." It was just so sweet to be thanked by him, after the fact, not even asking him. He just melts my heart!

I am going to thin the toy stash AGAIN before I start buying/ordering Christmas gifts for my kiddies. I am already picking stuff out of catalogs, and saving website in my favorites! Who knew playing Santa would be so much fun?
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nope.. its said Ny-o the g is silent
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Hey everyone just thought I'd join in with my soon to be three year old. He still isn't to thrilled about being a big brother but he's warming up to it. I can't believe how huge he has gotten since that first year. That first one was pretty rocky for us just about lost my lil miracle. Anyway quick question anyone elses almost three year old still not potty trained?????
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punk, sending you good feelings and a

also razi wants to send some more smiley's. here we go... : :
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Thank you Fern! I'm sorry I had it wrong. No one can ever pronounce (or spell) my name, either...

Thanks for the smilies, Mr. Razi! Zachary loves all the dancing vegetable ones.

Princess Cass, welcome. Both my little ones are about 95% potty trained, only wearing diapers while they sleep. But if Jordan's not potty trained it may have something to do with his little sister being born, and all the changes going on... I'm no expert!

Zachary and Julianna both want a cat. They keep begging for one. Zachary calls them "titty cats". : I really miss having cats around, but we live in an area with lots of coyotes so all of our cats eventually disappear. Which is weird because two of my neighbors have kept the same cats for years... Anyway, I'm afraid a cat would set off Zachary's asthma, but who knows. I'm rambling...

How's your little bun in the oven coming along, Rynna?
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hey i found y'all.

punk! i'm worried! we're here for you.

i loved your your post about strangers rynna. i haven't had a problem with that either. i suppose they just follow me, whether i am in a trusting mood with strangers or not. but really they have a built in radar, which has Always pointed out my better friends to me, and given me warning signals about new friends, and comfortable places.

cooking - well, that's my control issue and my tiny kitchen. ruby has been helping herself which is admirable and messy and scary. for three days she stood on the top bar of the step stool climbed into the freezer for frozen fruit, peeled bananas and added juice or soymilk for smoothies. now the blender is unplugged and each part in a different place. she filled my rice cooker with rice and a little water and plugged it in and turned it on. i got up to rice surprise kitchen floor. i already hide all the detergent and our stove needs lighting and the knobs are off.

clay has cut himself twice, once a year, helping himself to a weak knife and something tough like potatoes or carrots. remember, i cannot always be watching three people at the same time. he learned his lesson for awhile each time.

as discouraging as i am, i want them to be self sufficient and learn to cook. i told them they have to pick up trash and put clothes in the proper baskets for more official privileges.
but i have no problem with plastic lettuce knives you can get three in a pack at the dollar store, and they like to use the egg slicer for mushrooms and bananas and strawberries. and clay loves the hand mixer. i know i'm loosening up, cos reed has absolutely no interest in preparation though he helps himself to water and food depending on his mood.

ruby has completely taken over feeding our outside cat(s). but i run out of food quickly. at least she tries to sweep the porch.

last nite i was noticing at her vaginal rash and she was saying, "it hurts, mom, my hole hurts". me and dh stifle giggling. she took that to mean we didn't understand. so she gets a sippy cup and points to the top and obstinately says, "see, like this hole, and water comes out like my pee" and we are trying not to howl and i say "yes ruby, it is YOUR HOLE, but lets call this your vulva and this your vagina". which only makes another reaction from dh so i'm not sure she should wield those words after all. fortunately my boys were somewhat preoccupied or they would have maddenned the heck out of her about it. that's all i need, three kids shouting "vagina" in public spaces. for some reason, the shouting of "vulva" and "penis" and every other word "butt" do not faze me. the word VAGINA just seems more obvious and alarming to the public, but maybe that's just me?????

we did halloween. ruby was zooboomafoo with butterfly wings. ruby and her friend anna shared and ate all their candy as i surreptitiously threw stuff away in three segments. the boys i threw away a good third before they really looked at it then they ate half and we put it away for the next day, then they just fought over the rest and i threw away anything i could smuggle. i feel totally okay with being dishonest with them about it. and then it was gone. i cannot do the doling out thing.

ruby is still not diaper free. i don't have the will to take her to a public bathroom all the time or overnight and she gets occupied/lazy. she really likes panties though, so i figure it will work itself eventually. princesscass, my boys trained at the same time, one was after the 4th birthday the other not yet 2. they do need to be able, like pulling down pants and fine motorskill of attempting to wipe, and noticing their body. my 4 did get an ultimatum from dh, and this was just for poop to start he was over 40 pounds at the time and it just seemed ridiculous. he really just didn't think it was that important to change or that change was possible and at the time he was not regular and not noticing his body much at all. i didn't want to make a big deal because at least he wasn't holding it in like some little boys i knew. but i was certainly tired of it. but then, i'm a little tired of nursing two, and i still do it.

things are really good for me as the mamma these days, my attitude. our money situation is making me a bit ill. but i think i'm finally growing into some kind of an adult about parenting and family,and being me.....

oh, and i have hair again after five years, and have been putting on warpaint (makeup) and showering daily and got some clothes i feel good in (hey, no holes and chocolate stained tshirts) and some birkenstock boots and pierced my ears. this is a big change for me, to look in the mirror and groom, and it feels nice. the big catalyst was the weather finally cooling and me finding i had NO pants fit to be seen outside the house. last year i hit a size 8 and splurged on two jeans and a pair of cord for that. everything fatter i got rid of. now i'm at a 12/14 and none of my medium shirts fit either so i've been going back and forth to this thrift store that does exchanges and building a wardrobe. i'm vain enough to be caught with an apron cos i'm tired of looking ragged. it's hilarious to me and feels great, though a bit odd since i haven't done this since before kids.

i sure wouldn't call this reply quick.
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Oh, I'm sure he's baking quite nicely. I can feel lots of movement now, but I still look (mostly) just fat, rather than pregnant. I can easily forget that I'm pregnant these days, because I'm not sick and I'm not miserable and I can really hardly tell. I mean, I'm aware of the warm, hardness underneath my fat flap, and I can feel movements but they could just as easily be gas...
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cooking- in our current kitchen GA stands on a chair at the end of the counter and 'helps' me cook dinner. She is too far from the stove in this position to touch it. She loves to help cook. I can usually find something for her to do, snap the ends off of the asparagus, put things I am cutting into a bowl, she is good with the salad spinner.

our kitchen demolition begins next week! we'll be without a kitchen for about 2 months. our new kitchen will be very GA cooking friendly. amoung other things we are adding an island. we decided to put the sink in the island so ga could have free range over there. there will be a bench for sitting and table on the back side of the island. GA will be able to stand on the bench and 'help' at the island. i get very nervous with her near our stove. we have a monster professional model with huge btu's.

potty- GA started wearing panties this summer but still wears diapers for sleeping. she wakes everyday with a wet diaper so i am in no hurry to push that. it's only been a month or so that she stopped waking at 4 am to nurse so i am in no hurry to add something else that requires me to wake up

I am thinking about taking a night away from GA with DH. We have never done this. DH went away for a work thing when GA was about 18 months. I went away over night last spring. I am really needing a break from her with dh. I haven't felt this before now. We are thinking of taking her and my sister (whom she loves) to our friend's (whom she also loves) farm in vermont. Andrew and I would leave sat morning and return sunday afternoon. Anyone leave their little ones like this yet?

I am having a huge problem with GA hitting/bitting/pushing me. It feels like an abusive relationship. She'll take out some anger on me, I will remove myself from the situation and her, then she will cry that she's sorry and want to hug and kiss me. I need a new pattern. Any suggestions?

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casina, so good to 'see' you, i was glad it wasn't a quick reply. i told razi that i had a yoni instead of vagina. he's already talked about it very loudly in the thrift store, which was embarracing enough.

i haven't really let razi help cook too much. mostly because i don't cook very well and so i try to make it quick. also mil kitchen is a cluttered nightmare. too many things to get into. last night razi had rice, beans, and cheese for dinner and he was showing me how he can eat like a cat. so he ended up inhaling a piece of rice into somewhere it wouldn't come out. he sneezed for a half hour!

princesscass, razi has been going in the potty since feb. but we've had total reversions periodically, usually coinciding w/ a big event. still in dipes at night.

Leah, if a cat can make it past 6 months or so they usually make it for years. I only had one cat that never got eaten growing up in sedona.

punk, i've been worried for a bit too! i was even thinking about you earlier this morning. sending good feelings and thoughts.
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amy, that's very normal and that she is contrite is a plus. to develop a new pattern would be working to direct and solve her frustration before it gets to that. one can teach her an exchange of behaviours depending on what she is capable, ranging from her stomping her foot and saying, "i'm mad!" to saying, "mamma, i need help". some of it of course relates to our reaction. my kids hit dh to get his attention. it works and it hard to change because he is adept at tuning out and can even pretend he is listening and they see he really is not. i am more likely to get hit or yelled at if i'm doing something like talking on the phone, which i have usually go outside away from them to do. you might want to define what situations cause her reactions and work to decrease those frustrations. probably what has worked generally the best for me is to really focus my attention when they demand it but to behave loving and friendly, sometimes laughing. i have to imagine the big picture where i really am the big person helping the little one finding her way. see, i AM really growing up! they need validation to an extent, but they need us to be adults and define the boundaries.
this is an age where a you can tell them what to say. i'm in the habit of it now but it does feel very weird at first - looking them in the eye, addressing their name and then "say 'mamma, please make me a cup of water'" in the tone of voice you expect.
but then, i hardly flinch when i get kicked now. it is only abusive intent when we give it that, and it only hurts our feelings if we let it.

ruby just jumped off the grand piano. gotta go.
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BeanBean is three today! :

He had a great day making a mess in the backyard with paint and leaves. He's in a great mood, especially now that he's taken off his clothing (somehow, being dressed hinders a good time, even when you're three!). What a love.
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Happy Birthday BeanBean!
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