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Originally Posted by casina
haha, i am a terrible liar, and i have terrible leadership abilities. my kids all lie better than me, though i know it when it is happenning so i guess i just see it as an experiment verbally and socially. reed asked me at this age, what is the difference between lying and a telling a good story? i never really got too far after that. i guess my "rules" express something relating to causing harm. is it actually lying if you know they are doing it right there? (and they know you know?)or just a big funny?
The difference between a lie and a story is simple: lies are told with the intent to decieve, stories are told with the intent to entertain. If you're trying to hide something, or to make someone believe something that isn't true, you are telling a lie. If you're trying to entertain or amuse someone, then you're telling a story. Very simple. At least, this explanation works well enough for BeanBean right now... I can remember waxing philosophical about the definitions of entertainment and deception... I was a strange kid.
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My computer monitor is dying, I may be gone for awhile.

Leah, I think most of what you sent will fit one of the two girls, or will soon enough, kwim? Thanks again mama.

Happy Holidays mamas, you are all in my thoughts and in my heart Take care.
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Glad to hear it, punk.

Depression has wrapped it's claws around me the past couple days. I think I'll try to take a walk in the sunshine before Crystal gets home from school...
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Hi!! i've been computer deprived! i think about all of you and we will have access again next week.

thought i'd share: "mama, the fire will f@$k and burn me!" as he was standing by the gas stove.

i know he learned this word from my MIL!! she has the worst potty mouth!
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Originally Posted by DecemberSun
DH just heated up some leftover lasagna for lunch and Zachary comes up to me shouting "Mommy, I LOVE to eat vee-gina!!!" : : :
I told him "No, honey, it's not 'vagina' it's LASAGNA!"

thats so funny! i love this age!

elwynns new favorite thing to talk about is how "ngaio came out of momma's gina. he tells everyone..i always just smile but i get the oddest looks..

elwynn has some "bad" words he uses in context.. he says "F$%k Out when he gets mad sometimes. i guess he has heard someone say F off or something but likes the out part better..i try not to make a big deal of it but some days he says it over and over and then it gets irritating..

time for a nap!
ooh! peek at the pics in my sig..ngaio.. i took some really cute ones yesterday
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fern, she's so beautiful, if I do say so myself! It must run in the family
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cute pix fern!!

so how much sleep are your 3 yo's getting now?
kathrynn is seeming to need less, but also still has trouble turning her brain off and settling into sleep.
so sometimes she gets a nap in, and other times it gets so late that i just keep her moving until 6pm when she can collapse.
she used to be getting a total of 12 hourse, but now it seems to range from 10-11.

the weaning thing is going ok. depends on the day and how much we have going on. sometimes she is going totally nuts for munyas, and i can't take it anylonger, so i'll give her 5 sec on each side. and she is totally satisfied w/ that.
i don't have it in me to just cut her off no matter what, as in theory i was really hoping to do child led weaning.
but, the night times have gotten a bit better, and over all the day times have too. i think it will just be a slow process , and i am fine w/ that.

kisses and love to you all-
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I'm in the midst of trying to work out a schedule, and dealing with my own resistance to the idea... I think that BeanBean might be one of those children who would be happier going to sleep at 9 and waking up at 7, and that my own refusal to initiate a schedule of any kind might be partially responsible for some of his late evening miserable behavior...
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I was WRONG!!

It's a GIRL!!!
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yay rynna! Grrls are taking over!!
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YAY, Rynna!!! Congratulations on the A-OK ultrasound. I bet you feel a lot better seeing her in there, even though you were wrong on your hunch of carrying a boy!

I keep wavering on the baby fever vs. no-more-kids thing. I think I just need to have one more and get it over with- have all the screaming, crying, and money problems in a few short years, and then as they get a little older it will all start mellowing out (theoretically).

Zachary's favorite game now is "hockey sock" (hackey sack).
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hi y'all!

yay! rynna!! i want a girl!!

so after all my talk about not ready to have another, my flow was a week late this month and i was totally freaked out and praying i was prego, then sad and relieved when i wasn't. i think there must be some correlation with fertile times and when i absolutely am so ready to have another.

fern, your baby girl is so beautiful and precious!

mona, i night weaned razi last april and until about a week ago (i'm not kidding) he would wake up every night and ask for "D" and when i would tell him they were sleeping, he would cry. i felt so mean. he is one serious boob lovin kid. anyway, i know it;s hard....

my slings were almost on the nightly news here but some people got in an accident so the cut it out. they interviewed the store that is carrying them and they talked about them but oh well.

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rynna: congrats on the girl!@! i love having a daughter.. but i also love having a son! they are both wonderful
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thought i'd ask...i just got a pair of moss feet shoes in the mail and they are going to fit razi for about 2 weeks so anyway i was wondering if any of you want to buy them. they have a train and caboose and are size 2-3. i'm so sad, i just waited 6 weeks to get them and razi is so upset that he can't wear his train shoes.
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sarita~ those MFS sure are cute, aren't they? I think the only little boy in our family, elwynn, already has the same shoes, but maybe they are a smaller size. I guess fern should answer that one.


Don't get me wrong, I think boys are great too. One day I hope to have a little boy I just like to celebrate what I have here and now, and what I see a lot more of everywhere, female energy.

I see that you like to put those little slippers I gave you for Ngaio on her, hey fern. I'm glad you like them So are we doing x-mas present x-change this year? it is too late anyways. I just hate to spend so much on shipping It would be about $14 to send the package I have for you guys, and it wouldn't get there by x-mas anyways. Maybe we'll see you this summer at the folk festival

Happy Blessed Solstice, mamas and babies!!!!!
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Hope everyone had a wonderful Solstice. We had a nice little ceremony and kathrynn had a lot of fun.
she is getting very excited for her b'day and more yule presents. so much going on, i'll be glad when the holiday is over.

the weaning is going ok. she is sleeping a bit better at night, and has had some day time naps too. i am not being ridget about it, but allowing 5 sec munyas, which seems to really help her w/ the transition. i know for some kids making the break completely would be better, but that not seem to be the best way for kathrynn.
also, i am trying to make this as painless as possible for her. i am still sad i am not doing the totally child led weaning, but am trying to make it as pleasant as possible.

grats on a girl btw rynna!!! how exciting!

after all this time , i am still pleased just to have the one child. i don't invision having any more, or even really wnting more. shrug. 3 works great for us.

deep breaths for all of us this holiday season!!!

much love,
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What are Moss Feet Shoes?

BeanBean's feet are getting wider again. He's wearing a pair of size 9 XW shoes right now; I bought them even though they were a bit too long (he only needed an 8) but they were the right width and they weren't uncomfortable. Yesterday, however, when I tried to put them on I had a heck of a time, and as soon as he could he took his shoes off saying that they were uncomfortable. I checked his feet in the shoes, and he still has exactly the same amount of length (in other words, he still only needs an 8) but they were very tight cross-wise (he needs a wider shoe). This means that right now, he's probably measuring 8 XXXW. Again. Now I'm going to have to find a way to buy him some Pedoodles, and that'll mean no swimming lessons.... What is with the hobbit feet?!?!

I hope everyone had a nice Solstice, too. I told Mike that I thought we should celebrate Solstice, and was quite shocked when he agreed with me! At any rate, I think I'll make an actual effort next year.... I also told Mike a bit about Saturnalia (as part of this year's "Christmas is a seriously pagan holiday with Jesus slapped on top" speech) and he took it better than I expected. He may have even been reading!

I'm waiting until Channukah to give the kids presents; this year, the first night of Channukah happens to be December 25th, so it's not that big a deal.
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Happy winter holidays to everyone!

We are heading to vermont tomorrow to our friends 200 acre farm. We spend every christmas with them. Her kids are 7 and 9 and they are so good with GA. My parents are flying in from SF and they will be here when we get back monday from vermont. Then tuesday is GA's birthday. I cannot beleive she is 3!!! Three years ago at this time I was 2 weeks late hating life ...now i have this whole person living here.

Mona- I am right there with you on one child. This feels right to me. I have no baby lust at all. (maybe has something to do with my 36 hour labor ) Since I am 39 anyway I think one is it for us.

by this time next week I am afraid our house will like look a toy store exploded in it. Xmas, Channukah and birthday all the same week! :
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My kids are growing so fast. A pair of pants that fit Julianna a month ago are too short now. I have finally learned to buy shoes in a size bigger than she needs. She hates shoes because she is flat-footed. She takes them off every chance she gets, so we are constantly leaving them behind here and there. The good thing is that she learned to put her own shoes on at a very early age, whereas Zachary STILL cries and says "I can't do it!!!" Must be an independent girl thing.

I have to go search foodnetwork.com for some easy recipes for Christmas Eve dinner. I'm cooking for DH's family, and they are super picky and don't like anything tasteful or interesting. When I met DH he didn't eat anything good, it's surprising he survived as long as he did. What fun, what fun!

I hope they find a slot to run your story again, Sarita. :

Happy Birth Day to all the little ones celebrating this week. And Happy Birth Day and Soltice Blessings to Mukti and Rose, wherever they are...
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